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Could dietary seaweed reverse the metabolic syndrome?

Author : Jane Teas, Manuel E Baldeón, David E Chiriboga, Jennifer R Davis, Alejandro J Sarriés, Lewis E Braverman
Keyword : seaweed, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, waist circumference, iodine, clinical trial

Correlation of anthropometric indices with common cardiovascular risk factors in an urban adult population of Iran: data from Zanjan Healthy Heart Study

Author : Ali Awsat Mellati, Seyed Nouraddin Mousavinasab, Sepide Sokhanvar, Seyed Ali Naghi Kazemi, Mohammad Hossain Esmailli, Hossain Dinmohamadi
Keyword : WHtR, anthropometric indices, cardiovascular risk factors, obesity, ROC analysis

Prevalence and risk factors with overweight and obesity among Vietnamese adults: Caucasian and Asian cut-offs

Author : Oanh TH Trinh, Nguyen D Nguyen, Philayrath Phongsavan, Michael J Dibley, Adrian E Bauman
Keyword : Asians, adults, risk factors, developing countries, obesity

Prevalence of underweight, overweight and obesity in urban Hanoi, Vietnam

Author : Helen L Walls, Anna Peeters, Pham Thai Son, Nguyen Ngoc Quang, Nguyen Thi Thu Hoai, Do Doan Loi, Nguyen Lan Viet, Pham Gia Khai, Christopher M Reid
Keyword : underweight, overweight, obesity, BMI, Vietnam

Validity and reproducibility of a food frequency questionnaire among Chinese women in Guangdong province

Author : Cai-Xia Zhang and Suzanne C Ho
Keyword : food frequency questionnaire, reproducibility, validity, women, China

Validation of prediction equations for estimating resting energy expenditure in obese Chinese children

Author : Dorothy FY Chan FHKAM1, Albert M Li FHKAM1, Michael HM Chan FRCPA2, Hung Kwan So, Iris HS Chan, Jane AT Yin, Christopher WK Lam, Tai Fai Fok, Edmund AS Nelson
Keyword : obese, children, body fat distribution, resting energy expenditure, insulin resistance

Adults’ perceptions of being overweight or obese: a focus group study

Author : Ching Thon Chang, Kam Hock Chang and Whye Lian Cheah
Keyword : overweight and obese natives, rural community, purposive sample, focus groups, Malaysia

Body composition and nutrient intake of Buddhist vegetarians

Author : Yujin Lee, Michael Krawinkel
Keyword : vegetarian, duration of vegetarianism, body fat, BMI, nutrient intake

Predictability and implications of anthropometric indices for metabolic abnormalities in children: nutrition and health survey in Taiwan elementary children, 2001-2002

Author : Shao-Yuan Chuang and Wen-Harn Pan
Keyword : anthropometric index, children, the metabolic syndrome, waist circumference, body mass in- dex

Metabolically obese but normal weight (MONW) and metabolically healthy but obese (MHO) phenotypes in Koreans: characteristics and health behaviors

Author : Kayoung Lee
Keyword : metabolically obese but normal-weight, metabolically healthy but obese phenotype, prevalence, health behaviors, Korean

Dietary patterns and the metabolic syndrome in middle aged women, Babol, Iran

Author : Mouloud Agajani Delavar, Munn-Sann Lye, Geok Lin Khor, Syed Tajuddin B Syed Hassan and Parichehr Hanachi
Keyword : dietary patterns, metabolic syndrome, FFQ, women’s health, Iran

Role of enteral nutrition in adult short bowel syndrome undergoing intestinal rehabilitation: the long-term outcome

Author : Jian-feng Gong, Wei-ming Zhu, Wen-kui Yu, Ning Li, Jie-shou Li
Keyword : short bowel syndrome, enteral nutrition, human growth hormone, nutrition assessment, follow- up studies

Factor analysis of the metabolic syndrome components in urban Asian Indian adolescents

Author : Naval K Vikram, Ravindra M Pandey, Anoop Misra, Kashish Goel, Nidhi Gupta
Keyword : factor analysis, metabolic syndrome, hyperinsulinemia, adolescents, Asian Indians

Fat Economics: Nutrition, Health and Economic Policy

Author : Mario Mazzocchi, W Bruce Traill and Jason F Shogren
Keyword :

Volume, frequency and participation in plain drinking water consumption by third and fourth-grade schoolchildren in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

Author : Raquel Campos, Gabriela Montenegro-Bethancourt, Marieke Vossenaar, Colleen M Doak, Noel W Solomons
Keyword : drinking water, beverage choice, schoolchildren, 24-h food record, Guatemala

Levels of insulin-like growth factors and their receptors in placenta in relation to macrosomia

Author : Hua Jiang, Pengcheng Xun, Guanghua Luo, Qiuwei Wang, Yunqing Cai, Yaying Zhang, Bin Yu
Keyword : macrosomia, placenta, insulin-like growth factor, receptor, case-control study

The effects of phytosterols/stanols on blood lipid profiles: a systematic review with meta-analysis

Author : Ting Wu, Jia Fu, Yuexin Yang, Lishi Zhang, Junhua Han
Keyword : phytosterol, plant stanol ester, lipids, system review, meta-analysis

Evaluation of fatty acid content of some Iranian fast foods with emphasis on trans fatty acids

Author : Seddigheh Asgary, Bahar Nazari, Nizal Sarrafzadegan, Sahar Parkhideh, Salbali Saberi, Ahmad Esmaillzadeh, Leila Azadbakht
Keyword : trans fatty acids, saturated fatty acid, cis unsaturated fatty acid, fast food, gas chromatography

Dietary intake of zinc in the population of Jiangsu Province, China

Author : Yu Qin, Alida Melse-Boonstra, Zumin Shi, Xiaoqun Pan, Baojun Yuan, Yue Dai, Jinkou Zhao, Michael B Zimmermann, Frans J Kok, Minghao Zhou
Keyword : zinc, minerals, dietary intake, Jiangsu Province, China

The female athlete triad among elite Malaysian athletes: prevalence and associated factors

Author : Ye Vian Quah, Bee Koon Poh, Lai Oon Ng and Mohd Ismail Noor
Keyword : female athlete triad, eating disorders, menstrual irregularity, bone quality, osteoporosis

Optimal cut-off levels to define obesity: body mass index and waist circumference, and their relationship to cardiovascular disease, dyslipidaemia, hypertension and diabetes in Malaysia

Author : Zaki Morad Mohd Zaher, Robayaah Zambari, Chan Siew Pheng, Vadivale Muruga, Bernard Ng, Geeta Appannah, Lim Teck Onn
Keyword : abdominal obesity, body mass index, waist circumference, cardiovascular, Asia
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