What is food?  
  What happens to the food we eat?  
Our nutrient needs  
  Energy balance  
  Nutritional status
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  Additives & colours  
  Toxicity in food  
  Processing food  
  Stability of food nutrients  
  Storage life of foods  
  Food- associated health problems  

- Special nutritional situations -

As Figure 19 shows, nutritional needs can be affected by certain health conditions, and your dietary intake may need to be adjusted.


Further information relating to special nutritional situations can be found in:

Medications that alter nutritional needs, and

Sugars and health


Food Facts
- Assessing your own nutritional status
- Water balance
Special nutritional situations
- Medications
- Sugars and health
- Diet and lifestyle
16: Several ways to assess your nutritional status
17: Are you too fat?
18: Water input and output
19: Nutritional needs of particular health conditions
20: Some medications that may increase nutritional needs
21: Dietary intake and culture or lifestyle