Volume 15Issue 2 , June 2006
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Body mass index and risk of diabetes mellitus in the Asia-Pacific region.

Author : Asia Pacific Cohort Studies Collaboration., Ni Mhurchu C, Parag V, Nakamura M, Patel A, Rodgers A, Lam TH.
Keyword : Body mass index, obesity, diabetes mellitus, Asia

Body image differences among Malay, Samoan, and Australian women.

Author : McDowell AJ, Bond M.
Keyword : body image, body mass index, cross-cultural comparison, diet, exercise.

Differences in nutrient intakes and physical activity levels of Japanese and Australian Caucasian males living in Australia and Japanese males living in Japan.

Author : Kagawa M, Saito Y, Kerr D, Uchida H, Binns CW.
Keyword : nutrient intakes, energy contribution, physical activity, Japanese males, Australia.

Physical activity and nutritional status of children of low socioeconomic status. Two interrelated problems: undernutrition and overweight.

Author : Amorim PR, de Faria RC, Byrne NM, Hills AP.
Keyword : child, physical activity, nutritional status, obesity, overweight, socioeconomic factors, Brazil.

Diet composition and body mass index in Tehranian adults.

Author : Mirmiran P, Esmaillzadeh A, Azizi F.
Keyword : carbohydrate, fat, protein, macronutrients, obesity, BMI, Tehran Lipid and Glucose Study, Iran

Skinfold thickness, body fat percentage and body mass index in obese and non-obese Indian boys.

Author : Chatterjee S, Chatterjee P, Bandyopadhyay A.
Keyword : obesity, skinfolds, BMI, %fat, boys, India

Prevalence of obesity, overweight and underweight in a Hong Kong community: the United Christian Nethersole Community Health Service (UCNCHS) primary health care program 1996-1997.

Author : Ko GT, Tang JS.
Keyword :  body mass index, obesity, overweight, underweight, Hong Kong Chinese.

Are energy drinks contributing to the obesity epidemic?

Author : Rush E, Schulz S, Obolonkin V, Simmons D, Plank L.
Keyword : lipogenesis, caffeine, sucrose, carbonated beverage, fat oxidation, carbohydrate oxidation.

Fruits and vegetables, 5+ a day: are we getting the message across?

Author : Ashfield-Watt PA.
Keyword : fruits, vegetables, health promotion, nutrition survey, social marketing.

Drinking tea is associated with lower plasma total homocysteine in older women.

Author : Hodgson JM, Devine A, Puddey IB, Beilby J, Prince RL.
Keyword :  tea, polyphenols, homocysteine, folate, women.

Concordance of diets and eating practices in a rural Guatemalan setting with the cancer prevention recommendations of the World Cancer Research Fund: estimates from existing dietary intake.

Author : Valdes-Ramos R, Cervantes I, Mendoza-Perdomo I, Anderson AS, Solomons NW.
Keyword : total energy intake, cancer prevention, chronic disease epidemiology, nutritional epidemiology, food frequency questionnaire, dietary guidelines, Guatemala.

Dietary patterns and metabolic syndrome--a review of epidemiologic evidence.

Author : Baxter AJ, Coyne T, McClintock C.
Keyword : metabolic syndrome, X syndrome, literature, review, diet, diet quality, dietary patterns

Lactagogue effects of Torbangun, a Bataknese traditional cuisine.

Author : Damanik R, Wahlqvist ML, Wattanapenpaiboon N.
Keyword : Coleus amboinicus Lour, Torbangun, lactagogue, Bataknese Simalungun, traditional cuisine, Indonesia.

Phytochemical intakes of the Fijian population.

Author : Lako J, Wattanapenpaiboon N, Wahlqvist M, Trenerry C.
Keyword : phytochemicals, flavonoids, carotenoids, anthocyanins, polyphenols, food intake, Fijians, Fiji.

Natural products and anti-inflammatory activity.

Author : Yuan G, Wahlqvist ML, He G, Yang M, Li D.
Keyword : inflammation, anti-inflammatory activity, natural products, anti-inflammatory food, pain, migraine, arthritis, asthma, chronic colitis, inflammatory based diseases.

The KOJACH food frequency questionnaire for Chaoshan, China: development and description.

Author : Li K, Takezaki T, Song FY, Yu P, Lin XK, Yang HL, Deng XL, Zhang YQ, Lv LW, Huang XE, Tajima K.
Keyword : nutrients, weighed diet records, contribution analysis, multiple regression analysis

Reproducibility and validity of a Chinese food frequency questionnaire used in Taiwan.

Author : Lee MS, Pan WH, Liu KL, Yu MS.
Keyword : Chinese Food-frequency questionnaire, Taiwan, diet record, reproducibility, validity, ratio of within- to between-person variation

Item non-responses in mailed food frequency questionnaires in a Korean male cancer cohort study.

Author : Ahn Y, Paik HY, Ahn YO.
Keyword : cross classification, food frequency questionnaire (FFQ), item non-response, cancer cohort study, Korea

An Aboriginal-driven program to prevent, control and manage nutrition-related "lifestyle" diseases including diabetes.

Author : Gracey M, Bridge E, Martin D, Jones T, Spargo RM, Shephard M, Davis EA.
Keyword :  Australian Aborigines, overweight, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease.

Anthropometric, metabolic and dietary fatty acids profiles in lean and obese diabetic Asian Indian subjects.

Author : Ghosh A.
Keyword : obesity, central obesity, dietary fatty acids, lipids, diabetes, Asians, India.

Parental overweight as an indicator of childhood overweight: how sensitive?

Author : Lee K, Kwon ER, Park TJ, Park MS, Lenders CM.
Keyword : BMI, parent, children, overweight, sensitivity, specificity, Korea.
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