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Childhood obesity in Asia: the value of accurate body composition methodology

Author : Andrew P Hills, Najat Mokhtar, Sharon Brownie, Nuala M Byrne
Keyword : childhood obesity, Asia, body composition, methodology, stable isotopes

Influence of desflurane on postoperative oral intake compared with propofol

Author : Tomoaki Yatabe, Koichi Yamashita, Masataka Yokoyama
Keyword : postoperative oral intake, postoperative nausea and vomiting, desflurane, propofol, early recovery

An efficacy study on alleviating micronutrient deficiencies through a multiple micronutrient fortified salt in children in South India

Author : Malavika Vinod Kumar, Praveen K Nirmalan, Juergen G Erhardt, Lakshmi Rahmathullah, Srinivasa Rajagopalan
Keyword : multiple micronutrient fortified salt, micronutrient deficiencies, biochemical assessment, children, India

Normal taste acuity and preference in female adolescents with impaired 6-n-propylthiouracil sensitivity

Author : Ayako Nagai, Masaru Kubota, Midori Sakai, Yukie Higashiyama
Keyword : 6-n-propylthiouracil, TAS2R38, taste acuity, filter-paper method, visual analogue scale

Plasma and tissue free amino acid profiles and their concentration correlation in patients with lung cancer

Author : Qihong Zhao, Ye Cao, Ying Wang, Chuanlai Hu, Anla Hu, Liang Ruan, Qingli Bo, Qifei Liu, Wenjun Chen, Fangbiao Tao, Min Ren, Yongsheng Ge, Anguo Chen, Li Li
Keyword : plasma free amino acids, tissue free amino acids, lung cancer, amino acid pattern, concentration correlations

Prevalence of malnutrition in patients admitted to a major urban tertiary care hospital in Hanoi, Vietnam

Author : Pham Thi Thu Huong, Nguyen Thi Lam, Nghiem Nguyet Thu, Tran Chau Quyen, Dinh Thi Kim Lien, Nguyen Quoc Anh, Elizabeth G Henry, Lauren Oliver, Caroline M Apovian, Thomas R Ziegler, Carine Lenders
Keyword : BMI, children, hospital malnutrition, nutrition assessment, Vietnam

Growth and anaemia among infants and young children for two years after the Wenchuan Earthquake

Author : Caixia Dong, Pengfei Ge, Xiaolan Ren, Xianfeng Zhao, Jie Wang, Haoqiang Fan, Shi-an Yin
Keyword : emergency, infants and young children, malnutrition, anaemia, earthquake

Chinese mothers’ perceptions of their child’s weight and obesity status

Author : Shu Chen, Colin W Binns, Bruce Maycock, Yun Zhao, Yi Liu
Keyword : children, overweight, obesity, parental perceptions, Chinese

Effects of a summer program for weight management in obese children and adolescents in Shanghai

Author : Qingya Tang, Huijuan Ruan, Yexuan Tao, Xiaofei Zheng, Xiuhua Shen, Wei Cai
Keyword : weight losing summer program, obese of children and adolescents, body composition, resting energy expenditure, biochemical metabolism

Estimation of intakes of copper, zinc, and manganese in Japanese adults using 16-day semi-weighed diet records

Author : Mai Yamada, Keiko Asakura, Satoshi Sasaki, Naoko Hirota, Akiko Notsu, Hidemi Todoriki, Ayako Miura, Mitsuru Fukui, Chigusa Date
Keyword : copper, zinc, manganese, dietary intake, Japanese population

Utility of a web-based weight loss program with auto-extraction of behavioural objectives and recording of daily weight and steps in pre-obese outpatients

Author : Yoshinari Matsumoto, Sawako Yoshiuchi, Takumi Miyauchi, Humikazu Hayashi, Daiki Habu, Yutaka Kimura
Keyword : web-based, weight loss, weight loss program, visceral fat area, obese

Exclusive breastfeeding for six months: the WHO six months recommendation in the Asia Pacific Region

Author : Colin William Binns, Mi Kyung Lee
Keyword : exclusive, breastfeeding, infancy, morbidity, mortality, dietary advice

Iodine status of Taiwanese children before the change in national salt iodization policy: a retrospective study of the nutrition and health survey in Taiwan 2001-2002

Author : Kam-Tsun Tang, Wen-Harn Pan, Fan-Fen Wang, Jiunn-Diann Lin, Ging-Shing Won, Wing-Keung Chau, Hong-Da Lin, Yao-Te Hsieh
Keyword : thyroid gland, iodine, iodized salt, nutrition surveys, Taiwan

Association of roasting meat intake with the risk of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma of Kazakh Chinese via affecting promoter methylation of p16 gene

Author : Weigang Chen, Chunmei Yang, Lan Yang, Cuihua Qi, Shuxin Tian, Yusheng Han, Yuqin Dou, Yungui Ma, Dean Tian, Yong Zheng
Keyword : esophageal squamous cell carcinoma, p16 promoter methylation, Kazakh Chinese, MassARRAY, roasting meat

An improved method of nasojejunal feeding tube placement for patients requiring endoscopic nasobiliary drainage

Author : Xin-Hong Wang, Zhi-Wu Lv, Bo Qu, Hui Xing, Bing Du, Cheng-Qian Lv
Keyword : nasojejunal feeding tube placement, endoscopy, endoscopic nasobiliary drainage, an improved method, nutrition

Effect of L-arginine on immune function: a meta-analysis

Author : Kai Kang, Xiao-liang Shu, Jing-xia Zhong, Ting-ting Yu, Tao Lei
Keyword : L-arginine, nitric oxide, immune, cytokines, meta-analysis

The influence of Mediterranean, carbohydrate and high protein diets on gut microbiota composition in the treatment of obesity and associated inflammatory state

Author : Patricia Lopez-Legarrea, Nicholas Robert Fuller, María Angeles Zulet, Jose Alfredo Martinez, Ian Douglas Caterson
Keyword : obesity, nutrition, gut microbiota, dietary strategies, inflammation

Effectiveness of traditional Malaysian vegetables (ulam) in modulating blood glucose levels

Author : Mohd Faez Bachok, Barakatun-Nisak Mohd Yusof, Amin Ismail, Azizah Abdul Hamid
Keyword : medicinal plants, complementary therapy, diabetes mellitus, blood glucose, clinical trial

BRAC’s experience in scaling-up MNP in Bangladesh

Author : Kaosar Afsana, Mohammad Raisul Haque, Shafinaz Sobhan, Shaima Arjuman Shahin
Keyword : infant and young child feeding, micronutrient powder, micronutrient malnutrition, home fortification, BRAC

Migrant Asian Indians in New Zealand; prediction of metabolic syndrome using body weights and measures

Author : Ljiljana M Jowitt, Louise Weiwei Lu, Elaine C Rush
Keyword : Asian Indians, New Zealand, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes mellitus, waist-to-height ratio

Performance of nutritional screening tools in predicting poor six-month outcome in hospitalised older patients

Author : Elsa Dent, Ian M Chapman, Cynthia Piantadosi, Renuka Visvanathan
Keyword : nutritional status, hospitalisation, aged, malnutrition, epidemiology

Intra-operative administration of low-dose IV glucose attenuates post-operative insulin resistance

Author : Hiroko Fujino, Shoko Itoda, Kanako Esaki, Masanori Tsukamoto, Saori Sako, Kazuki Matsuo, Eiji Sakamoto, Kunio Suwa, Takeshi Yokoyama
Keyword : insulin resistance, glucose clamp, artificial pancreas, ketogenesis, 3-methylhistidine
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