Volume 14Issue 1 , March 2005
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Does diet matter for survival in long-lived cultures?

Author : Does diet matter for survival in long-lived cultures?
Keyword : elderly, Mediterranean diet, culture, survival, longevity, social factors, exercise, ADL, memory, smoking, gender, FHILL, Greeks, Swedes, Japanese, Anglo-Celts, Australians

Anthropometric indices as screening tools for cardiovascular risk factors in Singaporean women.

Author : Pua YH, Ong PH.
Keyword : abdominal fatness, public health, cut-off values, body mass index, obesity, waist hip ratio, Singapore.

Anthropometric characteristics and nutritional status based on body mass index of adult Bathudis: a tribal population of Keonjhar District, Orissa, India.

Author : Bose K, Chakraborty F.
Keyword : tribal population, anthropometry, body mass index, nutritional status, Bathudis, West Bengal, India

Use of [14C]-sodium bicarbonate/urea to measure physical activity induced increases in total energy expenditure in free-living healthy males.

Author : Roffey DM, Luscombe ND, Byrne NM, Hills AP, Bellon M, Tsopelas C, Kirkwood ID, Wittert GA.
Keyword : energy expenditure, carbon dioxide production, exercise prescription, sodium bicarbonate, urea.

Australian sweet lupin flour addition reduces the glycaemic index of a white bread breakfast without affecting palatability in healthy human volunteers.

Author : Hall RS, Thomas SJ, Johnson SK.
Keyword :  lupin, glycaemic index, insulinaemic index, satiety, palatability, white bread

Clinical evidence of growth hormone, glutamine and a modified diet for short bowel syndrome: meta-analysis of clinical trials.

Author : Zhou Y, Wu XT, Yang G, Zhuang W, Wei ML.
Keyword : short bowel syndrome, growth hormone, glutamine, high carbohydrate low fat diet, meta-analysis

Protective effects of bovine colostrum on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug induced intestinal damage in rats.

Author : Kim JW, Jeon WK, Yun JW, Park DI, Cho YK, Sung IK, Sohn CI, Kim BI, Yeom JS, Park HS, Kim EJ, Shin MS.
Keyword : :anti-inflammatory agents, non-steroidal, adverse effects, small intestine, intestinal damage, colostrum.

Food and nutrient intakes among nomads living in three different areas of Inner Mongolia, China.

Author : Ohno Y, Hirai K, Sowa S, Oka S, Murai Y.
Keyword : nomads, gels, food consumption, tea, milk (sheep/goat), nutrient intake, traditional food habits, children, adults, elderly, Inner Mongolia, China

Physical status, nutrient intake and dietary pattern of adolescent female factory workers in urban Bangladesh.

Author : Khan MR, Ahmed F.
Keyword : adolescent girls, stunting, dietary pattern, factory workers, body size, Bangladesh.

Iodine status in pregnant women living in Melbourne differs by ethnic group.

Author : Hamrosi MA, Wallace EM, Riley MD.
Keyword : iodine nutrition, pregnancy, public health, Australia, Vietnamese, Indian, Sri Lankan, Caucasian women

The effects of iodine on intelligence in children: a meta-analysis of studies conducted in China.

Author : Qian M, Wang D, Watkins WE, Gebski V, Yan YQ, Li M, Chen ZP.
Keyword : iodine, iodine deficiency disorders, intelligence, IQ, children, meta-analysis, China.

The effect of vitamin A-fortified coconut cooking oil on the serum retinol concentration of Filipino children 4-7 years old.

Author : Candelaria LV, Magsadia CR, Velasco RE, Pedro MR, Barba CV, Tanchoco CC.
Keyword : vitamin A fortified coconut cooking oil, vitamin A status, serum retinol concentration, weight for height, Filipino children, Philippines

Correlates of under- and over-reporting of energy intake in Tehranians: body mass index and lifestyle-related factors.

Author : Azizi F, Esmaillzadeh A, Mirmiran P.
Keyword : under-reporting, over-reporting, BMI, lifestyle, Tehran Lipid and Glucose Study, Iran

Waist girth normalized to body build in obesity assessment.

Author : Heinz G, Ko GT, Peterson LJ.
Keyword : waist girth, body build, waist reference girth, waist deviation, abdominal obesity, waist circumference

Increased abdominal fat in young women of Indian origin.

Author : Orr-Walker B, Evans MC, Reid IR, Cundy T.
Keyword : abdominal obesity, diabetes, body mass index, fat mass, premenopausal women, Chinese, European, Polynesian, Indian
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