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Effects of calorie-restricted diet on health state and intestinal flora in Hashimoto's thyroiditis patients: Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Author : Qingling Huang, Kaixin Pan, Yuxuan Zhang, Songtao Li, Jiaomei Li
Keyword : Hashimoto's thyroiditis, calorie restriction, thyroid antibody, non-hypothyroid symptoms, gut microbiota

Elevated remnant cholesterol was associated with the increased metabolically unhealthy obesity risk in Chinese youth

Author : Zhengmei Fang, Lijun Zhu, Yan Chen, Yuelong Jin, Yingshui Yao
Keyword : metabolically unhealthy obesity, association, remnant cholesterol, youth, gender

Bedtime banana and milk intake on sleep and some biochemical parameters

Author : Muteber Gizem Keser, Aysun Yuksel, Ahmet Hakan Ekmekci, Husamettin Vatansev
Keyword : appetite, banana, bedtime, milk, sleep

Association between serum albumin with geriatric nutritional risk index and osteopenia in Chinese elderly men: a nested case-control study

Author : Ting Li, Jing Zeng, Xinyu Miao, Zimo Pan, Fan Hu, Xiaoyan Cai, Xinjiang Wang, Guanzhong Liu, Xinghe Hu, Xinli Deng, Meiliang Gong, Xue Yang, Yanping Gong, Nan Li, Chunlin Li
Keyword : osteoporosis, serum albumin, geriatric nutrition risk index, Chinese elderly men, nested case-control study

The impact of tea consumption on the risk of depression: A Mendelian randomization and Bayesian weighting algorithm study

Author : Guifeng Zhuo, Wei Chen, Jinzhi Zhang, Mingyang Su, Xiaomin Zhu, Shanshan Pu, Naibing Liao, Deqing Huang, Xiangyi Chen, Lin Wu
Keyword : tea consumption, depression, Mendelian randomization, causal association

Gastrointestinal dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease: absence of anti-gliadin antibodies

Author : Gulhan Sahbaz, Banu Ozen Barut, Serap DemirTekol
Keyword : Parkinson’s, constipation, gastrointestinal symptom, celiac antibodies, diet

Nutritional therapy among adult patients with severe burns: A retrospective observational study

Author : Juan Fu, Wei Cui, Bi Sheng
Keyword : burns, nutrition, energy, protein, risk factors

A nomogram for predicting nutritional risk before surgery for gastric cancer

Author : Changhua Li, Jinlu Liu, Congjun Wang, Yihuan Luo, Lanhui Qin, Peiyin Chen, Junqiang Chen
Keyword : nutritional risk, nomogram, radiomics, prediction, gastric cancer

Enhancing diagnostic accuracy for iron deficiency in pregnant women through mean reticulocyte volume

Author : Guofang Shu, Haizhen Du, Yuexin Zhang, Zhi He, Yuan Xue, Mingjie Chen, Molong Li
Keyword : pregnancy, iron deficiency, mean reticulocyte volume, reticulocyte hemoglobin equivalent, oral iron treatment

A survey of the Nutrition Care Process in Japanese acute care hospitals using a nationwide web-based questionnaire

Author : Keisuke Maeda, Fumie Egashira, Junko Ueshima, Yuri Horikoshi, Satoru Kamoshita, Japanese Working Group on Integrated Nutrition for Dysphagic People (JWIND)
Keyword : acute care hospital, nationwide survey, Nutrition Care Process, nutritional management, web-based questionnaire

Effect of formula supplemented with vitamin C and hawthorn beverage rich in flavonoids on blood pressure and oxidative stress in heat-exposed workers: a cluster-randomized controlled trial

Author : Wei Du, Shuhan Zhang, Jiajia Yang, Hongmin Fan
Keyword : vitamin C, hawthorn flavonoids, blood pressure, 8-iso-PGF2α, heat exposure
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