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Alcohol consumption and risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus in Japanese: a systematic review

Author : Nobuko Seike, Mitsuhiko Noda, Takashi Kadowaki
Keyword : diabetes mellitus, alcohol, Japanese, body mass index

Regional clustering of anthropometric dimensions of primary school children in rural and suburban Vietnam

Author : Antoon van Lierop, Nguyen V Nam, Colleen Doak, Le Q Hung, Tran Q Binh, Joost Hoekstra, Peter J de Vries
Keyword : Anthropometry, Child, Obesity, Body Mass Index, Vietnam

Efficacy of modified WHO feeding protocol for management of severe malnutrition in children: a pilot study from a teaching hospital in New Delhi, India

Author : Ankit Parakh, Anand Prakash Dubey, Naveen Gahlot, K Rajeshwari
Keyword : Severe malnutrition, WHO guidelines, IAP malnutrition guidelines, Child Mortality, Diarrhea

Relationship between dietary fat and fish intake and the prevalence of atopic eczema in pregnant Japanese females: baseline data from the Osaka Maternal and Child Health Study

Author : Yoshihiro Miyake, Satoshi Sasaki, Keiko Tanaka, Yukihiro Ohya, Ichiro Matsunaga, Toshiaki Yoshida, Yoshio Hirota, Hajime Oda
Keyword : Atopic eczema, eating, fatty acids, fishes, Japan

Iodine deficiency disorders in Bangladesh, 2004-05: ten years of iodized salt intervention brings remarkable achievement in lowering goitre and iodine deficiency among children and women

Author : Harun K M Yusuf, A K M Mustafizur Rahman, Fatima Parveen Chowdhury, M Mohiduzzaman, Cadi Parvin Banu, M Arif Sattar and M Nurul Islam
Keyword : Iodine deficiency disorders, goitre rate, iodine deficiency, household coverage with adequately iodized salt, Universal Salt Iodization

Validity and reproducibility of a food frequency questionnaire designed for residents in north China

Author : Xiaoqin Wang, Rina Sa, Hong Yan
Keyword : food frequency questionnaire, dietary assessment, reproducibility, 24-hour recalls

Consumption of guava (Psidium guajava L) and noni (Morinda citrifolia L) may protect betel quid-chewing Papua New Guineans against diabetes

Author : Patrick L Owen, Louis C Martineau, Dayna Caves, Pierre S Haddad, Teatulohi Matainaho and Timothy Johns
Keyword : Psidium, areca, 3T3-L1 cells, plants, medicinal

Stomach cancer in 67 Chinese counties: evidence of interaction between salt consumption and helicobacter pylori infection

Author : Xiaoqin Wang, Paul Terry, Hong Yan
Keyword : helicobacter pylori, stomach cancer, mortality, urinary nitrate, urinary sodium

The association of plasma C-reactive protein levels with anthropometric and lipid parameters in elderly Taiwanese

Author : Hsin-Jen Tsai and Alan Chung-Hong Tsai
Keyword : C-reactive protein, elderly, waist-to-hip ratio, high-density lipoprotein-cholesterol, anthropom- etric indices

Delayed effects of coffee, tea and sucrose on postprandial glycemia in lean, young, healthy adults

Author : Jimmy Chun Yu Louie, Fiona Atkinson, Peter Petocz, Jennie C Brand-Miller
Keyword : coffee, tea, postprandial glycemia, insulinemia, caffeine

Natto and viscous vegetables in a Japanese style meal suppress postprandial glucose and insulin responses

Author : Akiko Taniguchi, Hisami Yamanaka-Okumura, Yuka Nishida, Hironori Yamamoto, Yutaka Taketani, Eiji Takeda
Keyword : postprandial glucose, insulin, viscous fiber, white rice, healthy subjects

Effect of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acid intakes from diet and supplements on plasma fatty acid levels in the first 3 years of life

Author : Camilla Hoyos, Catarina Almqvist, Frances Garden, Wei Xuan, Wendy H Oddy, Guy B Marks, Karen L Webb
Keyword : omega–3 fatty acids, omega–6 fatty acids, dietary supplements, plasma, dietary intake

Clinical experience with a relatively low carbohydrate, calorie-restricted diet improves insulin sensitivity and associated metabolic abnormalities in overweight, insulin resistant South Asian Indian women

Author : Andrea C Backes, Fahim Abbasi, Cindy Lamendola, Tracey L McLaughlin, Gerald Reaven, Latha P Palaniappan
Keyword : weight loss, insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease risk factors, overweight, South Asian Indian

Nutrition Leadership Training in North-East Asia: an IUNS initiative in conjunction with nutrition societies in the region

Author : Mark L Wahlqvist, Duo Li, Jiang-Qin Sun, Keyou Ge, Hee-Young Paik, Sung Hee Cho, Soo-Kyung Lee, Ching-jang Huang and Meei-Shyuan Lee
Keyword : IUNS, Chinese Nutrition Society, Korean Nutrition Society, Taiwan Nutrition Society, capacity building, leadership development, Zhejiang University, Fudan University, Huadong Hospital, Seoul National University, NHRI

Dietary sources of aldose reductase inhibitors: prospects for alleviating diabetic complications

Author : Megha Saraswat, P Muthenna, P Suryanarayana, J Mark Petrash and G Bhanuprakash Reddy
Keyword : aldose reductase, aldehyde reductase, sorbitol, dietary inhibitors, red blood cells

Nutrient adequacy and food group consumption of Filipino novices and religious sisters over a nine month period

Author : Jessica A Grieger, Jere D Haas, Laura E Murray-Kolb, Penny Kris-Etherton, John L Beard
Keyword : diet, micronutrients, food groups, female, Philippines diet, micronutrients, food groups, female, Philippines

Comparison of clinical body composition methods in people taking weight-inducing atypical antipsychotic medications

Author : Jenny-Kay Sharpe, Nuala M Byrne, Terry J Stedman, Andrew P Hills
Keyword : bioelectric impedance, obesity, deuterium dilution, percentage body fat, atypical antipsychotic medication

Chronic energy deficiency and its association with dietary factors in adults of drought affected desert areas of Western Rajasthan, India

Author : Madhu B Singh, J Lakshminarayana, Ranjana Fotedar
Keyword : malnutrition, dietary intake, BMI, drought, anemia

Body composition: validity of segmental bioelectrical impedance analysis

Author : Joe LaForgia, Simon M Gunn, Robert T Withers
Keyword : total body water, percent body fat, foot-to-foot BIA, four-compartment body composition model, fat free mass

Prevalence of overweight and obesity amongst school children in Delhi, India

Author : Supreet Kaur, HPS Sachdev, SN Dwivedi, R Lakshmy, Umesh Kapil
Keyword : obesity, body mass index, triceps skin fold thickness, school children, socio economic status

Parental perception of their children’s weight status, and its association with their nutrition and obesity knowledge

Author : Noor Azimah Muhammad, Khairani Omar, Shamsul Azhar Shah, Leelavathi A/P Muthupalaniappen, Fatimah Arshad
Keyword : overweight, obesity, children, parental perception, knowledge
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