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Securing health through food systems: an initiative of the nutrition consortium of the National Health Research Institutes in Taiwan and Asia Pacific regional partners as a network

Author : Mark L Wahlqvist and Ken N Kuo
Keyword : food crisis, NRD (Nutritionally-Related Disorder and Disease), energy, water, fertiliser, natural and anthropogenic disaster

Marine biodiversity and fishery sustainability

Author : Kwang-Tsao Shao
Keyword : marine conservation, marine fisheries, Taiwan, seafood, sustainability

Food safety and food labeling from the viewpoint of the consumers

Author : Shaw Watanabe, Melissa Melby, Naomi Aiba
Keyword : food safety, food for specified use (FOSHU), functional nutriology, functional food factor (FFF), food labelling

Waste management to improve food safety and security for health advancement

Author : Angela Yu-Chen Lin, Susana Tzy-Ying Huang, Mark L Wahlqvist
Keyword : food waste, human health, environmental contamination, food safety, waste management

New technology for food systems and security

Author : NJ Newton Yau
Keyword : technology trade, innovative technology, technology appraisal, food technologies, food safety

Threats from farm animals to food and human security

Author : Bao-Ji Chen, Chung-Ping Ho and Nai-Yun Huang
Keyword : food security, government organization, traceability, GAP, import control

Fish and its multiple human health effects in times of threat to sustainability and affordability: are there alternatives?

Author : Duo Li and Xiaojie Hu
Keyword : aquatic products, aquaculture, fishing moratorium, sustainability, contaminant

Aquaculture and food crisis: opportunities and constraints

Author : I Chiu Liao and Nai-Hsien Chao
Keyword : aquaculture, Asia-Pacific region, food crisis, opportunities, constraints

The value of Asian - Africa collaboration in food and health security

Author : Michael B Krawinkel
Keyword : nutrition security, primary health care, caloric overnutrition, natural biodiversity

Food security in the Asia-Pacific: Malthus, limits and environmental challenges

Author : Colin D Butler
Keyword : global food security, Malthus, FAO, CAFOs, limits to growth

The demography of food in health security: current experience with dairy consumption in Taiwan

Author : Meei-Shyuan Lee, Lin-Yuan Huang, Mei-Chun Chen, Mark L Wahlqvist
Keyword : dairy, demographics, dietary quality, health, NAHSITs

Why food in health security (FIHS)?

Author : Mark L Wahlqvist
Keyword : human security, CCH-FBS, FBDGs, MDGs, Asia Pacific Region, epigenetics

Food security in the Asia-Pacific: climate change, phosphorus, ozone and other environmental challenges

Author : Colin D Butler
Keyword : climate change, food security, phosphorus, peak oil, sustainability transition

Health and nutrition economics: diet costs are associated with diet quality

Author : Yuan-Ting Lo, Yu-Hung Chang, Meei-Shyuan Lee, Mark L Wahlqvist
Keyword : food prices, food choices, diet costs, nutritional economics, food security

Imputed food insecurity as a predictor of disease and mental health in Taiwanese elementary school children

Author : Likwang Chen, Mark L Wahlqvist, Nai-Chi Teng, Hsin-Ming Lu
Keyword : food insecurity, disease, mental health, health expenditure, children

Equity, food security and health equity in the Asia Pacific region

Author : Sharon Friel and Phillip I Baker
Keyword : health inequity, social determinants, food security

Improved food availability for food security in Asia-Pacific region

Author : Ray-Yu Yang and Peter M Hanson
Keyword : food-based nutrition, food system, food security framework, sustainable agriculture, malnutrition

Information system equality for food security- implementation of the food safety control system in Taiwan

Author : Shaun C Chen, Guoo-Shyng Wang Hsu and Chihwei P Chiu
Keyword : food security, food safety, foodborne illness, good hygienic practice (GHP), HACCP

Gender-specific roles and needs in food-health security

Author : Wen-Harn Pan, Yao-Te Hsieh, Mark L Wahlqvist
Keyword : gender, inequality, food, health, security

Ethical management of food systems: plant based diet as a holistic approach

Author : Tina HT Chiu, Chin-Lon Lin
Keyword : vegetarian diet, ethics, food supply, ecosystem, meat

Food and health considerations in Asia-Pacific regional security

Author : John McKay
Keyword : Asia-Pacific security, food security, development in Asia-Pacific, regional resilience, food prices

The global food crisis: an Australian dairy industry perspective

Author : Greg Walsh
Keyword : food, dairy, farming, drought, Australia

Food in health security in North East Asia

Author : Hyun-Kyung Moon
Keyword : food security, health security, North East Asia

Human security in the Asia Pacific: perspective of food and health security

Author : Fu-Kuo Liu
Keyword : human security, food security, health security, climate change, food supply

Climate change and food security in East Asia

Author : Yi-Yuan Su, Yi-Hao Weng and Ya-Wen Chiu
Keyword : climate change, food security, adaptation, East Asia, UNFCCC

The nature of international health security

Author : Ya-Wen Chiu, Yi-Hao Weng, Yi-Yuan Su, Ching-Yi Huang, Ya-Chen Chang and Ken N Kuo
Keyword : security, health security, globalization, emerging disease, infectious disease

Food security and population health and well being*

Author : Dov Jaron and Osman Galal
Keyword : diet, food supply, food insecurity, health, well being

A Food in Health Security (FIHS) platform in the Asia- Pacific Region: the way forward

Author : Mark L Wahlqvist, John Donough H Keatinge, Colin D Butler, Sharon Friel, John McKay, Warwick Easdown, Ken N Kuo, Ching-jang Huang, Wen-Harn Pan, Ray-Yu Yang, Meei-Shyuan Lee, Hsing-Yi Chang, Ya-Wen Chiu, Dov Jaron, Michael Krawinkel, Snow Barlow, Greg Walsh, Tung-liang Chiang, Po-Chao Huang and Duo Li together with FIHS Roundtable Participants*
Keyword : human security, planetary health, agriculture, social determinants, ethics, systems, network

Land Reform in Developing Countries: Property rights and Property wrongs

Author : Michael Lipton
Keyword :

Food in health security in South East Asia

Author : Food in health security in South East Asia
Keyword : Southeast Asia, food insecurity, undernourishment, health, economic crisis

Sustainable agricultural practices: energy inputs and outputs, pesticide, fertilizer and greenhouse gas management

Author : Yue-Wen Wang
Keyword : fossil fuels, solar energy, biofuels, climate change, sustainable

Water and its role in food and health security – the importance of water to food production

Author : Åsa K Wahlquist
Keyword : water, food, drought, irrigation, climate change

Food crisis in the Asia-Pacific region

Author : Katinka M Weinberger, Warwick J Easdown, Ray-yu Yang, John Donough H Keatinge
Keyword : food prices, malnutrition, research investment, food systems, Asia-Pacific

Soil science in the understanding of the security of food systems for health

Author : Yong-Guan Zhu
Keyword : biodiversity, contamination, food security, nutrition, soil quality

Crops and food security- experiences and perspectives from Taiwan

Author : Chen-Te Huang, Tzu-Yu Richard Fu, Su-San Chang
Keyword : crop production, food security, food system, self-sufficiency ratio, food policy
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