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Implications of maternal diet on breast milk docosahexaenoic acid 22:6n-3 (DHA) and arachidonic acid 20:4n-6 (AA) contents: A narrative review

Author : Geok Lin Khor
Keyword : breast milk fatty acids, maternal diet, long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, DHA, AA, n6/n3 PUFA ratio

Healthy nutritional status among Centenarians in Rugao, China, is associated with bean consumption, daily activity, and muscle mass retention

Author : Zhiying Zong, Rong Li, Danni Wang, Rui Zhao, Chen Dong, Chi Sun, Zhifeng Gu, Jianlin Gao
Keyword : Centenarians, nutritional status, muscle mass, activities of daily living, related factors

The lipid accumulation product (LAP) association with hyperuricemic hypertension in the China Health and Nutrition Survey: A cross-sectional study

Author : Jing Wang, Yaping Geng, Mengyao Zhou, Xiangju Yin, Hao Wang, Zhiguang Ping, Yanna Shang
Keyword : lipid accumulation product, hypertension with hyperuricemia, the China Health and Nutrition Survey

Association between perception of pre-pregnancy body weight and nutritional status during pregnancy: A cross-sectional study

Author : Mie Shiraishi, Masayo Matsuzaki, Megumi Haruna
Keyword : body image, micronutrients, nutrient intake, pregnancy, pre-pregnancy body weight

Guardianship dietary and other behavioural factors associated with skipping breakfast in Japanese primary school children: A child-guardian dyad study

Author : Juichiro Higashi, Keiko Asakura, Sachie Mori, Satoshi Sasaki, Yuji Nishiwaki
Keyword : skipping breakfast, dietary intake, primary school children, guardian, Japan

Hidden hunger and child undernutrition in South Asia: A meta-ethnographic systematic review

Author : Nidhi Wali, Kingsley Agho, Andre MN Renzaho
Keyword : child undernutrition, hidden hunger, South Asia, stunting, wasting

Factors predicting health-related quality of life of the Malaysian B40 school-aged children living in urban-poor flats in the central region of Malaysia

Author : Mun Hong Joseph Cheah, Yit Siew Chin, Hazizi Abu Saad, Poh Ying Lim, Yoke Mun Chan, Zalilah Mohd Shariff
Keyword : children, urban-poor, nutrition, physical activity, health-related quality of life

Vitamin A status and its hematological correlates among preschool children in Beijing, China

Author : Jun Wu, Hui-Juan Wang, Xin Zhang, Lin Chen, Yu-Ying Sha, Ming-Da Tian
Keyword : vitamin A status, Vitamin A deficiency, hematological indices, preschool children, China

Identification of risk factors for iatrogenic hypophosphatemia: A retrospective case-control study

Author : Zhidong Qi, Sibo Yang, Jingdong Qu, Ming Li, Rui Huang, Qiuyuan Han, Guiying Hou, Huaiquan Wang
Keyword : hypophosphatemia, phosphorous metabolism disorders, iatrogenic disease, intensive care unit, phosphorus

Relationship between vitamin D status and cardiac autonomic neuropathy in prediabetes

Author : Jia Bai, Yangyang Zhang, Lingling Li, Hong Yang, Ying Yang, Haihong Lv
Keyword : prediabetes, 25(OH)D, cardiac autonomic neuropathy, heart rate variability, diabetes

Association between mixed dietary B vitamin intake and insulin resistance in US middle-aged and older adults without diabetes: The Bayesian kernel machine regression approach

Author : Fan Zhang, Ruituo Huai, Fengju Jia, Yixin Cui, Hao Wang, Xiaoli Shen
Keyword : dietary B vitamin intake, insulin resistance, joint effect, cross-sectional study, Bayesian Kernel Machine Regression (BKMR)

Pediatric perioperative nutritional assessment and support

Author : Maria Fomina, Tatyana Borovik, Aleksey Gusev, Sergey Yatsyk, Natalya Zvonkova, Lidiya Lebedeva, Zhaoling Shi, Fuyong Jiao
Keyword : guidelines, nutritional assessment, perioperative nutrition, NSQIP-P analysis, SDGs

Intake of local vegetables and decreased risk of mortality and cancer incidence in Amami island regions, Japan

Author : Tomoko Yasuda, Kaede Miyamoto, Takumi Akaho, Rie Ibusuki, Ippei Shimoshikiryo, Daisaku Nishimoto, Toshiro Takezaki
Keyword : local vegetables, overall death, cohort study, cabbage, lung cancer

The relationship between parental mealtime behavior and subjective diet-related quality of life (SDQOL) of Japanese adolescents: A cross sectional study in Kumamoto prefecture

Author : Miho Sakai, Haruna Matsumoto, Naomi Hayami, Tatsuaki Sakamoto
Keyword : subjective diet-related quality of life, eating habits, family meals, parents, Japanese adolescents

Commentary on “Comparative analysis of malnutrition diagnosis methods in lung cancer patients using a Bayesian latent class model”

Author : Yujie Wang, Lichuan Zhang, Qian Lu
Keyword :

Response to Comment on “Comparative analysis of malnutrition diagnosis methods in lung cancer patients using a Bayesian latent class model”

Author : Rena Nakyeyune, Xiaoli Ruan, Fen Liu
Keyword :

Chlorogenic acid intake guidance: Sources, health benefits, and safety

Author : Yingxiang Yu, Zhida Zhang, Cuiqing Chang
Keyword : chlorogenic acid, acyl quinic acid, caffeoylquinic acid, specific proposed level, tolerable upper intake level

Nutritional assessment formulae for nutritional requirement determination in severe trauma

Author : Junsik Kwon, Ji-hyun Lee, Mihyang Kim, Donghwan Choi
Keyword : indirect calorimetry, multiple trauma, energy metabolism, nutritional requirements, precision medicine

Clinical prognostic role of bioimpedance phase angle in diabetic and non-diabetic hemodialysis patients

Author : Youjia Zeng, Yuanzhao Xu, Bing Zhang, Cai Xu, Jian Cao, Qian Deng, Shunmin Li, Tiegang Yi, Airong Qi
Keyword : phase angle, prognostic role, diabetic, hemodialysis patient, heart failure

A novel nomogram based on nutritional and immune status predicting postoperative intra-abdominal infection in colorectal cancer

Author : Guibing Pei, Shuguang Zhen, Bo Zhang
Keyword : colorectal cancer, intra-abdominal infection, LWR, L3MI, L3FI

The effect of nutritional status on clinical outcome in lung transplantation

Author : Weixiang Wang, Yongchun Chen, Tingting Yang, Wen Wang, Ke Guan, Yang Yang, Ling Wang
Keyword : lung transplantation, clinical outcome, malnutrition, hypoalbuminemia, preoperative anemia

Effects of intermittent fasting on cardiometabolic risk factors in patients with metabolic syndrome: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

Author : Li Zeng, Hai-rong Li, Ming-wei Liu, Wei-ming Rao, Qi-qiang He
Keyword : intermittent fasting, metabolic syndrome, biomarkers, meta-analysis, evidence synthesis

Relationship between dietary patterns and prediabetes, undiagnosed or diagnosed diabetes mellitus among adults in Qingdao: A cross-sectional study

Author : Guoqiang Luo, Xiaojing Li, Xia Zhao, Lili He, Xiaojing Lv, Enqiang Feng, Nan Cui, Jing Cui, Yongye Sun, Jianping Sun
Keyword : dietary pattern, prediabetes, diabetes mellitus, Chinese
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