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Poverty and the state of nutrition in India

Author : Kiruba S Varadharajan, Tinku Thomas, Anura V Kurpad
Keyword : poverty, food security, undernutrition, India, agriculture

Overweight among primary school-age children in Malaysia

Author : Balkish Mahadir Naidu, Siti Zuraidah Mahmud, Rashidah Ambak, Syafinaz Mohd Sallehuddin, Hatta Abdul Mutalip, Riyanti Saari, Norhafizah Sahril, Hamizatul Akmal Abdul Hamid
Keyword : National Health and Morbidity Survey III, school children, overweight, Malaysia, IOTF

Overweight and obesity among internal migrants in India

Author : Kiruba Sankar Varadharajan, Tinku Thomas, Divya Rajaraman, Anura V Kurpad, Mario Vaz
Keyword : internal migrants, overweight, obesity, India, NFHS 3

Nutritional status and body composition are already affected before oncology treatment in ovarian cancer

Author : Vanessa Fuchs-Tarlovsky, Karolina Alvarez-Altamirano, Deborah Turquie-Sacal, Carolina Alvarez-Flores, Hellen Hernandez-Steller
Keyword : ovarian Cancer, nutritional status, body composition, nutritional assessment, bioelectrical impedance anal- ysis

The trans fatty acid content in human milk and its association with maternal diet among lactating mothers in Malaysia

Author : Akmar Zuraini Daud, Norhaizan Mohd-Esa, Azrina Azlan, Yoke Mun Chan
Keyword : human milk, TFA, elaidic acid, vaccenic acid, linoelaidic acid

Determinants of breastfeeding at discharge in rural China

Author : Li Tang, Colin W Binns, Chunming Luo, Zhiqing Zhong, Andy H Lee
Keyword : breastfeeding, China, hospital support, paternal attitude, discharge

Seasonal variation in the nutritional status of children aged 6 to 60 months in a resettlement village in West Timor

Author : Jacqueline Miller, Brett Ritchie, Cuong Tran, Sean Beggs, Christina Olly Lada, Kathryn Whetter, Lynne Cobiac
Keyword : anthropometry, child, preschool, growth, malnutrition, micronutrients

Relationship of dietary factors and habits with sleep-wake regularity

Author : Miwa Yamaguchi, Hirokazu Uemura, Sakurako Katsuura-Kamano, Mariko Nakamoto, Mineyoshi Hiyoshi, Hidenobu Takami, Fusakazu Sawachika, Tomoya Juta, Kokichi Arisawa
Keyword : sleep-wake regularity, dietary factor, macronutrient, staple foods, cross-sectional study

Trend in gender disparities of BMI and height between 2004 and 2011 among adolescents aged 17-18 years in Changzhou China

Author : Wenying Chen, Zumin Shi
Keyword : Chinese, adolescent, overweight, trend

Impact of energy intake on the survival rate of patients with severely ill stroke

Author : Maki Wakita, Akatsuki Wakayama, Yuko Omori, Satomi Ichimaru, Teruyoshi Amagai
Keyword : stroke, outcome, energy intake, glasgow coma scale, neurosurgical care unit

Dietary intakes consistent with the DASH dietary pattern reduce blood pressure increase with age and risk for stroke in a Chinese population

Author : Pao-Hwa Lin, Wen-Ting Yeh, Laura P Svetkey, Shao-Yuan Chuang, Yuan-Chin Chang, Christine Wang, Wen-Harn Pan
Keyword : dietary pattern, diet, blood pressure, hypertension, stroke

Iron status of the Pakistani population-current issues and strategies

Author : Saeed Akhtar, Anwaar Ahmed, Asif Ahmad, Zulfiqar Ali, Muhammad Riaz, Tariq Ismail
Keyword : malnutrition, iron deficiency, iron deficiency anemia, Pakistan

Clinical decision-making for vitamin K-1 and K-2 deficiency and coronary artery calcification with warfarin therapy: are diet, factor Xa inhibitors or both the answer?

Author : Mark L Wahlqvist, Kiyoshi Tanaka, Bing-Hsiean Tzeng
Keyword : vitamin K deficiency syndromes, coronary artery calcification, warfarin therapy, cheese and natto, apixa- ban

Micronutrient deficiencies in obese Thai children

Author : Narumon Densupsoontorn, Pipop Jirapinyo, Channagan Kangwanpornsiri
Keyword : ascorbic acid, hepcidin, iron deficiency anemia, obese children, Thiamin deficiency

Tokyo Declaration: Food, Mind and Body APCCN 2013

Author : Shaw Watanabe, Mark L Wahlqvist, Duo Li for the Asia Pacific Clinical Nutrition Society (APCNS)
Keyword :

Relationship between anthropometric and dual energy X-ray absorptiometry measures to assess total and regional adiposity in Malaysian adolescents

Author : Leng Huat Foo, Pey Sze Teo, Nurul Fadhilah Abdullah, Mohd Ezane Aziz, Andrew P Hills
Keyword : anthropometric measures, body fatness, dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry, ethnicity, adolescents

Effect of soy isoflavone supplementation on vascular endothelial function and oxidative stress in postmenopausal women: a community randomized controlled trial

Author : Pusparini, Rahayuningsih Dharma, Fransiscus D Suyatna, Muchtaruddin Mansyur, Adi Hidajat
Keyword : soy isoflavone, supplementation, vascular endothelial function, oxidative stress, postmenopausal

Effect of Korean red ginseng on insulin sensitivity in non-diabetic healthy overweight and obese adults

Author : Young Hye Cho, Soon Cheol Ahn, Sang Yeoup Lee,Dong Wook Jeong, Eun Jung Choi, Yun Jin Kim, Jeong Gyu Lee, Yu-Hyun Lee, Byung-Cheul Shin
Keyword : ginseng, overweight, obesity, insulin sensitivity

Effect of variety and cooking method on resistant starch content of white rice and subsequent postprandial glucose response and appetite in humans

Author : Yu-Ting Chiu, Maria L Stewart
Keyword : resistant starch, rice, glycemic index, appetite, satiety

Acute effects of oral preloads with increasing energy density on gastric emptying, gut hormone release, thermogenesis and energy intake, in overweight and obese men

Author : Natalie D Luscombe-Marsh, Radhika V Seimon, Erin Bollmeyer, Judith M Wishart, Gary A Wittert, Michael Horowitz, Max Bellon, Christine Feinle-Bisset
Keyword : gut function, body weight regulation, high-fat diet, high-protein diet, humans

Effects of sun exposure on 25(OH) vitamin D concentration in urban and rural women in Malaysia

Author : Musa Nurbazlin, Winnie Siew Swee Chee, Pendek Rokiah, Alexander Tong Boon Tan, Yee Yean Chew, Abd Rahman Siti Nusaibah, Siew Pheng Chan
Keyword : 25(OH)D, sun exposure, body surface area, rural and urban women, Malaysia

Serum ferritin and risk of the metabolic syndrome: a population-based study

Author : Jung-Su Chang, Shiue-Ming Lin, Tzu-chieh Huang, Jane C-J Chao, Yi-Chun Chen, Wen-Harn Pan, Chyi-Huey Bai
Keyword : metabolic syndrome, serum ferritin, National Nutrition and Health Survey in Taiwan, dietary iron intake, obesity
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