Volume 33Issue 1 , March 2024
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Nutritional therapy of older osteoporotic people with supplemental calcium and vitamin D: side effects, fracture rates, and survival – an internationalised meta-analysis

Author : Du Jiao, Chao Jiang
Keyword : osteoporosis, vitamin D, calcium, meta-analysis

Effects of the Chinese heart-healthy diet (Sichuan cuisine) on lowering blood pressure in adults with hypertension: a randomized controlled feeding trial

Author : Hong Chen, Danping Su, Yishan Guo, Cong Chen, Sijia Chen, Shiyu Zhang, Yanxi Ding, Ming Li, Guangsen Tong, Guo Zeng
Keyword : Sichuan cuisine, diet pattern, blood pressure, hypertension, Chinese

A randomized trial of Bacteroides fragilis 839 on preventing chemotherapy-induced myelosuppression and gastrointestinal adverse effects in breast cancer patients

Author : Ting Zeng, Yu-hong Deng, Chu-hui Lin, Xin-xin Chen, Hai-xia Jia, Xiao-wu Hu, Ting Xia, Yun Ling, Le-hong Zhang, Teng-fei Cao
Keyword : Bacteroides fragilis, prevention, chemotherapy, myelosuppression

The impact of energy and protein intake on rehabilitation efficiency in convalescent patients

Author : Kozue Okamoto, Miho Kogirima, Yoshiro Tsuji, Shinsuke Ishino, Hiromasa Inoue
Keyword : energy intake, protein intake, Functional Independent Measure (FIM), efficiency of rehabilitation, convalescent rehabilitation

Perioperative nutrition management in patients with spinal tuberculosis taking ERAS measures

Author : Jiaojie Ma, Zhuo Li, Yang Chen, Yachao Zhang, Qian Wang, Guangxuan Yan, Weijie Dong, Shanshan Li
Keyword : spinal tuberculosis, accelerated rehabilitation surgery, nutrition management, randomized controlled trial, perioperative period

Vitamin D nutritional status in early pregnancy and its relationship with periconceptional multiple micronutrients supplementation

Author : Chun-jing Wang, Zhao Li, Yin-xiao Bai, Wen-ying Meng, Chun-yi Liu, Lei Jin, Jie Zhang, Ming-yuan Jiao, Lei Jin
Keyword : multiple micronutrients supplement, vitamin D, folate, periconceptional period, real-world study

Obesity and mortality in patients with COVID-19: A meta-analysis of prospective studies

Author : Heram Cho, Yunseo Park, Seung-Kwon Myung
Keyword : obesity, COVID-19, mortality, prospective study, meta-analysis

Maternal fermented food intake and infant neurodevelopment: The Japan Environment and Children’s Study

Author : Tomomi Tanaka, Kenta Matsumura, Akiko Tsuchida, Kei Hamazaki, Haruka Kasamatsu, Hiroko Hirai, Shohei Kusabiraki, Akiko Hiraiwa, Kazushi Miya, Yuichi Adachi, Hidekuni Inadera, The Japan Environment and Children’s Study (JECS) Group
Keyword : fermented foods, soy foods, yogurt, cheese, child development

Nomogram for predicting the risk of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in older adults in Qingdao, China: A cross-sectional study

Author : Zhi Wang, Jing Cui, Xiaojing Li, Ruili Gao, Enqiang Feng, Guoqiang Luo, Baozhu Guo, Haojia Wu, Yongye Sun, Jianping Sun
Keyword : non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, aged, nomogram, non-invasive model

Validity of the modified versions of SARC-F+EBM for sarcopenia screening and diagnosis in China: the PPLSS study

Author : Jia-yu Guo, Kang Yu, Chun-wei Li, Yuan-yuan Bao, Yu Zhang, Fang Wang, Rong-rong Li, Hai-yan Xie
Keyword : sarcopenia, SARC-F, diagnostic test, older, Chinese

Effects of coffee and tea on postprandial cardiometabolic risk factors in healthy individuals: a randomized crossover trial

Author : Chunmei Zhang, Jiayu Zhang, Duo Li, Xiaojie Hu
Keyword : beverage, coffee, tea, postprandial cardiometabolic risk, triglyceride

Decaffeinated green tea polyphenols supplementation had no adverse health effects in girls with obesity: a randomized controlled trial

Author : Die Yao, Luyao Xie, Kun Du, Xinyuan Yao, Xiuhua Shen
Keyword : decaffeinated green tea polyphenols, safety, children, obesity, randomized controlled trial

Asia Pacific Clinical Nutrition Society Award for 2024 - Professor Barbara Burlingame PhD

Author : Professor Duo Li
Keyword :
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