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Asia Pacific Clinical Nutrition Society 2004 Award.

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The hypertriglyceridaemic waist in New Zealand Maori.

Author : Bell D, McAuley KA, Mann J, Murphy E, Williams S.
Keyword : insulin resistance, fasting insulin, triglycerides, waist circumference, abdominal obesity, Maori, New Zealand

Interaction among body composition, self-rated health and functional status of the elderly in an Indian population.

Author : Reddy KK, Reddy BK, Rao AP.
Keyword : elderly, anthropometry, self-rated health, activities of daily living, well-being, Andhra Pradesh, Tirupati, India

The impact of usual dietary patterns, selection of significant foods and cuisine choices on changing dietary fat under 'free living' conditions.

Author : Tapsell LC, Hokman A, Sebastiao A, Denmeade S, Martin G, Calvert GD, Jenkins AB.
Keyword : dietary change, dietary fat, food habits, cuisine, Australia

Effects of convenience rice congee supplemented diets on guinea pig whole animal and gut growth, caecal digesta SCFA and in vitro ileal contractility.

Author : Patten GS, Bird AR, Topping DL, Abeywardena MY.
Keyword : ileum, contractility, guinea pig, fibre, eicosanoid, short chain fatty acids, SCFA.

Inhibitory effects of rosmarinic acid extracts on porcine pancreatic amylase in vitro.

Author : McCue PP, Shetty K.
Keyword : amylase inhibitors, oregano, lemon balm, herbal extracts, rosmarinic acid, diabetes mellitus

Nutritional indicators, peripheral blood lymphocyte subsets and survival in an institutionalised elderly population.

Author : Lukito W, Wattanapenpaiboon N, Savige GS, Hutchinson P, Wahlqvist ML.
Keyword : lymphocytes, T-cells, B-cells, natural killer cells, iron status, zinc status, survival, total mortality

Summary of a scientific meat nutrition workshop: Aukland 17-20 March 2003.

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Raising meat consumption in a contemporary world.

Author : Solomons NW, Anderson AS.
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A model for the role of the proline-linked pentose-phosphate pathway in phenolic phytochemical bio-synthesis and mechanism of action for human health and environmental applications.

Author : Shetty K, Wahlqvist ML.
Keyword : antioxidant response, antimicrobials, chronic disease, environmental applications, human health, oxidation-linked disease, oxidative phosphorylation, phenolic antioxidants, phytochemicals, proline-linked pentose phosphate pathway

Glutamine: metabolism and application in nutrition support.

Author : Coster J, McCauley R, Hall J.
Keyword : amino acids, glutamine, enteral nutrition, parenteral nutrition

Food fears: a national survey on the attitudes of Australian adults about the safety and quality of food.

Author : Williams P, Stirling E, Keynes N.
Keyword : food safety, additives, pesticides, food labels, Australia

Food consumption patterns in the economic transition in Vietnam.

Author : Dien le N, Thang NM, Bentley ME.
Keyword : food consumption patterns, energy intake, economic transition, nutrition transition, Vietnam

Iron status and dietary iron intake of adolescents from a rural community in Sabah, Malaysia.

Author : Foo LH, Khor GL, Tee ES, Prabakaran D.
Keyword : iron status, dietary iron intake, iron deficiency anaemia (IDA), female adolescents, Sabah, Malaysia.

Dietary diversity score in adolescents - a good indicator of the nutritional adequacy of diets: Tehran lipid and glucose study.

Author : Mirmiran P, Azadbakht L, Esmaillzadeh A, Azizi F.
Keyword : dietary diversity, food variety, nutritional adequacy, adolescent, Tehran lipid and glucose study, Iran

Nutritional status of women in Bangladesh: comparison of energy intake and nutritional status of a low income rural group with a high income urban group.

Author : Islam MZ, Akhtaruzzaman M, Lamberg-Allardt C.
Keyword : anthropometry, body composition, energy intake, socio-economic groups, women, Bangladesh

Do Thai women of child bearing age need pre-conceptional supplementation of dietary folate?

Author : Sirikulchayanonta C, Madjupa K, Chongsuwat R, Pandii W.
Keyword : serum folate, dietary folate intake, child-bearing age women, preconceptual, Thailand
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