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Calcium supplementation for 2 years improves bone mineral accretion and lean body mass in Chinese adolescents

Author : Jing Yin, Qian Zhang PhD, Ailing Liu, Weijing Du, Xiaoyan Wang, Xiaoqi Hu, Guansheng Ma
Keyword : adolescents, bone mineral accretion, calcium supplementation, body composition, China

Nutritional status of the Iranian children with physical disability: a cross-sectional study

Author : Tirang R Neyestani, Monireh Dadkhah-Piraghaj, Homa Haydari, Telma Zowghi, Bahareh Nikooyeh, Anahita Houshyar-Rad, Mohsen Nematy, Mohsen Maddah
Keyword : nutritional assessment, disabled child, anthropometry, malnutrition, diet

Is the current iodine content in edible salt appropriate for eliminating iodine deficiency in China

Author : Sumei Li, Yibing Fan, Haiying Chen, Xiuwei Li, Jianqiang Wang, Yunyou Gu, Shuhua Li, Ming Li, Jing Wang, Zhenhua Shu
Keyword : iodine deficiency disorder (IDD), universal salt iodization (USI), salt iodization, urinary iodine, field trial

Dietary intakes and behaviours in pregnant women of Li ethnicity: a comparison of mountainous and coastal populations in southern China

Author : Fan Zhang, Cong Yi, Guihong Fang, Dondorebarwe N J P Sakutombo
Keyword : food intake, dietary habits, behaviour, pregnant women, southern China

Calcium absorption in Australian osteopenic post- menopausal women: an acute comparative study of fortified soymilk to cows’ milk

Author : Anne Lise Tang, Karen Z Walker, Gisela Wilcox, Boyd J Strauss, John F Ashton, Lily Stojanovska
Keyword : calcium, soymilk, osteopenia, labelling, bioavailability

Poor iodine status and knowledge related to iodine on the eve of mandatory iodine fortification in Australia

Author : Karen E Charlton, Heather R Yeatman, Fiona Houweling
Keyword : iodine, salt, fortification, consumer perceptions, women

The use of table and cooking salt in a sample of Australian adults

Author : Carley A Grimes, Lynn J Riddell, Caryl A Nowson
Keyword : sodium, dietary, table salt, Australia, public health

Cardiovascular risk prevalence, awareness, treatment, and control from 1998 to 2007 in Koreans

Author : Kayoung Lee
Keyword : cardiovascular disease, risk factor, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, hypertension

Effect of lifestyle on the prevalence of the metabolic syndrome among farmers, migrants with Yi ethnicity and the Han population in Sichuan province of China

Author : Chunxiu Wang, Daying Wei, Bin Wang, Jianhua Zhang, Konglai Zhang, Mingju Ma, Li Pan, Tao Yu, Fang Xue, Guangliang Shan
Keyword : the metabolic syndrome, prevalence, obesity, lifestyle, ethnicity

Sources and intake of resistant starch in the Chinese diet

Author : Liyong Chen, Ruiping Liu, Chengyong Qin, Yan Meng, Jie Zhang, Yun Wang, Guifa Xu
Keyword : content, dietary survey, intake, resistant starch, source

Cross-sectional reference values of upper arm anthropometry of the Khasi tribal adolescents of Meghalaya, India

Author : Debashis Basu, Deimaphishisha Sun, Indraneel Banerjee, Y Momo Singh, Jennifer G Kalita, Vadlamudi Raghavendra Rao
Keyword : nutritional status, upper limb indirect anthropometry, Khasi, adolescents, India

Dairy intake and cognitive health in middle-aged South Australians

Author : Georgina E Crichton Honours (Hons)1,2, Karen J Murphy PhD2, Janet Bryan
Keyword : dairy products, milk, cognition, mental health, metabolic syndrome

Obesity screening for young Japanese males and females using skin fold measurements: the classification revisited

Author : Masaharu Kagawa, Kazuhiro Uenishi, Miki Mori, Hayato Uchida, Deborah A Kerr, Colin W Binns, Andrew P Hills
Keyword : anthropometry, Japanese, sum of skin folds, obesity, classification

Correlates of body dissatisfaction among Taiwanese adolescents

Author : Li-Jung Chen, Kenneth R Fox, Anne M Haase, Po-Wen Ku
Keyword : body dissatisfaction, body image, obesity, adolescent, Taiwan

Health ratings for underweight, overweight and obese adolescents: disparities between adolescent’s own report and the parent’s report

Author : Christy Pu and Yiing-Jenq Chou
Keyword : adolescent, thinness, obesity, parent, health

Rising methods and leavening agents used in the production of bread do not impact the glycaemic index

Author : Monica Hardman Fredensborg, Tracy Perry, Jim Mann, Alex Chisholm, Meredith Rose
Keyword : bread, glycaemic index, yeast, flour, fermentation

Milk fortified with the current adequate intake for vitamin D (5μg) increases serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D compared to control milk but is not sufficient to prevent a seasonal decline in young women

Author : Tim J Green, C Murray Skeaff, Jennifer E Rockell
Keyword : 25-hydroxyvitamin D, milk, vitamin D, New Zealand, women

Effect of β-hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate on protein metabolism in bed-ridden elderly receiving tube feeding

Author : Lan-Chi Hsieh, Chau-Jen Chow, Wen-Chou Chang, Tsung-Han Liu, Chen-Kang Chang
Keyword : muscle wasting, proteolysis, nursing home, malnutrition, urinary urea nitrogen excretion

Initiating BMI prevalence studies in Vietnamese children: changes in a transitional economy

Author : Chinh Van Dang, R Sue Day, Beatrice Selwyn, Yolanda Munoz Maldonado, Khan Cong Nguyen, Tuyen Danh Le, Mai Bach Le
Keyword : weight, height, BMI, Vietnamese children, overweight

Whole blood citrulline concentrations in newborns with non-syndromic oral clefts – a preliminary report

Author : Kamil K Hozyasz, Mariusz Oltarzewski, Iwona Lugowska
Keyword : cleft palate, citrulline, neonate, metabolomics, tandem mass spectrometry
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