Volume 13Supplement 1

Proceedings of the Nutrition Society of Australia, New Zealand Nutrition Society and IUNS/APCNS International Congress of Clinical Nutrition, August 2004 (hard copy not available)

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Serum levels of amino acids of Nepalese living in the south-central rural region.

Author : Abe A, Hirai K, Rai SK and Rai G
Keyword :

Lack of correlation between plasma and prostate tissue alpha-linolenic acid levels.

Author : Attar-Bashi NM, Frydenberg M, Li D, Sinclair AJ .
Keyword :

Phytoestrogen intake and excretion and markers of bone health in Australian women.

Author : Hanna K, Wong J, Patterson C, O'Neill S, Lyons-Wall P. 
Keyword :

Fatness in production animals: Using genetic and environmental levers to meet consumer demand.

Author : Harper G. 
Keyword :

Macadamia or olive oil enriched diets induce changes in heart structure and function similar to regular exercise in rats.

Author : Harrison G, Somerset S.
Keyword :

Calcium status among pregnant women

Author : Hashim N and Norliza Z.
Keyword :

Acute effects of tea on fasting and post meal blood pressure.

Author : Hodgson JM, Puddey IB.
Keyword :

Erythrocyte biomarker-based validation of a diet history method used in a dietary intervention trial.

Author : Patch C, Murphy K, Mansour J, Tapsell L, Meyer B, Mori T, Noakes M, Clifton P, Puddey I, Howe P.
Keyword :

Effect of bariatric surgery on adipose tissue regulatory peptides and growth hormone secretion.

Author : Holdstock C, Eden Engstrom B, Ohrvall M, Lind L, Sundbom M, Karlsson FA.
Keyword :

Altered amino acid profiles in patients with CVA (cerebrovascular accident) undergoing enteral nutrition enriched with taurine. 

Author : Ho CK, Lee JH, Rhee BA, Park TS and Choue R.
Keyword :

Phytosterols decrease the secretion of atherogenic lipoproteins from HepG2 liver and Caco2 intestinal cells. 

Author : Ho SSL, Pal S. 
Keyword :

Conjugated linoleic acid suppresses the secretion of atherogenic lipoproteins from human HepG2 liver cells. 

Author : Ho SSL, Pal S. 
Keyword :

To determine the contributing factors for tube-feeding patients not meeting energy requirements. 

Author : Hua LY.
Keyword :

Finding solutions to the nutritional dilemmas in Africa for child health: HIV/AIDS orphans, poverty, and hunger.

Author : Atinmo T and Oyewole D. 
Keyword :

Nutrition and health in economic development.

Author : Hunt J.
Keyword :

Influence of cooking practice on antioxidant properties and phenolic content of selected vegetables.

Author : Ismail A and Lee WY. 
Keyword :

Vitamin E and its effect on aspirin induce gastric lesion in rats.

Author : Jaarin K, Gapor MT and Fauzee AM. 
Keyword :

Genetic linkage of uncoupling proteins (UCP2 and UCP3) with body weight regulation. 

Author : Jaberi E.
Keyword :

Impact of incorporating soya fibre and processed soyabean flours on the glycaemic index of parantha.

Author : Jain M and Verma N. 
Keyword :

Assessing changes in quality of life among obese participants in Kelantan, Malaysia. 

Author : Jalil RA, Manan WA, Bebakar WMW, Halim R, Ooi GS and Othman R.
Keyword :

Examining the aged's nutritional condition in Kermanshah Iran, 2003. 

Author : Jalali R. 
Keyword :

The health status of hypertensive patients in Hospital Teluk Intan, Perak, Malaysia.

Author : Jamaluddin R and Kirubagaran MD. 
Keyword :

Antioxidative behaviour of Malaysian plant extracts in model and food oil systems. 

Author : Jaswir I, Hassan TH, Said MZM. 
Keyword :

Dietary omega-3 fatty acid supply influences mechanisms controlling body weight and glucose metabolism.

Author : Jayasooriya AP, Weisinger RS, Weisinger HS, Mathai M, Puskas L, Kitajka K, Dashti M, Egan G, Sinclair AJ.
Keyword :

Physiological validation of the concept of glycemic load in mixed meals over 10 hours in overweight females

Author : Atkinson FS, McMillan-Price JMR, Petocz P, Brand-Miller JC.
Keyword :

Influence of dietary omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) supply on brain gene expression.

Author : Jayasooriya AP, Weisinger RS, Weisinger HS, Mathai M, Puskas L, Kitajka K, Chen N, Ackland ML, Sinclair AJ. 
Keyword :

 Gender and ethnic differences of Mexican children's attitudes toward a drawing of an obese peer

Author : Jiménez-Cruz A, Bacardí-Gascón M and Leon-Reyes J. 
Keyword :

Food sources of calcium in three diets (OZDASH study). 

Author : Jorna MK, Nowson CA, Worsley T, Margerison C, Frame AG. 
Keyword :

Simvastatin not low-cholesterol diet lowers the elevated plasma nitric oxide level in hyperlipidemic patients.

Author : Jung-Eun Y, Ryo-Won C, Sook-Hyun J, Park J-H, Ryu K-A, Chyun J-H, Park C-S, Cha Y-N. 
Keyword :

Iron bioavailability of some Cameroon traditional complementary foods. 

Author : Kana Sop MM, Teugwa MC and Amvam Zollo PH.
Keyword :

Inverse relationship between body mass index and premenopausal breast cancer risk in Malaysian women.

Author : Kandiah M and Tan PCJ.
Keyword :

Effects of macronutrients on cardiovascular and metabolic responses in NIDDM . (non-insulin -dependent diabetes mellitus)and healthy subjects.

Author : Kaseb F, Soltani MH, Kimiagar M, Hoseini M, Harrison G and Afifi A.
Keyword :

The comparison of Haemophilus influenza in the throat of healthy infants with different feeding methods.

Author : Kazemi A.
Keyword :

Breakfast patterns of primary school children in an informal settlement. 

Author : Kearney J and Napier C. 
Keyword :

Does body mass index reflect percentage body fat and body fat distribution in low and high birth weight subjects?

Author : Kensara O, Wootton SW, Phillips DI, Patel M and Elia M.
Keyword :

Surveying the absorption level of complexes ethyl and methyl -3-hydroxy-pyran 4- on and its comparison with zinc sulphate available from market, by using the invitro method. 

Author : Badiei A, Saghaei L and Ebrahimiurimi S. 
Keyword :

The nutritional status of pregnant women in the Vaal Triangle, Gauteng, South Africa.

Author : Kesa H. 
Keyword :

The effect of food frequency on serum glucose, triglyceride and total cholesterol in niddm patient.

Author : Keshavarz A.
Keyword :

Dietary fat quality: A nutritional epidemiologist's view.

Author : Khor Geok Lin. 
Keyword :

Dietary intakes and plasma antioxidant vitamins levels in Korean elderly with diabetes.

Author : Kim J-H and Kim M-J.
Keyword :

Levels of n-3 enrichment and Japanese consumer panel ratings for lamb meat from sheep supplemented with protected linseed oil for different number of weeks.

Author : Kitessa SM, Boghossian V, Reynolds J, Williams AJ, Gulati SK. 
Keyword :

Levels of n-3 enrichment and Australian consumer panel ratings of lamb meat from sheep supplemented with protected tuna oil for different number of weeks.

Author : Kitessa SM, Boghossian V, Reynolds J, Williams AJ, Gulati SK.
Keyword :

Vitamin D deficiency in burned children: causes and consequences.

Author : Klein GL, Chen TC, Holick MF, Langman CB and Herndon DN. 
Keyword :

Less efficient sheep are more responsive to an ACTH induced stress challenge.

Author : Knott SA, Leury BJ, Brien FD, Cummins LJ, Dunshea FR.
Keyword :

Junk food consumption: an indicator of changing dietary habit in Iranian children

Author : Kolahdooz F, Sheikholeslam R, Naghavi M and Abdollahi Z. 
Keyword :

Calcium, magnesium and total protein level in the serum of healthy individuals in the Western Province of Saudi Arabia.

Author : Kumosani T.
Keyword :

Consumer understanding and use of Nutrition Information Panels.

Author : Baines J and Lata S .
Keyword :

Folate status of Thai women cervical dysplasia. 

Author : Kwanbunjan K, Saengkar P, Cheeramakara C, Thanomsak W, Benjachai W, Tangjitgamol S , Laisupasin P, and Songmuaeng K.
Keyword :

Used oil consumption impairs peripheral vascular physiology.

Author : Lai N, Griffiths K, Harmer J, Skilton M, Hue I , Celermajer D and Sullivan D .
Keyword :

Total antioxidant capacity and selected flavonols and carotenoids of some Australian and Fijian fruits and vegetables.

Author : Lako J, Trenerry C, Wahlqvist ML, Wattanapenpaiboon N , Sotheeswaran S and Premier R.
Keyword :

To ensure high standards of food safety through an integrated haccp system.

Author : Lan KS.
Keyword :

Inhibition of platelet aggregation from people with type 2 diabetes following consumption of tomato juice.

Author : Lazarus S, Garg ML.
Keyword :

Overweight/obesity situation and the relation to lipid disorders and hypertension in women aged 20 to 59 years old in Ba Dinh district, Hanoi City.

Author : Le Thi Hop and Tran Thi Xuan Ngoc.
Keyword :

Relation between calcium and magnesium intake and obesity

Author : Lelovics Z
Keyword :

In vitro and ex vivo cyclooxygenase inhibition by a hops extract. 

Author : Lemay M, Murray MA, Davies A, Roh-Schmidt H and Randolph R.
Keyword :

Effect of sucrose feeding on genes associated with liver fat metabolism.

Author : Lewandowski P, McAnich A, Cameron-Smith D.
Keyword :

Relationship between BMI and serum and lipoprotein lipids in Hangzhou populations. 

Author : Li D, Yu XM, Zhou XQ, Zhang YH, Yao T, Sinclair AJ. 
Keyword :

Food and nutrient intake in relation to cardiovascular disease among rural males of Punjab, India.

Author : Bains K and Kaur J.
Keyword :

The N-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid status in Hangzhou region.

Author : Li D, Yu XM, Zhang YH, Yao T, Zhou XQ, Sinclair AJ.
Keyword :

Cereal grain source, dietary level of lupins and broiler performance.

Author : Li X, Gill RJ, Bryden WL.
Keyword :

Fortification of Turkish traditional bread with vitamins-minerals and evaluation in vulnerable group diets. 

Author : Loker GB. 
Keyword :

Malnutrition and the burden of disease.

Author : Lopez A.
Keyword :

Catechins are the major source of flavonoids in a group of Australian women.

Author : Lyons-Wall P, Autenzio P, Lee E, Moss R, Gie S, Samman S. 
Keyword :

Oxidised LDL in newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes mellitus and impaired glucose tolerance.

Author : MacDonald-Wicks L, Gibson LZ, Godfrey DM, Green JM, Horan BP, Monger KL, Wischer RM, Garg ML.
Keyword :

Calculation of vitamin A activity from provitamin A carotenoids: what factor should we use?

Author : Mackerras D . 
Keyword :

Antioxidants modulate the nitric oxide system and SOD activity and expression in rat epithelial lung cells

Author : Madar Z, Maayan N, Sarit O and Eliraz A.
Keyword :

Changing dietary patterns of the young: impact of fast foods. 

Author : Mahna R, Passi SJ and Khanna K.
Keyword :

Nutrition and health status of rural adolescent girls in selected ICDS blocks of Delhi and Rajasthan

Author : Malhotra A and Passi SJ.
Keyword :

Palm fruit extracts protect against oxidative damage in human red blood cells.

Author : Balasundram N, Agar NS, Sundram K, Samman S. 
Keyword :

The effect of dietary nucleotide supplementation on growth and immune function in term infants: a randomised controlled trial.

Author : Makrides M, Hawkes J, Roberton D, Gibson R. 
Keyword :

Carbohydrate rich diets exacerbate postprandial lipaemia in moderately dyslipidemic subjects, whereas red meat protein-enriched diets have no adverse effects.

Author : Mamo JCL, James AP, Soares MJ, Purcell K, Griffiths D, Schwenke J-L.
Keyword :

Multiple micronutrients may lead to improved cognitive function in NE Thai schoolchildren. 

Author : Manger MS, Winichagoon P, Pongcharoen T, Gorwachirapan S, Boonpraderm A, McKenzie J, Gibson RS.
Keyword :

Paleolithic nutrition: What can we learn from the past?

Author : Mann N. 
Keyword :

Food sources of sodium prior to and during the OZDASH study.

Author : Margerison C, Nowson CA, Worsley T, Jorna MK, Frame AG
Keyword :

Long- term effects of policosanol on older patients with Type 2 diabetes.

Author : Mas R, Castaño G, Fernández J, Gamez R, Illnait J, Fernandez L, Lopez E, Mesa M, Alvarez E, Mendoza S.
Keyword :

Long-term effects of policosanol on obese patients with Type II Hypercholesterolemia.

Author : Mas R, Castaño G, Fernández J, Gamez R, Illnait J, Fernandez L, Lopez E, Mesa M, Alvarez E, Mendoza.
Keyword :

D-Psicose, a rare sugar that provides no energy and additionally beneficial effects for clinical nutrition.

Author : Matsuo T and Izumori K.
Keyword :

Dietary narcoleptics and immunocastration improve growth in group-housed boars.

Author : McCauley I, Cronin GM, King RH, Hemsworth PH, Barnett JL, Luxford B, Smits RJ, Hennessy DP, Campbell RG, Dunshea FR. 
Keyword :

Selenised dairy protein and colon cancer inhibition in AOM induced rats.

Author : McIntosh GH, Scherer B, Royle PJ.
Keyword :

Folic acid deficiency is genotoxic and increases sensitivity to chromosome damage by gamma-radiation.

Author : Beetstra S, Fenech M.
Keyword :

Serum selenium concentrations in New Zealand children.

Author : Mclachlan SK, Thomson CD. 
Keyword :

Environmental change and food production: Consequences for human nutrition and health

Author : McMichael T. 
Keyword :

Effect of diet on E. coli populations in the faeces of cattle.

Author : McSweeney C.
Keyword :

Elevated blood pressure: emerging health problem in Iran. 

Author : Mohammad K, Kolahdooz F, Sheikholeslam R. 
Keyword :

Dietary intake, lifestyle factors and nutritional status of Indian adult males in Kampung Indian Settlement, Batu Caves, Selangor.

Author : Mohd Nasir MT and Sabapathy B.
Keyword :

Effect of high fibre fruit (Guava - psidium guajava L.) on the serum glucose level in induced diabetic mice.

Author : Mohd Yusof R and Said M S135.
Keyword :

Comparison of b-carotene, total phenolic, and antioxidant activity of jute mellow (Corchorius olitorius L.) leaf tea with green teas. 

Author : Moong-Ngarm A, Bootprom N and Khunarak J.
Keyword :

Seasonal variation of food consumption patterns in Korea. 

Author : Moon H-K and Shim J-E.
Keyword :

Short term energy restriction (using meal replacements) improves reproductive parameters in polycystic ovary syndrome.

Author : Moran LJ, Noakes M, Clifton PM, Wittert G, Norman RJ. 
Keyword :

Visual development of preterm infants fed high dose docosahexaenoic acid.

Author : Widiawati Y, Teleni E. 
Keyword :

Malnutrition and soil-transmitted helminthiasis among Orang Asli children in Selangor, Malaysia.

Author : Moktar N, Al-Mekhlafi HMS, Azlin M, Nor Aini U, Shaik A, Sa'iah A, Fatmah MS, Ismail MG, Ahmad Firdaus MS, Aisah MY and Rozlida AR.
Keyword :

Alcohol, genome instability and breast cancer

Author : Benassi B, Fenech M. 
Keyword :

Prevalence of general and central obesity in Zahedan university of medical sciences students, Iran. 

Author : Mortazavi Z and Shahrakipoor Mahnaz.
Keyword :

The relationship between maternal anthropometric measurement and birth weight. 

Author : Mortazavi F and Khadiv Zadeh T.
Keyword :

Effect of a soy supplement on spontaneous atherosclerosis in low density lipoprotein receptor knock out (LDLR -/--) mice.

Author : Mortensen A, Pilegaard K, Frandsen H and Breinholt V.
Keyword :

Investigation of the effect of lignans on murine mammary gland differentiation in TG.NK mice. 

Author : Mortensen A, Kramer F, Lindecrona RH and Sorensen IK.
Keyword :

Knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) of diet prescription among university students of Ahwaz, Iran. 

Author : Mosavi Jazayeri SMH.
Keyword :

Effects of breakfast on memory in healthy young adults.

Author : Mosavi Jazayeri SMH, Amani R and Khajeh Mugahi N. 
Keyword :

Study of leek (Allium porrum. L) extract on cholesterol plasma levels in hyperlipidemic animals.

Author : Movahedian A, Ghannadi A, Sadeghi H, Gharavi M, Azarpajhoh S.
Keyword :

Examining effectiveness of Ahmadreza Movahedi's metabolic theory and model for weight control.

Author : Movahedi A.
Keyword :

Estimation of risk for developing cardiac problem in patients of Type2 Diabetes as obtained by the technique of density estimation.

Author : Mukherjee A, Mathur A, Mittal R, Saxena NC.
Keyword :

The efficacy of phytase in corn soybean meal based broiler diets.

Author : Mulyantini NGA, Kumar A, Sands J, Bryden WL.
Keyword :

Responding to the dual burden of nutritional diseases

Author : Beaglehole R.
Keyword :

Lack of effect of sugar cane and sunflower seed policosanols on plasma cholesterol in rabbits.

Author : Murphy KJ, Saint DA, Howe PRC.
Keyword :

Development and evaluation of foods enriched with omega-3 (w3) fatty acids from fish oil.

Author : Murphy KJ, Mansour J, Patch C, Mori T, Meyer B, Tapsell L, Noakes M, Clifton P, Puddey I, Howe P.
Keyword :

The Impact of environmental lead poisoning on iron and haemoglobin status in Kenya

Author : Mutuku JM, Makokha AO, Kenji GM and Mathooko FM.
Keyword :

 The effect of red wine polyphenols on cardiovascular disease risk in postmenopausal women.

Author : Naissides M, Pal S, James AP, Mamo JCL. 
Keyword :

Biochemical measurements and anthropometry as indicators of nutritonal status measuring the prevalence of malnutrition in primary school children living in an informal settlement. 

Author : Napier C and Oldewage-Theron W.
Keyword :

Food intake and physical activity patterns of obese children in primary schools in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. 

Author : Nawalyah AG and Bong HL. 
Keyword :

Metabolic complications of obesity. 

Author : Nestel P.
Keyword :

Are meal replacements an effective strategy for treating obesity in adults with features of metabolic syndrome? 

Author : Noakes M, Foster PR, Keogh JB, Clifton PM. 
Keyword :

Very low carbohydrate diets for weight loss and cardiovascular risk

Author : Noakes M, Foster PR, Keogh JB, Clifton PM. 
Keyword :

Dairy, calcium and body composition of multiethnic youth

Author : Novotny R. 
Keyword :

Serum and urinary levels of retinol and tocopherol of Japanese women.

Author : Abe A, Hirai K, Aoki Y and Takezoe R .
Keyword : https://apjcn.nhri.org.tw/server/APJCN/ProcNutSoc/2000/2004/131.pdf

Everything in my lunchbox is healthy - except for the spoon … and the chocolate.

Author : Bell AC, Kremer PJ, Swinburn BA.
Keyword :

Milk conjugated linoleic and trans-vaccenic acids are highest in Spring in grazing cows.

Author : Ostrowska E, Walker GP, Doyle PT, Dunshea FR.
Keyword :

The effects of uncooked powdered food on nutrient intake, body fat and serum lipid compositions in hyperlipidemic patients.

Author : Park S-H, Han J-H, Jeong M-R, Chon J-W and Song Y-J.
Keyword :

Blood lipid and glucose levels of adolescents belonging to upper income group as markers for assessing the risk of CAD/DM. 

Author : Passi SJ, Manchanda SC, Lakshmi R, Paintal R and Kapur P.
Keyword :

Educational intervention for modifying the lipid levels of school going adolescents. 

Author : Passi SJ, Suri S and Manchanda SC.
Keyword :

Lipid lowering effect of dietary fibre supplementation through food based approach.

Author : Passi SJ, Manchanda SC, Suri S, Bhandari S and Kalra H. 
Keyword :

Evaluating the short-term impact of nutrition education in outpatient cardiac rehabilitation programs.

Author : Paxton F, Ball MJ.
Keyword :

The effect of chickpeas on human serum lipids and lipoproteins. 

Author : Pittaway JK, Ahuja KDK, Chronopoulos A, Cehun M, Robertson IK, Nestel PJ, Ball MJ.
Keyword :

Level of nutrition and breed can influence basal and stimulated metabolism in lambs.

Author : Ponnampalam EN, Warner RD, Suster D, Kerton DJ, Dunshea FR.
Keyword :

Detrimental effect of high dose eicosapentaenoic acid supplementation on bone density in ovariectomised Sprague Dawley rats.

Author : Poulsen RC, Kruger MC.
Keyword :

Estimation of young men's nutrition preferences in the period before recruitment.

Author : Bertrandt J, Rozmys E, Klos A and Schlegel-Zawadzka M.
Keyword :

Assessment of free L- carnitine levels in type II diabetic women with and without complications.

Author : Poorabbas A, Bagdadchi J , Fallah F, Mahdavi R , Aliasgarzadeh A, Asadi Y and Koushavar H.
Keyword :

Assessment of micronutrient antioxidants, total antioxidant capacity and lipid peroxidation levels in liver cirrhosis.

Author : Prakash S and Joshi YK. 
Keyword :

Process evaluation of the development of the user interface for a self-administered dietary assessment program for use in general practice. 

Author : Probst YC, Burden A, McKerrow O, Krnavek C, Skoumbourdis D, Lockyer L, Goodsell C, Bare M, Dalley A, Blackmore L, Lynch K, Harper B, Steel D, Tapsell LC.
Keyword :

Developing a self-administered computer assisted dietary assessment tool for use in primary healthcare practice: perceptions of nutrition and computers in older adults with T2DM.

Author : Probst YC, Krnavek C, Lockyer L and Tapsell LC.
Keyword :

The effects of consumption of guava (psidium guajava) or papaya (carica papaya) on total antioxidant and lipid profile in normal male youth. 

Author : Rahmat A, Abu Bakar MF, Faezah N and Hambali Z. 
Keyword :

Effects of omega-3 fatty acid deficiency on rat intestinal structure and microbiology. 

Author : Ralph HJ, Volker DH, Chin J.
Keyword :

Nutritional and anti-inflammatory strategies in the treatment of advanced colorectal cancer - a pilot study

Author : Read JA, Clarke SJ, Volker D.
Keyword :

A tomato puree enriched in 6% tomato skin leads to a higher absorption of lycopene and b-carotene than a classical tomato puree in healthy subjects

Author : Reboul E, Borel P, Mikail C, Abou L, Portugal H, Lairon D and Amiot MJ.
Keyword :

International perspectives on vitamin D and implications for bone health. 

Author : Reid I.
Keyword :

Dietary and health characteristics of rural Korean farmer families with patients.

Author : Rhie S-G and Chung K-J. 
Keyword :

The effect of adhesion to recommendations for fish intakeon adipose tissue composition and plasma lipids .

Author : Bjerregaard LJ, Aardestrup IV, Christensen JH, Berg Schmidt E. 
Keyword :

Effects of diet modification on cardiovascular risk: results from the leipzig wholesome nutrition study.

Author : Richter V, Purschwitz K, Rassoul F, Thiery J, Zunft HJF and Leitzmann C.
Keyword :

Ageing, cardiovascular risk profile and vegetarian nutrition. 

Author : Richter V and Rassoul F.
Keyword :

Letters from the front: improving clinical nutrition practice in primary care settings. 

Author : Robinson L. 
Keyword :

Folic acid fortified milk increases red blood cell folate concentration in women of childbearing age.

Author : Rockell JEP, Venn BJ, Skeaff CM, Green TJ.
Keyword :

Identifying strategic interventions for improving household food and nutrition security in an urban informal settlement, South Africa

Author : Rutengwe RM. 
Keyword :

The long term effects of soy-based formula on isoflavone concentration of plasma and urine, and growth and recognition development at 10 and 20 months old infants. 

Author : Ryo-won C, Yoon Lee J, Ok Lee H, Jun Chung S, Ran Cho M, Young Kim J and Lee Hoe In. 
Keyword :

The effect of weekly dose of iron supplementation for 16 and 20 week on the iron status of adolescent girls in Iran.

Author : Samadpour K, Sheikholeslam R, Abdollahi Z and Mazandrani Salehi F
Keyword :

A rapid chromatography procedure for the isolation of lactoperoxidase from acid whey. 

Author : Samsam SZ and Naieri SH.
Keyword :

Ethnicity and diabetes control.

Author : Sanderson L. 
Keyword :

Impact of sesame oil on nifedipine in modulating oxidative stress and electrolytes in hypertensive patients. 

Author : Sankar D, Sambandam G, Ramakrishna Rao M and Pugalendi KV.
Keyword :

Improving bone health to optimise calcium metabolism in the dairy cow.

Author : Bhanugopan MS, Rankin A, Hyde ML, Fraser DR, McNeill DM.
Keyword :

Efficacy of micronutrient fortification of milk on morbidity in pre-school children and growth - a double blind randomised controlled trial

Author : Sazawal S.
Keyword :

Efficacy of milk fortified with a probiotic Bifidobacterium lactis (DR-10TM) and prebiotic . galacto-oligosaccharides in prevention of morbidity and on nutritional status. 

Author : Sazawal S.
Keyword :

Zinc supplementation altered phospholipids' fatty acids pattern in young healthy women.

Author : Schlegel-Zawadzka M, Przysawski J and Walkowiak J.
Keyword :

Nutritional preferences of opiate addicted patients during the methadone maintenance treatment.

Author : Schlegel -Zawadzka M, Szpanowska -Wohn A and Kolarzyk E.
Keyword :

The vitamin D content of fortified milk produced locally.

Author : Sedrani SH. 
Keyword :

Prediction of child growth status at birth (a model).

Author : Shahraki M, Sargolzaei Z and Shahraki T. 
Keyword :

Nutritional Status of 0-36 month old children in the Zabol cities centres.

Author : Shahraki M, Sargolzaei Z and Shahraki T. 
Keyword :

The study of food habits and its correlation with serum lipids profile in NIDDM patients at two hospitals of Tabriz. 

Author : Shahraki M, Ostadrahimi AR and Sargolzaie Z.
Keyword :

Resting metabolic rate in people taking atypical antipsychotic medication.

Author : Sharpe JK, Hills AP, Byrne NM and Stedman TJ.
Keyword :

Non communicable disease risk factors in Iran. 

Author : Sheikholeslam R , Mohamad A, Mohammad K and Vaseghi S.
Keyword :

Green tea consumption enhances survival of epithelial ovarian cancer patients.

Author : Binns CW, Zhang M, Lee AH and Xing Xie C. 
Keyword :

The interaction of genes and food regarding cardiovascular risk

Author : Shyong TE.
Keyword :

Dietary supplement use in people being treated for depression. 

Author : Silvers KM, Woolley CC, Hedderley D.
Keyword :

Digestibility of pearl millet in broiler diets. 

Author : Singh DN, Trappett PC, Nagle TA, Perez-Maldonado R.
Keyword :

Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D status of New Zealand adolescents and adults.

Author : Skeaff CM, Green TJ S47.
Keyword :

Effects on plasma lipids when plant sterol enriched fat spread or carbohydrate provide replacement energy for saturated fatty acids.

Author : Skeaff CM, Thoma C, Chisholm A, Mann J, Williams S. 
Keyword :

The effect of diet standardisation on postprandial chylomicron response.

Author : Slivkoff-Clark K, James AP, Kerr D, Soares MJ, Mamo JCL.
Keyword :

Visual development of preterm infants fed high dose docosahexaenoic acid.

Author : Smithers LG, McPhee AJ, Gibson RA, Makrides M.
Keyword :

The effect of short-term altered macronutrient status on acne vulgaris and biochemical markers of insulin sensitivity.

Author : Smith R, Mann N, Makelainen H, Braue A, Varigos G.
Keyword :

Dairy calcium and vitamin D stimulate postprandial thermogenesis: effect of sequential meals

Author : Soares MJ, Chan She Ping-Delfos W, James AP, Cummings NK.
Keyword :

Higher intakes of calcium are associated with lower BMI and waist circumference in Australian adults: an examination of the 1995 National Nutrition Survey.

Author : Soares MJ, Binns C, Lester L. 
Keyword :

The relationship between dietary carotenoids and prostate cancer risk in Southeast Chinese men.

Author : Binns CW, Jian L and Lee AH.
Keyword :

Palm oil tocotrienol mixture is better than alpha-tocopherol acetate in protecting bones against free-radical induced elevation of bone-resorbing cytokines."

Author : Soelaiman IN, Ahmad NS and Khalid BAK.
Keyword :

Nutritional dilemmas for long-term health. 

Author : Solomons N.
Keyword :

Nutritional risks of hypertensive outpatients in Korea

Author : Sook Yim K. 
Keyword :

Nutrition diagnoses. 

Author : Strauss B. 
Keyword :

Nuts for Cardiovascular Protection.

Author : Strahan M.
Keyword :

Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid content in different edible portions of Sydney rock oyster.

Author : Su XQ, Mateos HT. 
Keyword :

Practical food-based dietary guidelines developed for 12-24 month old New Zealand toddlers. 

Author : Szymlek-Gay EA, Ferguson EL, Heath A-LM, Skeaff S.
Keyword :

Effect of half replacement of breakfast's bread with a low glycemic index food on blood glucose response in type 2 diabetic subjects.

Author : Tahbaz F, Mofidi A, Taleban F and Valaei N.
Keyword :

Dietary advice inclusive of walnut supplementation assures adequate intakes of n-3 polyunsaturated fats in the dietary management of type 2 diabetes mellitus

Author : Tapsell L, Gillen L, Patch CS, Bare M, Batterham M and Owen M.
Keyword :

Girls undergoing early adiposity rebound gain fat at a faster rate than girls with a later rebound.

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Keyword :

Nutritional profile of preschool children of Gurgaon district of Haryana (India).

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Lyprinol™: a potential preventive treatment for experimental inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

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Keyword :

ß-Hydroxy-ß-Methylbutyrate (HMB) Supplementation of Resistance Trained Men.

Author : Thomson J
Keyword :

Triacylglycerols-induced oxidative stress and necrotic cell death in J774.2 macrophages.

Author : Tirosh O, Aronis A and Madar Z. 
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Prevalence of amaemia among pregnant and lactating women in India, 1950 - 2002.

Author : Toteja GS and Singh P. 
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A randomised controlled trial of 4 different commercial weight loss programmes in the UK in obese adults: body composition changes over 6 months

Author : Truby H, Millward D, Morgan L, Fox K, Livingstone MBE, deLooy A and Macdonald I.
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Omega-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids in plasma phospholipids of 12-month-old infants consuming cow's milk, breast milk or formula: a cross-sectional study.

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Assessment of serum iron and iron deficiency anaemia in sample of pregnant woman at delivery in Iran.

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Serum leptin levels, BMI and fat percentage of HIV positive women (25 - 44 years) in Mangaung, South Africa.

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Milk selenium concentration varies with time of year and feeding practices in grazing cows. 

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Food, aged care and regional economics. 

Author : Walsh G.
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Anthropometric measurements of preschool children as effected by socio-economic factors.

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Iron status of HIV-positive women (25-44 years) in Mangaung, South Africa. 

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Effect of the combined propolis-ethanol-extract and Shaoyao-Gancao-tang on blood sugar levels of alloxan induced experimental diabetes rabbit.

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Effect of dietary sialic acid supplementation on saliva content in piglets. 

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Microclustered water and hydration. 

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Suitable nutrients necessary in early years and its later consequences. 

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Effects of exposure to grape-seed polyphenols and vitamin C on lipid peroxidation in vivo.

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Trends in dietary intake and physical activity level in female students (1988 to 2003) after excluding under reporters, using six different methods to identify under-reporters.

Author : Warwick PM.
Keyword :

Antioxidant restricted diet reduces plasma non-esterified fatty acids in trained athletes

Author : Watson TA, Blake RJ, Callister R, MacDonald-Wicks LK, Garg ML.
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Development of a life-size photo guide to food serves. 

Author : Williams T. 
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Body mass index is not a significant predictor of survival amongst older people.

Author : Blackberry I, Kouris-Blazos A, Wahlqvist ML, Steen B, Lukito W and Horie Y.
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Soy protein isolate and isoflavones modulate serum immunoglobulin levels in rats. 

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Cardiovascular disease risk factors among a sample of Malay older adults aged 50 to 65 years old.

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Making a healthy difference to menus: evaluation of a catering program in New Zealand.

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Prevalence of general and central obesity in diabetic patients referred to the diabetic clinic of Zahedan, Iran

Author : Zahedan I, Mortazavi Z and Rakhshani F.
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Correlates of children's eating attitude test scores (CHEAT) among a sample of female primary school children.?

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Keyword :

Factors contributing to academic achievement among a sample of Indian and Malay school children in Malaysia. 

Author : Zalilah MS, Khor GL, Sarina S and Mirnalini K.
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Dairy products consumption and calcium intakes of Chinese urban adolescent girls.

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Effect of iron supplementation in pregnancy on IQ of children at 4 years of age.

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Bone mineral accretion and growth in Chinese adolescent girls following the withdrawal of school milk intervention: preliminary results after two years.

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Legumes: the most important dietary predictor of survival in older people of different ethnicities.

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The gluconeogenic potential of Gliricidia sepium and Calliandra calothyrsus

Author : Y Widiawati, E Teleni
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Carotenoid concentrations in asthmatics versus healthy controls

Author : LG Wood, ML Garg, RJ Blake, PG Gibson
Keyword :

A diversified diet may reduce school age children stunting in North Western Morocco.

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Acute effect of dietary proteins on appetite, energy intake and glycemic response in overweight men.

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Regulating health claims in Australia and New Zealand.

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A randomised trial of three non-dieting program for overweight women.

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Glycemic index in relation to coronary disease.

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Is food intolerance due to an inborn error of metabolism?

Author : Breakey J.
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Clinical studies on the innocuousness of chitosan and its short-chain derivative generated by enzymatic hydrolysis

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Protein and amino acids: from building blocks to food and health

Author : Bryden W.
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Bovine colostrum and whey protein supplementation during running training increase intestinal permeability. 

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Food insecurity in the UK; determinants and consequences.

Author : Bukhari HM, Margetts BM and Jackson A. 
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Diabetes - the best diet? 

Author : Campbell L.
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Iron deficiency anaemia as an adjunct to soil-transmitted helminthiasis among Orang Asli children in Selangor, Malaysia.

Author : "Aini Umar N, Al-Mekhlafi HMS, Azlin M, Shaik A, Sa'iah A, Fatmah MS, Ismail MG, Ahmad Firdaus MS, Aisah MY, Rozlida AR and Norhayati M"
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The role of oligosaccharides and Helicobacter pylori-specific antibodies in disease prevention. 

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Soy proteins - an ideal functional food for growth promotion

Author : Chandrasekhar U.
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Acute suppression of spontaneous food intake following dairy calcium and vitamin D.

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Efficacy of calcium supplementation and weight-bearing exercise in reducing rate of bone loss in postmenopausal Chinese women - a two-year randomized controlled trial 

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The correction of neutrophilic link of immune activity in rats by lipid nutrients.

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Intestinal microflora: negotiating health outcomes with the warring community within us.

Author : Chin J.
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Marine n-3 fatty acids and ventricular arrhythmias in patients with implantable cardioverter defibrillators. 

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"We are what we eat".

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Food inflammation and the anti-inflammatory aspects of food

Author : Cleland L.
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Copper intake of a cohort of Victorian women: food sources and age group differences.

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Resting energy expenditure in female children with cystic fibrosis - effect of puberty.

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Dietary flaxseed improves the fatty acid composition of lamb tissues.

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Body composition assessed by impedance changes very early with declining renal graft function.

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Sequential body composition analysis by impedance early post-kidney transplantation.

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Nutritional status and body composition evolution in early post-renal transplantation - is there a female advantage? 

Author : Coroas A, Oliveira JGG, Sampaio S, Borges C, Tavares I, Pestana M and de Almeida MDV.
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The potential anthelmintic effect of Calliandra calothyrsus in lambs. 

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The use of dietary supplements in a group of potentially elite secondary school athletes.

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Comparison of dairy and non-dairy sources of calcium on thermogenesis and substrate oxidation in humans.

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Impact of exercise on nutritional status and health profile of urban obese women in Hisar City.

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The use of a putative lactagogue plant on breast milk production in Simalungun, North Sumatra, Indonesia.

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Bioavailability of folic acid from fortified rice in humans using stable isotope techniques

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The relationship of plasma leptin to anthropometrical and biochemical markers of overweight primary school students.

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Nutritional trials for the prevention of coronary heart disease.

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The Mediterranean-style Diet" is it ideal for the modern world?

Author : de Lorgeril M. 
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Dietary intake of macro and micronutrients in children: does recurrent illness reduce intake?

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Physical activity and calcium consumption are important determinants of lower limb bone mass in elderly women.

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Clinical Decision Making - Hospital based.

Author : Doig GS. 
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Genomic strategies in the study of nutrition

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The biology of malnutrition - related weight loss. Differences between lean and obese adult subjects.

Author : Elia M.
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Obesity: what does it represent? 

Author : Elia M. 
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Food advertisements during children's and adult's viewing times: a comparative study.

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Metabolic fate of palm tocotrienols in human postprandial plasma model. 

Author : Fairus S, Rosnah MN, Cheng HM, Sundram K.
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Initial assessment on food-borne diseases surveillance system in Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

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The effect of light and temperature on stability of vitamin A in the fortified vegetable oils (hydrogenated and nonhydrogenated)

Author : Farhang B and Nikoopour H. 
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The effect of supermint oil on pain severity after caesarean. 

Author : Fazel N.
Keyword :

How achievable are recommended dietary allowances for 12-24 month old New Zealand children?

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The effect of different plant oils used in preparing tomato sauces on plasma concentrations of lycopene and oxidative status: a dietary intervention study.

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Prevalence of low serum folate, red cell folate, serum vitamin B12 and elevated homocysteine.

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Mediterranean diet improves lipid profiles over three months.

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Successful long-term weight loss with a Mediterranean style diet in a primary care medical centre.

Author : Flynn G and Colquhoun D. 
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How does dietary advice for diabetes management divide families?

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Determination of 25-hydroxyvitamin D by competitive protein-binding assay and 125I-based radioimmunoassay method: a validation study

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Determining the energy requirements of army recruits. 

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Effects of household food expenditure on nutritional status of preschoolers in cassava producing areas of Nigeria.

Author : Asinobi CO, Nweke FI and Cole AH.
Keyword :

Symbiotic containing Bifidobacterium animalis and inulin increases stool frequency in elderly healthy people.

Author : Franz Zunft H-J, Hanisch C, Mueller S, Koebnick C, Blaut M and Doré J. 
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Reduction of the postprandial glucose and insulin response in serum of healthy subjects by an arabinoxylan concentrate isolated from wheat starch plant process water

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Keyword :

Niacin metabolism and Parkinson's disease. 

Author : Fukushima T, Ohta M, Tanaka K, Kaneko S-Y, Maeda T and Sasaki A.
Keyword :

Evaluation of the use of the CBMN assay to determine inter-individual variation in spontaneous and folate deficiency-induced genome damage in humans.

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Cholesterol reduction of tallow by refining process and ß-cyclodextrin treatment. 

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The hunt for the perfect heart health diet.

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Keyword :

Nuts: The American Position.

Author : Gau G. 
Keyword :

Watermelon juice concentrate.

Author : Ghazizadeh M, Razeghi A, Valaee N, Mirbagheri E, Tahbaz F, Motevallizadeh H and Seyedahmadian F.
Keyword :

Strategies for preventing micro-nutrient deficiencies in developing countries.

Author : Gibson RS. 
Keyword :

Docosa-hexaenoic acid (DHA) accumulation is regulated by the polyunsaturated fat content of the diet: is it synthesis or is it incorporation?

Author : Gibson RA.
Keyword :

5+ a day: Are we getting the message across?

Author : Ashfield-Watt PAL, Stewart E, Scheffer J .
Keyword :

Naturally functional foods - Challenges and opportunities.

Author : Gidley M.
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A comparison of the smoking habits of Aboriginal mothers and non-Aborignal mothers while breastfeeding.

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Epidemiology of food and disease: The Melbourne cohort study.

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Increasing breastfeeding rates in Australia. 

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Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D status New Zealand children. 

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The effect of dietary saturated fat on endothelial function.

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Comparative serum cholesterol and glucose responses of rats fed on wheat flour and chickpea composite flour.

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The effect of Azadirachta indica on distribution of antioxidant elements and glutathione S-transferase activity in the liver of rats during hepatocarcinogenesis.

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Usual intake of isoflavonoids and lignans in association with urinary excretion - evaluation of an Australian dietary tool.

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Intake of phytoestrogen-rich foods and associated lifestyle and sociodemographic characteristics in Australian women. 

Author : Hanna K, O'Neill S, Patterson C, Lyons-Wall P.
Keyword :
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