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Clinical nutrition as a conduit and recipient of health and economic development in the Asia Pacific region

Author : Mark L Wahlqvist MD1 and Duo Li
Keyword :

Serum β-carotene, lycopene and α-tocopherol levels of healthy people in northeast Thailand

Author : Patcharee Boonsiri, Jureerut Pooart, Roongpet Tangrassameeprasert and Pranithi Hongsprabhas
Keyword : β-carotene, lycopene, α-tocopherol, northeast Thais, HPLC

Composition of ready cooked foods sampled in southern Thailand

Author : Anocha Kajadphai-Taungbodhitham
Keyword : food composition, cooked food, southern Thailand, nutrient, Thai food

Change in food and energy consumption among the ultra poor: is the poverty reduction programme making a difference?

Author : Farhana Haseen
Keyword : food consumption, energy intake, poverty reduction programme, Bangladesh

Innovations in food technology for health

Author : Yun-Hwa Peggy Hsieh and Jack Appiah Ofori
Keyword : food technology, nutrition, health, ingredients, food trends, phytonutrients, nanomaterials

Prevention and control of food safety risks: the role of governments, food producers, marketers, and academia

Author : John R. Lupien
Keyword : risk analysis, risk assessment, risk management, risk communication, chemical and microbiological contamination of foods

Food industry & economic development in the Asia Pacific

Author : John McKay
Keyword : Asia Pacific food trade, economic development, food security, food policy

Use of plant extracts in summer and winter season butter oxidative stability improvement

Author : Anna Gramza-Michalowska, Jozef. Korczak and Julita Regula
Keyword : tea leaves, Camellia sinensis, tea extracts, polyphenols, butter, Rancimat, Oxidograph, lipid stability

Change in oligosaccharides during processing of soybean sheet

Author : Qiushuang Wang, Leqin Ke, Dongmei Yang, Bili Bao, Jianmei Jiang and Tiejin Ying
Keyword : soybean sheet, loss of oligosaccharides, raffinose, stachyose, sweet slurry

Mycotoxins in the food chain: human health implications

Author : Wayne L Bryden
Keyword : mycotoxin, mycotoxicosis, food chain, human health, fungi

Development of polyclonal antibody based enzyme- linked immunosorbent assay for the analysis of the agri- cultural insecticide imidacloprid: food quality and safety

Author : Zhixiong Li, Yingli Liu, Yuanming Sun, Qing Wu, Hongtao Lei, Hong Wang and Zhili Xiao
Keyword : insecticide, imidacloprid, ELISA, polyclonal antibody, residue detection

Regional food culture and development

Author : Mark L. Wahlqvist and Meei-Shyuan Lee
Keyword : food regions, food systems, food words, African foods, north-east Asian foods, eco-nutrition, nutritional adversity, ethnicity

Development of a lateral-flow assay for rapid screening of the performance–enhancing sympathomimetic drug clenbuterol used in animal production; food safety assessments

Author : Weihua Lai, Yang Xu, Daniel YC Fung and Yonghua Xiong
Keyword : lateral-flow, strip, screen, clenbuterol

Application of 1-methylcyclopropene reduces wound responses and maintains quality in fresh-cut apple

Author : Linchun Mao, Fujun Lu and Guoze Wang
Keyword : 1-methylcyclopropene, fresh-cut, apple, wound response, quality

Expert system prototype of food aid distribution

Author : Neeta Singh
Keyword : food aid, expert system, disaster relief, monitoring, evaluation

Fruit quality of transgenic tomatoes with suppressed expression of LeETR1 and LeETR2 genes*

Author : Bili Bao, Leqin Ke, Jianmei Jiang and Tiejin Ying
Keyword : transgenic tomato, LeETR1, LeETR2, fruit quality

Determination of formaldehyde in squid by high- performance liquid chromatography

Author : Jianrong Li, Junli Zhu and Lifang Ye
Keyword : formaldehyde, detection, HPLC, squid, food safety

Study on reduction of acrylamide in fried bread sticks by addition of antioxidant of bamboo leaves and extract of green tea

Author : Yu Zhang and Ying Zhang
Keyword : acrylamide, fried bread sticks, reduction, antioxidant of bamboo leaves, extract of green tea

Construction of a replacement vector to disrupt pksCT gene for the mycotoxin citrinin biosynthesis in Monascus aurantiacus and maintain food red pigment production

Author : Guiming Fu, Yang Xu, Yanpin Li and Wenhui Tan
Keyword : replacement-disrupted vector, pksCT gene, mycotoxin, citrinin biosynthesis, Monascus aurantiacus, red pigment, food colour

Effect of polysaccharides of cassiae seeds on the intestinal microflora of piglets

Author : Ze-yuan Deng, Jin-wu Zhang, Jing Li, Ya-wei Fan, Shu-wen Cao, Rui-lin Huang, Yu-long Yin, Hua-yi Zhong and Tie-jun Li
Keyword : cassiae, polysaccharides, piglet, intestinal microflora, DGGE

Study on the antioxidant activity of tea flowers (Camellia sinensis)

Author : Ziying Yang, Yi Xu, Guoliang Jie, Puming He and Youying Tu
Keyword : tea flower, antioxidant activity, DPPH, hydroxyl radical, chemiluminescence

Chemiluminescence analysis of the prooxidant and antioxidant effects of epigallocatechin-3-gallate

Author : Bing Tian, Zongtao Sun, Zhenjian Xu and Yuejin Hua
Keyword : epigallocatechin-3-gallate, chemiluminescence analysis, prooxidant effect, reactive oxygen species scavenging activity, reducing power

Diet quality and nutritional status of rural adolescent girl beneficiaries of ICDS in north India

Author : Anita Malhotra and Santosh Jain Passi
Keyword : dietary intake, diet quality, nutritional status, adolescent girl, rural communities, India

Antioxidant activities of various extracts of lotus (Nelumbo nuficera Gaertn) rhizome

Author : Dongmei Yang, Qiushuang Wang, Leqin Ke, Jianmei Jiang and Tiejin Ying
Keyword : lotus rhizome extracts, total phenolics content, antioxidant activity, solvent polarity

Effect of ethanol extract of alga Laurencia supplementa- tion on DNA oxidation and alkylation damage in mice

Author : Hui Liang, Juan He, Ai-guo Ma, Pei-hua Zhang, Shu-lian Bi and Da- yong Shi
Keyword : Laurencia , terpenoid, SCGE, O6-methylguanine, DNA damage

Antioxidant and protective effect of an oleanolic acid- enriched extract of A. deliciosa root on carbon tetrachloride induced rat liver injury

Author : Xinpeng Bai, Aiyong Qiu, Junjun Guan and Zhongping Shi
Keyword : A. deliciosa root, oleanolic acid-enriched extract, CCL4, antioxidant, hepatoprotective

Antimicrobial effect of Chitooligosaccharides Produced by Chitosanase from Pseudomonas CUY8

Author : Yan Wang, Peigen Zhou, Jianxing Yu, Xiaorong Pan, Pingping Wang, Weiqing Lan and Shendan Tao
Keyword : chitooligosaccharides, antimicrobial effect, chitosanase, chitosan

Antioxidative activity of hen egg ovalbumin hydrolysates

Author : Mingsheng Xu, Xinchen Shangguan, Wenjun Wang, Jinping Chen
Keyword : ovalbumin, hydrolysates, antioxidative activity, mice

Effect of different extracting methods on quality of Chrysanthemum Morifolium Ramat. Infusion

Author : Qian Ye, Yuerong Liang and Jianliang
Keyword : Chrysanthemum Morifolium, extraction, flavonoids, HPLC, extracted solids yield, color differences

A novel method for measuring dissolution kinetics of pulverized konjac flour

Author : Yinglong Wu, Guoqing He, Xiaohuan Chen and Steve Q Tan
Keyword : dissolution kinetics, hydration, konjac, Rapid Visco Analyzer

Effects of soybean isoflavone dosage and exercise on the serum markers of bone metabolism in ovariectomized rats

Author : Kemin Liu, Guodong Ma, Guofeng Lv, Yuan Zou, Wencheng Wang, Lihong Liu, Ping Yan, Yanna Liu, Lijie Jiang, Yanhuan Liu and Zhenyu Liu
Keyword : ovariectomized rats, soy isoflavone, exercise, bone mineral density

In vitro and vivo antioxidant activities of daylily flowers and the involvement of phenolic compounds

Author : Fei Que, Linchun Mao and Xiaojie Zheng
Keyword : daylily flower, antioxidant activity, phenolic compounds, superoxide dismutase, lipid peroxidation

Nonopsonic phagocytosis of Lactobacilli by mice Peyer’s patches’ macrophages

Author : Jin Sun, Guo-Wei Le, Li-Xia Hou, Nai-Fu Wang, Gui-Fang Chang and Yong-Hui Shi
Keyword : lactobacilli, immune-modulating effect, Peyer’s patches, macrophages

Investigation of health and nutrition status of middle-aged and old residents in the urban district of Chongqing

Author : Bao-quan Jiang, Pi -hong Zhong, Xiao-bin Cheng, Xiao-ling Yang, Jian Yang and Yan-fen Cao
Keyword : middle-aged and old people, health and nutrition status, investigation, urban district, Chongqing.

Validation of a mathematical model for determining the Yin-Yang nature of fruits

Author : Li Ni, Xiao Lin and Pingfan Rao
Keyword : validation, mathematical model, Yin-Yang nature, fruit, animal experiment

Nutritional evaluation of different bacterial douchi

Author : Hua Li, Feng-Qin Feng, Li-Rong Shen, Yun Xie and Duo Li
Keyword : fermented soybean, bacterial douchi, nutritional evaluation, fatty acid, amino acid, peptides, China

Sequence analysis of functional Apisimin-2 cDNA from royal jelly of Chinese honeybee and its expression in Escherichia coli

Author : Lirong Shen, Liping Xing, Yuxiao Yang and Qikang Gao
Keyword : Apis cerana cerana, royal jelly, Acc-apisimin-2, sequence analysis, prokaryotic expression

Protective effect of Portulaca oleracea extracts on hypoxic nerve tissue and its mechanism

Author : Wanyin Wang, Limin Gu, Liwei Dong, Xiaoli Wang, Changquan Ling and Min Li
Keyword : Portulaca oleracea, hypoxia, erythropoietin, nerve cells, extract

Effects of sea buckthorn procyanidins on healing of acetic acid-induced lesions in the rat stomach

Author : Xiaoyun Xu, Bijun Xie, Siyi Pan, Liang Liu, Yadong Wang and Chudi Chen
Keyword : sea buckthorn, procyanidins, acetic acid, gastric ulcer

Study of the radio-protective effect of cuttlefish ink on hemopoietic injury

Author : Min Lei, Jingfeng Wang, Yuming Wang, Long Pang, Yi Wang, Wei Xu and Changhu Xue
Keyword : cuttlefish ink, irradiation injury, hemopoiesis, immune, superoxide dismutase

Effect of lycopene on the vascular endothelial function and expression of inflammatory agents in hyperhomocysteinemic rats

Author : XiaoJun Liu, Dan Qu, Fang He, QiHong Lu, Jin Wang and DongLian Cai
Keyword : lycopene, hyperhomocysteinemia, vascular endothelium, inflammatory agents, atherogenesis

The reparative effects of Momordica Charantia Linn. extract on HIT-T15 pancreatic β-Cells

Author : Leiwen Xiang, Xiaonan Huang, Liumei Chen, Pingfan Rao and Lijing Ke
Keyword : Cellular Repair, Momordica Charantia Linn. Extract, HIT-T15 Pancreatic β-Cells

Application of perioperative immunonutrition for gastrointestinal surgery: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

Author : Yamin Zheng, Fei Li, Baoju Qi, Bin Luo, Haichen Sun, Shuang Liu and Xiaoting Wu
Keyword : immunonutrition, gastrointestinal surgery, meta-analysis

The immune effects of edible fungus polysaccharides compounds in mice

Author : Yuanmin Yin, Wei Fu, Mingliang Fu, Guoqing He and Lonseny Traore
Keyword : mixed polysaccharides, immune, edible fungi

Sucrose consumption in Thai undergraduate students

Author : Limthong Promdee, Jindarat Trakulthong and Wisut Kangwantrakul
Keyword : dietary sucrose, energy intake, undergraduate students

Immunomodulatory activity of aqueous extract of Actinidia macrosperma

Author : Yin Lu, Jie Fan, Yunpeng Zhao, Shaoyuan Chen, Xiaodong Zheng, Yuanming Yin and Chengxin Fu
Keyword : antitumor, immunomodulator, Sarcoma-180 (S180), Actinidia macrosperma

Nutrition and stroke

Author : Chen Ya Huang
Keyword : cerebrovascular disease, nutrition, cerebral ischemia, cerebral hemorrhage, hypertension

Antihypertensive effect of rice protein hydrolysate with in vitro angiotensin I-converting enzyme inhibitory activity in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Author : Guan-Hong Li, Ming-Ren Qu, Ju-Zhen Wan and Jin-Ming You
Keyword : angiotensin I-converting enzyme, rice protein, antihypertensive effect, spontaneously hypertensive rats, Alcalase

Effect of angiotensin І-converting enzyme inhibitory peptide from rice dregs protein on antihypertensive activity in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Author : Qihe Chen, Guodong Xuan, Mingliang Fu, Guoqing He, Wei Wang, Hongbo Zhang and Hui Ruan
Keyword : rice dreg protein, ACE inhibitor, antihypertension, spontaneously hypertensive rats

Isolation and bioactivity of an angiogenesis inhibitor extracted from the cartilage of Dasyatis akajei

Author : Hongyu Luo, Jiajing Xu and Xinwei Yu
Keyword : Dasyatis akajei cartilage, isolation, angiogenesis inhibitor, chick embryo chorioallantoic membrane

Hypolipidemic effect of flavonoids from mulberry leaves in triton WR-1339 induced hyperlipidemic mice

Author : Jingjing Chen and Xiangrong Li
Keyword : flavonoid, Morus alba L., hypolipidemic activity, triton WR-1339

Supplementation of black rice pigment fraction improves antioxidant and anti-inflammatory status in patients with coronary heart disease

Author : Qing Wang, Pinghua Han, Mingwei Zhang, Min Xia, Huilian Zhu, Jing Ma, Mengjun Hou, Zhihong Tang and Wenhua Ling
Keyword : black rice pigment fraction, anthocyanins, coronary heart disease, antioxidant status, inflammation

The mechanism of 3-methoxy puerarin on decreasing the cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury in rats

Author : Tongfeng Zhao, Jin Han, Yueqing Chen, Haitong Wan and Xiaodong Bie
Keyword : 3-methoxy puerarin, cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury, prostacyclin, endothelin-1

Effects of gastrodin on amino acids after cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury in rat striatum

Author : Xiaodong Bie, Yueqing Chen, Jin Han, Haibin Dai, Haitong Wan and Tongfeng Zhao
Keyword : gastrodin, cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury, inhibitory amino acids, excitatory amino acids

Anti-hypertensive effects of laiju extract in two different rat models

Author : Suhong Chen, Guiyuan Lv, Xiaodong Zhang, Xiaoyu Liu, Han Zhang, Yunwei Zhu, Yin Wu, Saiyue Liu and Zhunan Ni
Keyword : food aid, expert system, disaster relief, monitoring, evaluation

The levels of lycopene, α-tocopherol and a marker of oxidative stress in healthy northeast Thai elderly

Author : Prasit Suwannalert, Patcharee Boonsiri, Tueanjit Khampitak, Kovit Khampitak, Pote Sriboonlue and Puangrat Yongvanit
Keyword : lycopene, α-tocopherol, oxidative stress, smoking, northeast Thais

Mechanism study of chitosan on lipid metabolism in hyperlipidemic rats

Author : Guangfei Xu, Xiaodong Huang, Lianglin Qiu, Jinbiao Wu and Yinqing Hu
Keyword : chitosan, cholesterol, bile acids, rat, receptor, mRNA

Advances in nutrition support for quality of life in HIV+/AIDS

Author : Maitree Suttajit
Keyword : HIV infection, AIDS progression, oxidative stress, antioxidants, nutrition, diet supplements

Vitamin A deficiency in patients with diarrhea and HIV infection in Ethiopia

Author : Afework Kassu, Berhanu Andualem, Nguyen Van Nhien, Masayo Nakamori, Takeshi Nishikawa, Shigeru Yamamoto and Fusao Ota
Keyword : vitamin A deficiency, diarrhea, HIV, Gondar, Ethiopia

Health economics of weight management: evidence and cost

Author : AntigoneKouris-Blazos and Mark L Wahlqvist
Keyword : weight management, weight loss, obesity, evidence, economics, cost, treatment, diets, drugs, physical activity, behavioural therapy, Weight Management Code Aadministration Council of Australia

A comparison of ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging to assess visceral fat in the metabolic syndrome

Author : Weikun Gong, Huilong Ren, Hongzhang Tong, Xiaoyin Shen, Jianping Luo, Shuting Chen, Jingbo Lai, Xinyi Chen, Hongwei Chen and Wanjun Yu
Keyword : perirenal fat, ultrasound, visceral adipose tissue, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular risk factors

Corosolic acid isolation from the leaves of Eriobotrta ja- ponica showing the effects on carbohydrate metabolism and differentiation of 3T3-L1 adipocytes

Author : Wei Zong and Guangyuan Zhao
Keyword : Eriobotrta japonica leaves, corosolic acid, adipocytes, glucose transport, 3T3-L1 adipocytes

Effectiveness of weight reduction program in adolescents under sanatorium conditions in Poland including the role of diet and energy balance

Author : Julita Regula, Jan Jeszka and Anna Gramza
Keyword : obesity, adolescents, diet, energy balance

The problem of obesity: is there a role for antagonists of the renin-angiotensin system?

Author : Richard S Weisinger, Denovan P Begg, Nora Chen, Mark Jois, Michael L Mathai and Andrew J Sinclair
Keyword : angiotensin, body fat, obesity, adipose, angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors

Post-weaning isocaloric hyper-soybean oil versus a hyper-carbohydrate diet reduces obesity in adult rats induced by a high-fat diet

Author : Xiao-hong Zhang, Jin-zhong Hua, Shu-ran Wang and Chang-hao Sun
Keyword : post-weaning, HSO diet, adult obesity, programming, gene expression

Lifespan nutrition and changing socio-economic conditions in China

Author : Fengying Zhai, Huijun Wang, Shufa Du, Yuna He, Zhihong Wang, Keyou Ge and Barry M Popkin
Keyword : trends, nutrition transition, dietary pattern

Body composition and anthropometry in Japanese and Australian Caucasian males and Japanese females

Author : Masaharu Kagawa, Colin W. Binns and Andrew P. Hills
Keyword : body composition, DXA, anthropometry, Japanese, Australians

Effect of L-carnitine and/or L-acetyl-carnitine in nutrition treatment for male infertility: a systematic review

Author : Xin Zhou, Fang Liu and Suodi Zhai
Keyword : food aid, expert system, disaster relief, monitoring, evaluation Male infertility, carnitine, pregnancy rate, sperm motility, systematic review

Omega 3 fatty acids and the brain: review of studies in depression

Author : Andrew J Sinclair, Denovan Begg, Michael Mathai and Richard S Weisinger
Keyword : docosahexaenoic acid, ethyl eicosapentaenoate, membrane function, depression, dopamine, BDNF, turnover of arachidonic acid

Metabolism of diacylglycerol in humans

Author : Hideto Takase
Keyword : diacylglycerol, obesity, postprandial hyperlipidemia, type II diabetes, fat oxidation

Effects of dietary conjugated linoleic acids on the growth and quality of large yellow croaker fish Pseudosciaena crocea (Richardson) in cages

Author : Weiguo Sang, Xiaoxi Wei and Huihui Wu
Keyword : conjugated linoleic acids, large yellow croaker, fish, daily gain, feed conversion ratio, lean body mass

The effect of cooking process on the total lipid and n-3 LC-PUFA contents of Australian Bass Strait scallops, Pecten fumatus

Author : Xiao Q Su and Joanne R Babb
Keyword : lipids, n-3 LC-PUFA, scallops

Low dose streptozotocin (STZ) combined with high energy intake can effectively induce type 2 diabetes through altering the related gene expression

Author : Hui Jie Wang, Yuan Xiang Jin PhD, Wan Shen, Jing Neng, Tao Wu, Yong Jie Li and Zheng Wei Fu
Keyword : type 2 diabetes, high-energy diet, gene expression, streptozotocin, animal model

Nutritional intervention in the metabolic syndrome

Author : Jingjing Ren, Wenhua Zhu, Honglei Dai, Zhouwen Chen, Leiqian Chen and Lizheng Fang
Keyword : nutritional intervention,metabolic syndrome, health education, blood pressure, fasting plasma glucose

Effect of Trigonella foenum-graecum (fenugreek) extract on blood glucose, blood lipid and hemorheological properties in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats

Author : Wan-Li Xue, Xuan-She Li, Jian Zhang, Yong-Hui Liu, Zhi-Lun Wang and Rui-Juan Zhang
Keyword : diabetes, Trigonella foenum-graecum, fenugreek, blood glucose, blood lipid, hemorheology

Antihyperglycemic activity of Prunella vulgaris L. in streptozotocin-induced diabetic mice

Author : Jie Zheng, Jiguo He, Baoping Ji, Ye Li and Xiaofeng Zhang
Keyword : P. vulgaris, glucose tolerance, insulin sensitivity, streptozotocin

Antiproliferative effects of conjugated linoleic acid on human colon adenocarcinoma cell line Caco-2

Author : Guidong Huang, Xianfeng Zhong, Yusheng Cao and Yan Chen
Keyword : conjugated linoleic acid, Caco-2, antiproliferation

Enhancing the oxidative stability of rice crackers by addition of the ethanolic extract of phytochemicals from Cratoxylum formosum Dyer

Author : Pitchaon Maisuthisakul, Michael H Gordon, Rungnaphar Pongsawatmanit and Maitree Suttajit
Keyword : phytochemicals, Antioxidant, Thai plant, oxidative stability, rice, cracker, quantitative descriptive analysis

Dietary carotenoids and risk of breast cancer in Chinese women

Author : Jiang-ping Huang, Min Zhang, C. D'Arcy J. Holman, and Xing Xie
Keyword : breast cancer, case-control study, dietary carotenoids, risk factor, Chinese women

Inhibitory effects of vegetable and fruit ferment liquid on tumor growth in Hepatoma-22 inoculation model

Author : Ming Lu, Yasushi Toshima, Xiao-li Wu, Xu Zhang and Yun-qing Cai
Keyword : vegetable and fruit ferment liquid, hepatoma-22, anti-tumor, apoptosis, survival study

The influence of di-acetylation of the hydroxyl groups on the anti-tumor-proliferation activity of lutein and zeaxanthin

Author : Zhen Sun and Huiyuan Yao
Keyword : zeaxanthin, lutein, the hydroxyl groups, di-acetylatation, anti-tumor activity

Tea and lycopene protect against prostate cancer

Author : Le Jian, Andy H Lee and Colin W Binns
Keyword : green tea, lycopene, prostate cancer, joint effect, China

Infants’ first feeds in Hangzhou, PR China

Author : Liqian Qiu, Xing Xie, Andy Lee and Colin Binns
Keyword : Zhejiang Province, China, breastfeeding, prelacteal feeds

Introduction of complementary foods to infants within the first six months postpartum in Xinjiang, PR China

Author : Fenglian Xu, Colin Binns, Andy Lee, Yan Wang and Bing Xu
Keyword : complementary foods, breastfeeding, ethnic groups, Xinjiang Uygur AR, China

The effects of perinatal protein malnutrition on spatial learning and memory behaviour and brain-derived neurotrophic factor concentration in the brain tissue in young rats

Author : Ling Wang and Ruo-Jun Xu
Keyword : BDNF, protein malnutrition, Morris Water Maze, spatial learning, rat

Alcohol and breastfeeding: what do Australian mothers know?

Author : Rosly C Giglia and Colin W Binns
Keyword : breastfeeding, lactation, alcohol, knowledge, attitudes

Use of tea extracts (Camelia sinensis) in jelly candies as polyphenols sources in human diet

Author : Anna Gramza-Michalowska and Julita Regula
Keyword : tea leaves, Camellia sinensis, tea extracts, polyphenols, sweet jellies, sensory analysis, consumers acceptance
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