Volume 7Issue 2
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Food and nutrition policy development.

Author : Darnton-Hill I, Nishida C, de Boer A, Volmanen P, Cavalli-Sforza LT.
Keyword :

Anemia and hypoalbuminia as an adjunct to soil-transmitted helminthiasis among slum school children in Visakhapatnam, South India.

Author : Nallam NR, Paul I, Gnanamani G.
Keyword :

Improvements of growth, appetite, and physical activity in helminth-infected schoolboys 6 months after single dose of albendazole.

Author : Hadju V, Stephenson LS, Mohammed HO, Bowman DD, Parker RS.
Keyword : helminth infection, growth, appetite, physical activity, Indonesia, Ascaris, Trichuris, Ujung Pandang

Salmonella antigen induces differential bone marrow cytokine secretion in control and malnourished rats.

Author : Ghosal D, Dutta S, Bhattacharyya P.
Keyword :

Cross-cultural comparison of Lp(a) profiles.

Author : Xiong ZW, Wahlqvist ML, Biegler B, Balazs ND, van Buynder P, Lukito W, Hsu-Hage BH, Wattanapenpaiboon N, Ibiebele TI.
Keyword :

The effects of oral L-carnitine treatment on blood lipid metabolism and the body fat content in the diabetic patient.

Author : Liang Y, Li Y, Shan J, Yu B, Ho Z.
Keyword :

The fatty acid status of rural school children with helminth infections.

Author : Tichelaar HY, Smuts CM, van Stuijvenberg ME, Faber M, Benadé AJ.
Keyword :

Improving trend of growth of Asian refugee children in the USA: Evidence to support the importance of environmental factors on growth.

Author : Mei Z, Yip R, Trowbridge F.
Keyword :

Food intake patterns in urban Beijing Chinese.

Author : Fu P, Zhang H, Siew SM, Wang SQ, Xue A, Hsu-Hage BH, Wahlqvist ML, Wang YF, Li XX.
Keyword :

Use of iodized salt in processed Philippine food products.

Author : Azanza P, Cariaso K, Dela Cerna MC, de Ocampo C, Galvez F, Moises M, Pujanes K.
Keyword :

Iodine content of salt in Lae city of Papua New Guinea.

Author : Amoa B, Pikire T, Tine P.
Keyword :

Evaluation and monitoring of iodine deficiency disorders in school children in north-east Thailand.

Author : Pongpaew P, Tungtrongchitr R, Supawan V, Vudhivai N, Sanchaisuriya P, Intarakhao C, Mahaweerawat U, Phonrat B, Jotking P, Kongdee W, Schelp FP, Saowakhontha S.
Keyword :

The supplementation of levothyroxine among indigenous people in endemic goitre areas: The impact of therapy.

Author : Zaleha MI, Osman A, Iskandar ZA, Sazali S, Ali MM, Roslan I, Khalid BA.
Keyword :

Hair zinc and copper in Indonesian infants.

Author : Kolsteren PW, Kardjati S, Traissac P, Goyens P.
Keyword :

Relationship of conjunctival impression cytology with clinical and biochemical assessment of vitamin A status of preschoolers.

Author : Tanchoco CC, Rodriguez MP, Olivar-Santos E, Velandria FV, Magbitang JA.
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