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Determining the predictive equation for height from ulnar length in the Vietnamese population

Author : Ana Bonell, Nguyen Nguyen Huyen, Vu Dinh Phu, Heiman Wertheim, Behzad Nadjm
Keyword : height, ulna length, anthropometric, predict, Vietnamese

Energy restriction combined with green coffee bean extract affects serum adipocytokines and the body composition in obese women

Author : Fatemeh Haidari, Mehnoosh Samadi, Majid Mohammadshahi, Mohammad Taha Jalali, Kambiz Ahmadi Engali
Keyword : adipocytokine, body composition, chlorogenic acid, lipid profile, obesity

Portion controlled ready-to-eat meal replacement is associated with short term weight loss: a randomised controlled trial

Author : Rebecca Kuriyan, Deepa P Lokesh, Ninoshka D’Souza, Divya J Priscilla, Chandni Halcyon Peris, Sumithra Selvam, Anura V Kurpad
Keyword : weight loss, meal replacement, portion control, ready to eat cereal, Indian women

Author : Zhi-Qiang Zheng, Zhan-Hui Geng, Jia-Xi Liu, Shun-Tang Guo
Keyword : compressed food, oligosaccharide, oligopeptide, exercise performance, endurance training

High prevalence of vitamin B-12 insufficiency in patients with Crohn’s disease

Author : Misora Ao, Hidemi Tsuji, Kenichiro Shide, Yuki Kosaka, Akari Noda, Nobuya Inagaki, Hiroshi Nakase, Kiyoshi Tanaka
Keyword : vitamin B-12, homocysteine, Crohn’s disease, malabsorption, vitamin insufficiency

Association between complement component C3 and body composition: a possible obesity inflammatory biomarker for insulin resistance

Author : Hayder A Al-Domi, Reem M Al Haj Ahmad
Keyword : ASP, BIA, HOMA-IR, proinflammatory, complement system

Reconfirmation of improved tolerance to a new amino acid-based formula by infants with cow’s milk protein allergy

Author : Pipop Jirapinyo, Narumon Densupsoontorn, Channagan Kangwanpornsiri, Renu Wongarn, Hathaichanok Tirapongporn, Kwanjai Chotipanang, Phakkanan Phuangphan
Keyword : amino acid-based formula, corn glucose polymer, cow’s milk protein allergy, immunotolerance, rice glucose polymer

Dietary intake of heme iron and body iron status are associated with the risk of gestational diabetes mellitus: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Author : Lu Zhao, Jia Lian, Jishun Tian, Ye Shen, Zhiguang Ping, Xuexian Fang, Junxia Min, Fudi Wang
Keyword : pregnancy, diabetes mellitus, heme iron, nonheme iron, supplemental iron

Screening for nutritional risk in hospitalized children with liver disease

Author : Tiantian Song, Ying Mu, Xue Gong, Wenyan Ma, Li Li
Keyword : children, liver disease, nutritional risk screening, malnutrition, nutritional support

Qualitative study of eating habits in Bruneian primary school children

Author : Tajidah Talip, Rajiah Serudin, Salmah Noor, Nik Tuah
Keyword : eating habits, childhood obesity, qualitative design, school health, Brunei

Screening for inadequate dietary vitamin B-12 intake in South Asian women using a nutrient-specific, semi-quantitative food frequency questionnaire

Author : Gael Janine Mearns, Elaine Carolyn Rush
Keyword : food frequency questionnaire, vitamin B-12 deficiency, South Asian women, serum B-12, holotranscobalamin

Validation of summer and winter ELISA measurements of serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentrations in Mongolia

Author : Sabri Bromage, Daria Tselmen, Gary Bradwin, Michael F Holick, Davaasaambuu Ganmaa
Keyword : vitamin D, 25(OH)D, IDS ELISA, DiaSorin LIAISON, Mongolia

Snack and beverage consumption and preferences in a sample of Chinese children - Are they influenced by advertising?

Author : Peng Liu, Yang Yu, Lesley King, Mu Li
Keyword : snack, beverages, non-core foods, television advertisement, children

Dietary sodium reduction in New Zealand: influence of the Tick label

Author : Sherry X Ning, Louise A Mainvil, Rachel K Thomson, Rachael M McLean
Keyword : food industry, New Zealand, sodium dietary, food labelling, cardiovascular disease

Comprehensive school-based intervention to control overweight and obesity in China: a cluster randomized controlled trial

Author : Haiquan Xu, Yanping Li, Qian Zhang, Xiaoqi Hu, Ailing Liu, Songming Du, Tingyu Li, Hongwei Guo,Ying Li, Guifa Xu, Weijia Liu, Jun Ma, Guansheng Ma
Keyword : childhood obesity, comprehensive intervention, physical activity, nutrition, lipids

Association between rice intake and all-cause mortality among Chinese adults: findings from the Jiangsu Nutrition Study

Author : Zumin Shi, Shiqi Zhen, Lu Qi, Yijing Zhou, Anne W Taylor
Keyword : rice intake, mortality, Chinese, cohort study, epidemiology

Dietary patterns and sleep parameters in a cohort of community dwelling Australian men

Author : Yingting Cao, Anne W Taylor, Gary Wittert, Robert Adams, Zumin Shi
Keyword : dietary patterns, polysomnography, sleep onset latency, apnoea hypopnea index, men

A single-nucleotide polymorphism in transferrin is associated with soluble transferrin receptor in Chinese adolescents

Author : Wei Piao, Li Wang, Ting Zhang, Zhen Wang, Shaofang Shangguan, Jing Sun, Junsheng Huo
Keyword : single-nucleotide polymorphism, hepcidin, serum ferritin, soluble transferrin receptor, Chinese adolescents

Validity of the Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (MUST) in Australian hospitalized acutely unwell elderly patients

Author : Yogesh Sharma, Campbell Thompson, Billingsley Kaambwa, Rashmi Shahi, Michelle Miller
Keyword : PG-SGA, EQ-5D, hospital length of stay, weight loss, anthropometric measures

Simple method to estimate daily sodium intake during measurement of dialysis adequacy in chronic peritoneal dialysis patients

Author : So Mi Kim, Eun Kyoung Lee, Shin Sook Kang, Soon Mi Kim, Hye-Won Kim, Soon Bae Kim
Keyword : dietary sodium intake, peritoneal dialysis, peritoneal sodium removal, urinary sodium removal, dialysis adequacy

Appropriate nutritional management in patients with impaired mastication and those with mild dysphagia: a multicenter study of the usefulness of novel foods processed and softened by enzymes

Author : Takashi Higashiguchi, Akihiro Ito, Hirofumi Nishiyama, Takashi Shigematsu, Atsuko Ishikawa, Hiroyuki Kato, Shohei Iijima, Nobuyuki Kikuchi
Keyword : dysphagia, intake, modified diet, satisfaction, taste

Energy intake in the first week in an emergency intensive care unit may not influence clinical outcomes in critically ill, overweight Japanese patients

Author : Satomi Ichimaru, Maren Sono, Ryutaro Seo, Koichi Ariyoshi, Teruyoshi Amagai
Keyword : critical illness, body mass index, obesity, overweight, energy intake

Pharmacoeconomics of parenteral nutrition in surgical and critically ill patients receiving structured triglycerides in China

Author : Guo Hao Wu, Alexandra Ehm, Marco Bellone, Lorenzo Pradelli
Keyword : lipid emulsion, parenteral nutrition, intensive care unit, cost-effectiveness

Parenteral nutrition combined with enteral feeding improves the outcome of cancer patients

Author : Pei-Chun Chao, Cheau-Feng Lin, Hui-Ju Chuang
Keyword : performance status (PS) scale, enteral nutrition (EN), total parenteral nutrition (TPN), oncology, modified Glasgow Prognostic Score (mGPS)

Peanut butter increases the bioavailability and bioconversion of kale β-carotene to vitamin A

Author : Tawanda Muzhingi, Kyung-Jin Yeum, Odilia Bermudez, Guangwen Tang, Andrew Hlanganiso Siwela
Keyword : kale, vitamin A, carotenoids, lutein, deuterium, peanut butter
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