Volume 31Issue 1 , March 2022
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Obituary for Professor Jingfan Gu (1927-2022)

Author : The Editors, Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition
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Asia Pacific Clinical Nutrition Society Award for 2022 - Professor Shaw Watanabe

Author : Professor Duo Li
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Food and nutrition science: The new paradigm

Author : Geoffrey Cannon, Claus Leitzmann
Keyword : food and nutrition science, paradigms, The New Nutrition Science, the NOVA food system, Brazilian food guides

Effects of fructose from apple and honey on serum uric acid in young Chinese: Randomized crossover trials

Author : Yinyin Cheng, Hui Zhang, Yong Zhu, Zhe Xue, Mengyao Yan, Hui Wang, Shuben Sun, Xiaohong Zhang
Keyword : serum uric acid, uric acid index, fructose, apple, honey

Branched chain and other amino acid intakes are inversely associated with sarcopenia among community elders in Qingdao, China

Author : Wen-jun Ma, Wei Zhang, Jie Zhai, Hui Li, Ting Zhao, Lei Han, Qian Wen, Xuxia Song, Xiao-fei Guo
Keyword : sarcopenia, muscle mass functions, branched chain amino acid, protein, amino acids

Nutritional complexity in children with ADHD related morbidities in China: A cross-sectional study

Author : Li-xiao Shen, Feng Li, Min-bo Xue, Fei Li, Sheng-hui Li, Fan Jiang, Xiao-yang Sheng, Jun-li Wang
Keyword : attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity, stunted, underweight, overweight/obesity, school-age children, first 1000 days

Cognitive function and elderly macronutrient intakes from rural diets in Qingdao, China

Author : Zunyan Chu, Jiuxuan Gao, Li Ma, Han Zhou, Feng Zhong, Lei Chen, Tianlin Gao, Aiguo Ma
Keyword : macronutrients, cognitive function, older adults, rural area, ratios

Prevalence and risk for malnutrition in older Thai people: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Author : Mallika Chuansangeam, Chanya Wuthikraikun, Orawan Supapueng, Weerasak Muangpaisan
Keyword : malnutrition, prevalence, Thai, older people

Central obesity in low BMI as a risk factor for COVID-19 severity in South Indians

Author : Shalini G Hegde, Shashank Dhareshwar, Sulagna Bandyopadhyay, Rebecca R Kuriyan, Jyothi Idiculla, Santu Ghosh, Anura V Kurpad, Nirupama Shivakumar
Keyword : bioelectric impedance analysis, body mass index, body fat, central obesity, COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, visceral adiposity, waist circumference

Genetic susceptibility to cow’s milk allergy in Chinese children

Author : Lin Hou, Zijun Ma, Shuang Chao, Zhongyuan Li, Yu Zhang, Qiuyu Su, Junhong Zhang, Wenyan Wu, Chaomei Zeng, Shanyamei Huang, Yao Liu, Nan Jiang, Jiong Qin, Jie Liu
Keyword : cow’s milk allergy, single- nucleotide polymorphism, genetic susceptibility

Intermittent fasting may optimize intestinal microbiota, adipocyte status and metabolic health

Author : Diana Matías-Pérez, Emilio Hernández-Bautista, Iván Antonio García-Montalvo
Keyword : intermittent fasting, intestinal microbiota, metabolic health

Skeletal muscle index and muscle attenuation with liver cirrhosis as survival prognosticators by sex

Author : Chunyan Chen, Yuning Chu, Qi Sheng, Shuo Feng, Qinghui Niu, Jinfeng Zhan, Weihua Feng, Aiguo Ma, Lei Han
Keyword : liver cirrhosis, body composition, skeletal muscle index, muscle attenuation, computed tomography

Diaphragm thickness on computed tomography for nutritional assessment and hospital stay prediction in critical COVID-19

Author : Yong You, Ming Chen, Xiancheng Chen, Wenkui Yu
Keyword : coronavirus disease 2019, nutritional screening, skeletal muscle, diaphragm thickness, length of hospital stay

Nutrition and clinical manifestations of pulmonary tuberculosis: A cross–sectional study in Shandong province, China

Author : Xin Guo, Yang Yang, Bo Zhang, Jing Cai, Yidan Hu, Aiguo Ma
Keyword : pulmonary tuberculosis, nutritional status, clinical manifestations, hypoalbuminemia, anemia

Insulin for hyperglycemia prevention and management during postgastrectomy nutrition support in gastric cancer: Reduced complications in a retrospective cohort study in China

Author : Ning Lan, Lin Zhang, Yujie Zhou, Ying Lu, Fuzhi Jiao, Yining Zhao, Jiaqi Wang, Jianpeng Hao, Chenghui Deng, Yuming Ren, Quanlin Guan, Wenzhen Yuan
Keyword : gastrectomy, supplementary parenteral nutrition, hyperglycemia, insulin, blood glucose fluctuation

Diurnal differences in glycemic responses, insulin responses and cognition after rice-based meals

Author : Wenqi Zhao, Zhenyang Liu, Zhihong Fan, Yixue Wu, Xinling Lou, Anshu Liu, Xuejiao Lu
Keyword : glycemic response, diurnal rhythm, white rice, cognitive function, satiety

Lactobacillus casei modulates inflammatory cytokines and metabolites during tuberculosis treatment: A post hoc randomized controlled trial

Author : Lan Jiang, Jinyu Wang, Lei Xu, Jing Cai, Shanliang Zhao, Aiguo Ma
Keyword : probiotics, tuberculosis, inflammatory cytokines, metabolites, randomized controlled trial

Perioperative enteral immunonutrition with probiotics favors the nutritional, inflammatory, and functional statuses in digestive system surgery

Author : Zhen Huang, Yi Wang
Keyword : digestive system surgery, microbial immune enteral nutrition, nutritional status, immune function, intestinal flora
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