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Effects of vitamin A, vitamin A plus zinc, and multiple micronutrients on anemia in preschool children in Chongqing, China

Author : Li Chen, Yong-Fang Liu, Min Gong, Wei Jiang, Zhen Fan, Ping Qu, Jie Chen, You-Xue Liu, Ting-Yu Li
Keyword : anemia, vitamin A, zinc, multiple-micronutrient, supplementation

Associations of the pre-pregnancy body mass index and gestational weight gain with pregnancy outcomes in Taiwanese women

Author : I-Hsien Tsai, Chih-Ping Chen, Fang-Ju Sun, Chia-Hsun Wu, Sung-Ling Yeh
Keyword : body mass index (BMI), pre-pregnancy weight, gestational weight gain (GWG), pregnancy outcomes, low birth weight

Continuous metabolic syndrome risk score for predicting cardiovascular disease in the Chinese population

Author : Guo-Dong Kang, Lu Guo, Zhi-Rong Guo, Xiao-Shu Hu, Ming Wu, Hai-Tao Yang
Keyword : the metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, risk factors, prospective study, receiver operating char- acteristic curve

Validity and reproducibility of a food frequency questionnaire (FFQ) for dietary assessment in Malay adolescents in Malaysia

Author : Abdullah Nurul-Fadhilah, Pey Sze Teo, Leng Huat Foo
Keyword : Food frequency questionnaire (FFQ), 24-hours dietary recall, validity, reproducibility, adolescents

Symposium on nutrition and cognition: towards research and application for different life stages

Author : David Benton, Pattanee Winichagoon, Tze Pin Ng, E Siong Tee, Mia Isabelle
Keyword : aging, brain development, cognition, cognitive decline, nutrition

Overview of nutrition education program for national health promotion in Asian countries: current situation and future direction

Author : Shinkan Tokudome, Shigeru Yamamoto
Keyword :

Present status and issues of school nutrition programs in Korea

Author : Jihyun Yoon, Sooyoun Kwon, Jae Eun Shim
Keyword : school nutrition, school lunch, school meals, nutrition education, nutrition teacher

The practices and needs of dietitian in school lunch program in Taiwan

Author : Yueching Wong, Yu-Jhen Chang
Keyword : dietitian, school-age children, school lunch program, nutritional education, Taiwan

School meal program in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam: reality and future plan

Author : Duc Son Nguyen Trung Le
Keyword : School meal program, school kitchen, elementary school, dietary intake, Vietnamese children

Nurturing healthy dietary habits among children and youth in Singapore

Author : Letty Kwok Chong Shiu, Wong Mun Loke, K Vijaya, Nimrta Kaur Sandhu
Keyword : health, diet, children, youth, health promotion

School Lunch Program in India: background, objectives and components

Author : Alka Mohan Chutani
Keyword : Mid Day Meal Scheme, malnutrition, education, India, literacy

Glycemic and oxidative status of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus following oral administration of alpha- lipoic acid: a randomized double-blinded placebo- controlled study

Author : Supatra Porasuphatana, Suthi Suddee, Atinuch Nartnampong, Julraht Konsil, Busakorn Harnwong, Adichai Santaweesuk
Keyword : alpha-lipoic acid (ALA), diabetes, PGF2α-Isoprostanes (F2α-IsoP), 8-Hydroxy-2’-deoxyguanosine (8- OHdG), oxidative stress

School lunch program for health promotion among children in Japan

Author : Nobuko Tanaka, Miki Miyoshi
Keyword : school lunch program, The School Lunch Act, Shokuiku, Diet and Nutrition Teacher, Japan

School-based “Shokuiku” program in Japan: application to nutrition education in Asian countries

Author : Miki Miyoshi, Nobuyo Tsuboyama-Kasaoka, Nobuo Nishi
Keyword : Shokuiku, food and nutrition education, dietitian, registered dietitian, Japan

Asia Pacific Clinical Nutrition Society Award for 2012 Professor Colin Binns

Author : John Curtin Distinguished Professor
Keyword :

The Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition: its philosophy and a brief history

Author : Mark L Wahlqvist
Keyword :

Behavioral change during weight loss program and one- year follow-up: Saku Control Obesity Program (SCOP) in Japan

Author : Makiko Nakade, Naomi Aiba, Naomi Suda, Akemi Morita, Motohiko Miyachi, Satoshi Sasaki, Shaw Watanabe for SCOP group
Keyword : behavior therapy, body weight changes, randomized controlled trial, follow-up studies, diet

Rice intake, weight change and risk of the metabolic syndrome development among Chinese adults: the Jiangsu Nutrition Study (JIN)

Author : Zumin Shi, Anne W Taylor, Gang Hu, Tiffany Gill, Gary A Wittert
Keyword : rice intake, weight change, the metabolic syndrome, Chinese, cohort study

Decline in anthropometric evaluation predicts a poor prognosis in geriatric patients

Author : Rie Tsutsumi, Yasuo M. Tsutsumi, Yousuke T. Horikawa, Yozo Takehisa, Toshio Hosaka, Nagakatsu Harada, Tohru Sakai, Yutaka Nakaya
Keyword : anthropometric measurements, geriatrics, serum albumin, mortality, decubitus ulcer

Low aglycone content in commercial soy drink products

Author : Huong TT Nguyen, Mo Pourian, Birgitta Byström, Ingrid Dahlin, Pham TM Duc, Tuan V Nguyen, Bo von Schoultz, Angelica L Hirschberg
Keyword : isoflavones, HPLC, soy drink, osteoporosis, Vietnam

Preferences of healthy and unhealthy foods among 3 to 4 year old children in Mexico

Author : Cynthia De Lira-García, Montserrat Bacardí-Gascón, Arturo Jiménez-Cruz
Keyword : food preferences, preschool children, over-weight, obesity, Mexico

Interactive effects of family socioeconomic status and body mass index on depression in school-aged children

Author : Fu-Gong Lin, Yu-hsin Hsieh, Ho-Jui Tung
Keyword : depression, socioeconomic status, body mass index, interaction, elementary school

Risk of asthma associated with energy-dense but nutrient-poor dietary pattern in Taiwanese children

Author : Shu-Chen Lee, Yao-Hsu Yang, Shao-Yuan Chuang, Shaw-Chen Liu, Hsin-Chou Yang, Wen-Harn Pan
Keyword : asthma, children, dietary pattern, risk factors, reduced rank regression
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