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Body mass composition: a predictor of admission outcomes among hospitalized Nigerian under 5 children

Author : Felix Olukayode Akinbami, Tal-Hatu Kolapo Hamzat, Adebola Emmanuel Orimadegun, Olukemi Tongo, Lukman Oyeyemi, Olubukola Okafor, Olusegun Olusina Akinyinka
Keyword : anthropometry, body mass, malnutrition, death, children

Behavioral control is an important predictor of soy intake in adults in the USA concerned about diabetes

Author : Suyun Li, Shirley Camp, Jananne Finck, Martha Winter, Karen Chapman-Novakofski
Keyword : soy, theory of planned behavior, taste, health, diabetes

Changes in body mass index among Tongan adults in urban and rural areas between the 1970s and 2000s

Author : Nobuko Murayama, Taeko Yamamoto, Midori Ishikawa, Taniela Palu, Miyuki Adachi
Keyword : Tonga, body mass index, urban, rural, trend

Breakfast skipping as a risk correlate of overweight and obesity in school-going ethnic Fijian adolescent girls

Author : Jonas J Thompson-McCormick, Jennifer J Thomas, Asenaca Bainivualiku, A Nisha Khan, Anne E Becker
Keyword : Asia Pac J Clin Nutr 2010;19 (3):372-382

The association of carbohydrate intake, glycemic load, glycemic index, and selected rice foods with breast cancer risk: a case-control study in South Korea

Author : Sung Ha Yun, Kirang Kim, Seok Jin Nam, Gu Kong, Mi Kyung Kim
Keyword : carbohydrate, glycemic load, glycemic index, rice, breast cancer

Comparison of plasma and intake levels of antioxidant nutrients in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and healthy people in Taiwan: a case-control study

Author : Yi-Chin Lin, Tzu-Chin Wu, Pei-Ying Chen, Li-Yun Hsieh, Shu-Lan Yeh
Keyword : COPD, antioxidants, Taiwan, fruit, vegetable

A recycling index for food and health security: urban Taipei

Author : Susana Tzy-Ying Huang
Keyword : food system recycling index (FRI), food security, econutrition, food waste, recyclability

Secular trends in growth and nutritional status of Vietnamese adults in rural Red river delta after 30 years (1976-2006)

Author : Nguyen Cong Khan, Ha Huy Tue, Le Bach Mai, Le Gia Vinh, Ha Huy Khoi
Keyword : BMI, growth, dietary intakes, adults, Vietnam

Contribution of selected wild and cultivated leafy vegetables from South India to lutein and β-carotene intake

Author : Julie Bélanger, Mungara Balakrishna, Putta Latha, Shoba Katumalla, Timothy Johns
Keyword : lutein, β-carotene, India, wild vegetables, cataract

Relationships between body size and percent body fat among Melanesians in Vanuatu

Author : Kelsey Needham Dancause, Miguel Vilar, Christa DeHuff, Michelle Wilson, Laura E Soloway, Chim Chan, J Koji Lum, Ralph M Garruto
Keyword : obesity, body weights and measures, body mass index (BMI), adiposity, chronic disease

Intake of dairy products and bone ultrasound measurement in late adolescents: a nationwide cross- sectional study in Japan

Author : Kazuhiro Uenishi, Kazutoshi Nakamura
Keyword : adolescent, bone density, calcium, dairy products, quantitative ultrasound measurement

Neonatal hypernatremia and dehydration in infants receiving inadequate breastfeeding

Author : Hassan Boskabadi, Gholamali Maamouri, Mansour Ebrahimi, Majid Ghayour-Mobarhan, Habib Esmaeily, Amirhossein Sahebkar, Gordon AA Ferns
Keyword : hypernatremia, dehydration, neonates, risk factor, breastfeeding

Nutritional screening in community-dwelling older adults: a systematic literature review

Author : Megan B Phillips, Amanda L Foley, Robert Barnard, Elisabeth A Isenring, Michelle D Miller
Keyword : malnutrition, under-nutrition, screening tools, validity, reliability

Book Review Vegetarian Nutrition (Vegetarische Ernährung)

Author : By Claus Leitzmann and Markus Keller Published by Eugen Ulmer Verlag, Stutt- gart, German 2010
Keyword :

Effect of extrusion cooking and amylase addition to gruels to increase energy density and nutrient intakes by Vietnamese infants

Author : Nguyen Van Hoan, Claire Mouquet-Rivier, Sabrina Eymard-Duvernay, Serge Treche
Keyword : instant flour, ready-to-cook flour, α-amylase, energy density, energy intake

Infant and toddlers’ feeding practices and obesity amongst low-income families in Mexico

Author : Arturo Jimenez-Cruz, Montserrat Bacardi-Gascon, Alexandra Pichardo-Osuna, Zally Mandujano-Trujillo, Octelina Castillo-Ruiz
Keyword : infant obesity, feeding practices, breastfeeding, weaning, migration

A study of calcium intake and sources of calcium in adolescent boys and girls from two socioeconomic strata, in Pune, India

Author : Neha J Sanwalka, Anuradha V Khadilkar, M Zulf Mughal, Mehmood G Sayyad, Vaman V Khadilkar, Shilpa C Shirole, Uma P Divate, Dhanshari R Bhandari
Keyword : calcium, adolescent, sources, FFQ, Indian

Towards the discovery of novel phytochemicals for disease prevention from native Australian plants: an ethnobotanical approach

Author : Aaron C Tan, Izabela Konczak, Daniel M-Y Sze, Iqbal Ramzan
Keyword : chronic disease, drug discovery, functional foods, oceanic ancestry group, traditional medicine

Vitamin B12 and folic acid supplementation and plasma total homocysteine concentrations in pregnant Indian women with low B12 and high folate status

Author : Prachi Katre, Dattatray Bhat, Himangi Lubree, Suhas Otiv, Suyog Joshi, Charudatta Joglekar, Elaine Rush, Chittaranjan Yajnik
Keyword : vitamin B12, folate, homocysteine, pregnancy, Indian

Amino acid composition of lactating mothers’ milk and confinement diet in rural North China

Author : Ming Ding, Wei Li, Yumei Zhang, Xiaoli Wang, Ai Zhao, Xiaohui Zhao, Peiyu Wang, Qing Hai Sheng
Keyword : amino acids, human milk, confinement diet, Chinese mothers, rural north China

Validity and reliability of skinfold measurement in assessing body fatness of Chinese children

Author : Daniel Chi-shing Yeung and Stanley Sai-chuen Hui
Keyword : childhood obesity, body composition, pediatric measurement, overweight, growth and develop- ment
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