Volume 15Issue 1 , March 2006
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Defining core elements and outstanding practice in Nutritional Science through collaborative benchmarking.

Author : Samman S, McCarthur JO, Peat M.
Keyword : Nutritional Science, core elements, benchmarking

Trends in eating behaviours among Chinese children (1991 -1997).

Author : Liu Y, Zhai F, Popkin BM.
Keyword : food trends, snacking, food-prepared-outside-the-home, take away foods, children, adolescents, China.

Hypovitaminosis D is common in both veiled and nonveiled Bangladeshi women.

Author : Islam MZ, Akhtaruzzaman M, Lamberg-Allardt C.
Keyword : vitamin D deficiency, veiled women, Bangladesh

Urinary isoflavonoids as a dietary compliance measure among premenopausal women.

Author : Franke AA, Morimoto Y, Yeh LM, Maskarinec G.
Keyword : compliance, soy, urinary isoflavonoids, biomarker, intervention.

Socio-demographic and nutritional assessment of the elderly Yorubas in Nigeria.

Author : Olayiwola IO, Ketiku AO.
Keyword : sociodemographic, nutrition, vulnerability, assessment, food security, Yoruba elderly, Nigeriae

Uric acid status and its correlates in Hangzhou urban population.

Author : Li D, Yu X, Zhou X, Siriamornpun S, Wahlqvist ML.
Keyword : uric acid, correlation, cardiovascular risk factors, Hangzhou, China.

Evaluation of clonal herbs of Lamiaceae species for management of diabetes and hypertension.

Author : Kwon YI, Vattem DA, Shetty K.
Keyword : phenolic phytochemicals, antioxidants, Lamiaceae, amylase, glucosidase, angiotensin converting enzyme, enzyme inhibitors, resveratrol, rosmarinic acid, diabetes, hypertension.

Antioxidant activity measured in different solvent fractions obtained from Mentha spicata Linn.: an analysis by ABTS*+ decolorization assay.

Author : Arumugam P, Ramamurthy P, Santhiya ST, Ramesh A.
Keyword : ABTS radical cation, Antioxidant activity, Relative antioxidant activity, Phenolics, solvent fraction, Mentha spicata.

Asia Pacific Clinical Nutrition Society Award. Corazon Veron Cruz-Barba.

Author : Wahlqvist ML.
Keyword : https://apjcn.nhri.org.tw/server/APJCN/15/1/award.pdf

Nutritional science for the new millennium.

Author : Cannon G, Leitzmann C.
Keyword : https://apjcn.nhri.org.tw/server/APJCN/15/1/2.pdf

Nutrition function, health and related claims on packaged Australian food products--prevalence and compliance with regulations.

Author : Williams P, Yeatman H, Ridges L, Houston A, Rafferty J, Ridges A, Roesler L, Sobierajski M, Spratt B.
Keyword : health claims, consumers, food labelling, packaged foods, Food Standards Australia New Zealand, FSANZ.

Effect of feeding systems on omega-3 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid and trans fatty acids in Australian beef cuts: potential impact on human health.

Author : Ponnampalam EN, Mann NJ, Sinclair AJ.
Keyword : grain feeding, beef cattle, omega -3 (n-3) fatty acids, trans fatty acids, functional fats

Dietary supplement use in people being treated for depression.

Author : Silvers KM, Woolley CC, Hedderley D.
Keyword : palm fruit, antioxidants, free radicals, phenolics

How well do adolescents determine portion sizes of foods and beverages?

Author : Steyn NP, Senekal M, Norris SA, Whati L, Mackeown JM, Nel JH.
Keyword : dietary survey, food portions, food models, visual aids, adolescents, black or white children, Johannesburg-Soweto, South Africa.

Nutrition education improves serum retinol concentration among adolescent school girls.

Author : Lanerolle P, Atukorala S.
Keyword : serum retinol, nutrition education, adolescents, Sri Lanka

The relationship between iron status and thyroid hormone concentration in iron-deficient adolescent Iranian girls.

Author : Eftekhari MH, Keshavarz SA, Jalali M, Elguero E, Eshraghian MR, Simondon KB.
Keyword : Thyroid hormones, iron deficiency, serum ferritin, adolescent girls, Iran

Prevalence and severity of micronutrient deficiency: a cross-sectional study among adolescents in Sri Lanka.

Author : Hettiarachchi M, Liyanage C, Wickremasinghe R, Hilmers DC, Abrahams SA.
Keyword :  adolescents, micronutrient deficiency, iron, zinc, folic acid, Galle, Sri Lanka

Diet and nutritional status of adolescent tribal population in nine states of India.

Author : Rao KM, Balakrishna N, Laxmaiah A, Venkaiah K, Brahmam GN.
Keyword : adolescents, tribe, diet, nutritional status, body mass index, India
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