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Food sensitivities

An allergic response to food can show itself in a number of ways, as indicated in Figure 40. It is important that possible causes of the disorder other than allergy be considered. A wheezing patient could have asthma due to an allergy, but the wheezing could also be due to bronchitis, infection, heart disease or cancer. Diagnosis of food allergy needs careful medical interpretation of the patient's history. This should include dietary background and the effects of 'elimination' diets, in which the suspected food(s) have first been excluded, and then reintroduced to the patient to compare the results. Although there may be improvement after the elimination diet, with a return of symptoms when the food is reintroduced, there can still be some doubt whether food allergy is the cause of the condition.

There are many causes of intolerances or sensitivities to food, and not all of them are due to allergy. For example, coeliac disease (see Chart 50 (Gluten) ) can produce effects similar to cow's milk allergy.

The foods most commonly responsible for allergic reactions are listed in Figure 41. Food additivesFind out more about this term have occasionally been thought to cause allergic reactions. The additives most commonly implicated are tartrazine, a yellow dye used in many foods, beverages and pharmaceuticals; also, benzoic acidFind out more about this term and sulphur dioxide, which are used as preservatives in some fruit drinks, cordials, soft drinks and wines.

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