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Obituary for Professor Akira Okada (1938-2007), Co-founding Editor of APJCN

Author : Mark L Wahlqvist
Keyword :

Percent body fat cutoff values for classifying overweight and obesity recommended by the International Obesity Task Force (IOTF) in Korean children

Author : Kayoung Lee, Sangyeoup Lee, Su Yung Kim, Su Jin Kim and Yun Jin Kim
Keyword : IOTF, Korean children, obesity, overweight, percent body fat

Population-specific anthropometric cut-points improve the functionality of the Mini Nutritional Assessment (MNA) in elderly Taiwanese

Author : Alan Chung-Hong Tsai, Ching-Sung Ho and Ming-Cheng Chang
Keyword : Mini Nutritional Assessment, elderly, BMI, calf circumference, Taiwan

Body fatness, physical activity, and nutritional behaviours in Asian Indian immigrants to New Zealand

Author : Gregory S Kolt, Grant M Schofield, Elaine C Rush, Melody Oliver and Narender K Chadha
Keyword : obesity, body mass index, physical activity, Asians, nutrition

Reduction of abdominal fat and chronic disease factors by lifestyle change in migrant Asian Indians older than 50 years

Author : Elaine C Rush, Vishnu Chandu and Lindsay D Plank
Keyword : Obesity, diabetes, lifestyle, physical activity, dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry

Obesity and changes in body weight related to 10-year diabetes incidence in women in Taiwan (1993-2003)

Author : Lee-Ching Hwang, Chien-Jen Chen and Boniface J Lin
Keyword : obesity, body mass index, weight change, incidence, type 2 diabetes, Taiwan

Body weight and weight loss: are health messages reaching their target?

Author : Lynnette J Riddell and Victoria Inman
Keyword : BMI, overweight, obesity, weight loss, chronic disease, public health

Assessment of risks of “lifestyle” diseases including cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes by anthropometry in remote Australian Aborigines

Author : Michael Gracey, Valerie Burke, David D Martin, Robert J Johnston, Timothy Jones and Elizabeth A Davis
Keyword : overweight/obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, anthropometry, BMI, Aborigines, indigenous

Determinants of plasma homocysteine levels and carotid intima-media thickness in Japanese

Author : Noboru Takamura, Yasuyo Abe, Mio Nakazato, Takahiro Maeda, Mitsuhiro Wada, Kenichiro Nakashima, Yosuke Kusano and Kiyoshi Aoyagi
Keyword : atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases (CVD), carotid intima-media thickness (CIMT), folate, homocysteine (HCY), Asia

The relationship between maternal physical activity during pregnancy and birth weight

Author : Pratibha Dwarkanath, Sumithra Muthayya, Mario Vaz, Tinku Thomas, Arun Mhaskar, Rita Mhaskar, Annamma Thomas, Swarnarekha Bhat and Anura Kurpad
Keyword : pregnancy, physical activity, low birth weight, nutrition, India

Comparisons of a chicken-based formula with soy-based formula in infants with cow milk allergy

Author : Pipop Jirapinyo, Narumon Densupsoontorn, Renu Wongarn and Nuchnoi Thamonsir
Keyword : Chicken-formula, cow milk allergy, soy-formula., Thailand, infants

A review of the evidence: nuts and body weight

Author : Sharon Natoli and Penelope McCoy
Keyword : nuts, body weight, body mass index, weight loss, diabetes mellitus, Type 2

Anemia and intestinal parasite infection in school children in rural Vietnam

Author : Huong Thi Le, Inge D Brouwer, Hans Verhoef, Khan Cong Nguyen and Frans J Kok
Keyword : iron deficiency, anemia, parasite, children, Vietnam

Serum iron status in Orang Asli children living in endemic areas of soil-transmitted helminths

Author : U Nor Aini, MS Hesham Al-Mekhlafi, M Azlin, A Shaik, A Sa’iah, MS Fatmah, MG Ismail, MS Ahmad Firdaus, MY Aisah , AR Rozlida and M Norhayati
Keyword : iron deficiency anaemia, soil-transmitted helminthiases, protein-energy malnutrition, Orang Asli children, Malaysia

Investigation of intelligence quotient and psychomotor development in schoolchildren in areas with different degrees of iodine deficiency

Author : Zhifeng Tang, Wanyang Liu, Hongbo Yin, Ping Wang, Jing Dong, Yi Wang and Jie Chen
Keyword : iodine deficiency, schoolchildren, Universal Salt Iodization, intelligence, psychomotor development, Shenyang, Liaoning province, China

Food intake patterns among Australian adolescents

Author : Gayle S Savige, Kylie Ball, Anthony Worsley and David Crawford
Keyword : adolescent, diet, food intake, nutrition, rural, urban, Australia

Adolescent home food environments and socioeconomic position

Author : Abbie MacFarlane, David Crawford, Kylie Ball, Gayle Savige and Anthony Worsley
Keyword : social class, adolescents, food habits, nutrition, Australia

Associations between dietary habits and risk factors for cardiovascular diseases in a Hong Kong Chinese working population – the “Better Health for Better Hong Kong” (BHBHK) health promotion campaign

Author : Gary TC Ko, Juliana CN Chan, Spencer DY Tong, Amy WY Chan, Patrick TS Wong, Stanley SC Hui, Ruby Kwok and Cecilia LW Chan
Keyword : dietary assessment, risk factors, cardiovascular diseases, urban health

Meal distribution, relative validity and reproducibility of a meal-based food frequency questionnaire in Taiwan

Author : Li-Ching Lyu, Chi-Fen Lin, Fang-Hsin Chang, Heng-Fei Chen, Chiao-Chen Lo and Hong-Fa Ho
Keyword : meal distribution, relative validity, reproducibility, meal-based food frequency questionnaire, Taiwan

Book Review The Hundred Year Lie: How food and medicine are destroying your health

Author : Randall Fitzgerald
Keyword :

Book Review Essentials of human nutrition

Author : Jim Mann & A. Stewart Tru- swell
Keyword :

Nutritional Anemia & The Guidebook Nutritional Anemia

Author : Klaus Kraemer and Michael B Zimmermann & Jane Badham, Michael B Zimmermann and Klaus Kraemer
Keyword :

The lactase gene -13910T allele can not predict the lactase-persistence phenotype in north China

Author : Hai-ming Sun, Yuan-dong Qiao, Feng Chen, Li-dan Xu, Jing Bai and Song-bin Fu
Keyword : Asia Pac J Clin Nutr 2007;16 (4):598-601

Alterations of atherogenic low-density lipoproteins and serum fatty acids after 12 week moderate exercise training in sedentary Thai women

Author : Raveenan Sittiwicheanwong, Tipayanate Ariyapitipun, Somnuke Gulsatitporn, Vanida Nopponpunth, Mahinda Abeywardena and Winai Dahlan
Keyword : small dense low-density lipoprotein, moderate exercise, sedentary women, cardiovascular disease, serum fatty acid

Effect of purple sweet potato leaves consumption on the modulation of the immune response in basketball players during the training period

Author : Wen-Hsin Chang, Chiao-Ming Chen, Shene-Pin Hu, Nai-Wen Kan, Chun-Chieh Chiu and Jen-Fang Liu
Keyword : purple sweet potato leaves, polyphenols, basketball, training, immune response

Fruits and stir-fried vegetables increase plasma carotenoids in young adults

Author : Yu-Ju Lin, Yi-Wen Chien, Shwu-Huey Yang and Hsing-Hsien Cheng
Keyword : fruits, stir-fried vegetables, β-carotene β-crytoxanthin, lycopene, young adults

Dietary plant sterols supplementation does not alter lipoprotein kinetics in men with the metabolic syndrome

Author : Esther MM Ooi, Gerald F Watts, P Hugh R Barrett, Dick C Chan, Peter M Clifton, Juying Ji and Paul J Nestel
Keyword : plant sterols, lipoprotein kinetics, dyslipidemia, cholesterol absorption, metabolic syndrome 3Baker Heart Research Institute, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Desirable intakes of polyunsaturated fatty acids in Indonesian adults

Author : Asikin Hanafiah, Darwin Karyadi, Widjaja Lukito, Muhilal and Fadilah Supari
Keyword : Omega–3 fatty acids, chronic disease, dietary patterns, Okinawan Round Table on Nutrition and CVD, coconut, fish, tofu, tempeh

Comparison of body compositional indices assessed by underwater weighing, bioelectrical impedance and anthropometry in Indonesian adolescent girls

Author : Ratih I.Isjwara, Widjaja.Lukito and Jan Werner Schultink
Keyword : body fat, skinfolds, underwater weighing, bioelectrical impedance, anthropometry, Jakarta, Schools, menarche
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