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The development of a global program for the elimination of brain damage due to iodine deficiency

Author : Basil S Hetzel
Keyword : brain, ICCIDD, IDD, iodine deficiency disorders, monitoring, salt iodization, USI

Relationship between child feeding practices and malnutrition in 7 remote and poor counties, P R China

Author : Hong Zhou, Xiao-Li Wang, Fang Ye, Xiaopei Lily Zeng, Yan Wang
Keyword : malnutrition, stunting, feeding practice, breast milk, complementary food

Greater length-for-age increases the odds of attaining motor milestones in Vietnamese children aged 5-18 months

Author : Shibani Kulkarni, Usha Ramakrishnan, Kirk A Dearden, David R Marsh, Tran Thu Ha, Thach Duc Tran, Helena Pachón
Keyword : development, growth, Viet Nam, preschool children, motor milestones

Intrauterine nutrition and carotid intimal media thickness in young Thai adults

Author : Kittipan Rerkasem, Antika Wongthanee, Amaraporn Rerkasem, Pien Chiowanich, Piyamitr Sritara, Sakda Pruenglampoo, Ampika Mangklabruks
Keyword : intrauterine nutrition, carotid intimal medial thickness, maternal diet, vascular disease, atherosclerosis

Trends in Chinese snacking behaviors and patterns and the social-demographic role between 1991and 2009

Author : Zhihong Wang, Fengying Zhai, Bing Zhang, Barry M Popkin
Keyword : snacking behaviors, snacking patterns, Chinese, social-demographic factors, trend

Relationship between dietary patterns and serum uric acid concentrations among ethnic Chinese adults in Taiwan

Author : Yi-Tsen Tsai, Jen-Pei Liu, Yu-Kang Tu, Meei-Shyuan Lee, Pey-Rong Chen, Hsiu-Ching Hsu, Ming-Fong Chen, Kuo-Liong Chien
Keyword : uric acid, dietary pattern, exploratory factor analysis, food frequency questionnaire, validation study

Cluster analysis reveals important determinants of cardiometabolic risk patterns in Filipino women

Author : Niha Zubair, Chris W Kuzawa, Thomas W McDade, Linda S Adair
Keyword : cluster analysis, the metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, waist circumference, Asia

Pacific parents’ rationale for purchased school lunches and implications for obesity prevention

Author : Tasileta Teevale, Robert Scragg, Gavin Faeamani, Jennifer Utter
Keyword : Polynesian, adolescent, obesity, diet, New Zealand

Serum folate, total homocysteine levels and methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase 677C>T polymorphism in young healthy female Japanese

Author : Takashi Taguchi, Hideki Mori, Atsumi Hamada, Yukio Yamori, Mari Mori
Keyword : MTHFR, polymorphism, folate, homocysteine, young female

Association of the adiponectin gene (ADIPOQ) +45 T > G polymorphism with the metabolic syndrome among Han Chinese in Sichuan province of China

Author : Xiaotong Li, Daying Wei, Huijing He, Jianhua Zhang, Chunxiu Wang, Mingju Ma, Bin Wang, Tao Yu, Li Pan, Fang Xue, Haiqing He, Weiwei Xu, Tingfang Pan M1, Qian Zuo, Lindblad Ulf, Guangliang Shan
Keyword : the metabolic syndrome, ADIPOQ, polymorphism, case-control study, China

Association and interaction between dietary pattern and VEGF receptor-2 (VEGFR2) gene polymorphisms on blood lipids in Chinese Malaysian and Japanese adults

Author : Roseline Wai Kuan Yap, Yoshihiro Shidoji, Wei Min Hon, Motofumi Masaki
Keyword : dietary pattern, VEGFR2 gene polymorphisms, blood lipids, Chinese Malaysian, Japanese

Anemia in Cambodia: prevalence, etiology and research needs

Author : Christopher V Charles, Alastair JS Summerlee, Cate E Dewey
Keyword : anemia, Cambodia, etiology, prevalence, hemoglobin

Association between the Xba I polymorphism of APOB gene and plasma lipid level in Mexican patients with coronary artery disease

Author : Martha P Gallegos-Arreola, Yadira Valdez, Marco Zúñiga-Corona, Luis E Figuera, Lisette Arnaud-López, José A Robles-Cervantes, Manuel González-Ortiz, Esperanza Martínez-Abundis, Ana M Puebla-Pérez, Guillermo M Zúñiga-González
Keyword : apolipoprotein B, cholesterol, polymorphism, plasma lipids, Mexican

A digital Calliper for training and study purposes

Author : Maria T Restivo, Teresa F Amaral, Maria F Chouzal, Celina P Leão, Rita S Guerra, Elisa Marques, Joaquim Mendes, Manuel Quintas, Jorge Mota
Keyword : body fat percentage, digital skinfold calliper, training system, wireless data communication, automated process

Validity and correspondence of non-invasively determined hemoglobin concentrations by two trans-cutaneous digital measuring devices

Author : Caitlin Crowley, Gabriela Montenegro-Bethancourt, Noel W Solomons, Klaus Schűmann
Keyword : hemoglobin, anemia, non-invasive technology, diagnostic screening, Guatemala

Adding glycaemic index and glycaemic load functionality to DietPLUS, a Malaysian food composition database and diet intake calculator

Author : Sangeetha Shyam, Tony Ng Kock Wai, Fatimah Arshad
Keyword : glycaemic index, glycaemic load, diet, dietary carbohydrate, Malaysia

Chicken-based formula is better tolerated than extensively hydrolyzed casein formula for the management of cow milk protein allergy in infants

Author : Pipop Jirapinyo, Narumon Densupsoontorn, Channagan Kangwanpornsiri, Renu Wongarn
Keyword : chicken-based formula, cow milk allergy, extensively hydrolyzed protein formula, infant, Thailand

Weight-related behaviors among non-overweight adolescents: results from the Korean national survey from 2005 to 2007

Author : Kayoung Lee
Keyword : weight-related behavior, non-overweight adolescents, misperceptions about being overweight, diet, sex

Diagnostic value of anthropometric indices for initial stage of atherosclerosis in adult women

Author : Motahar Heidari-Beni, Masoud Hajimaghsood, Mehrangiz Ebrahimi-Mamaghani, Mohammad Asghari Jafarabadi, Seyed Mohammad Hosein Mousavi-Jazayeri, Javad Mohtadinia
Keyword : anthropometric indices, atherosclerosis, carotid arteries, cut-off values, ROC analysis

Prevalence of metabolically healthy obesity and its impacts on incidences of hypertension, diabetes and the metabolic syndrome in Taiwan

Author : Lee-Ching Hwang, Chyi-Huey Bai, Chien-An Sun, Chien-Jen Chen
Keyword : metabolically healthy obesity, type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension, the metabolic syndrome, incidence
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