Volume 12Issue 3

Includes IUNS Symposium on North & West African Foods and Health" February, 2003, Marrakech, Morocco

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Dietary intake and anthropometry of Korean elderly people: a literature review

Author : Park YH, de Groot LC, van Staveren WA.
Keyword : elderly, Korean, review, nutritional status, dietary intake, anthropometry

Determination of total antioxidant activity in three types of local vegetables shoots and the cytotoxic effect of their ethanolic extracts against different cancer cell lines

Author : Rahmat A, Kumar V, Fong LM, Endrini S, Sani HA.
Keyword : antioxidant vegetables, shoots, paku shoot Diplazium esculentum, tapioca Manihot utillissima, cekur manis Sauropous androgynus, cytotoxic, cancer, breast, colon, liver, Malaysia, tropics

The factors associated with the belief that vegetarian diets provide health benefits

Author : Lea E, Worsley A.
Keyword : beliefs, vegetarian, plant-based diets, meat, health, survey, Australia

Regional food diversity and human health

Author : Wahlqvist ML.
Keyword : food diversity, biodiversity, regions, nutrition, health, water, community, Africa, literacy, women

The food of Near East, North West and Western African regions

Author : Burlingame B.
Keyword : food, fatty fruit, palm fruit, food supply, energy intake, diet, Africa

Diet and long-term health: an African Diaspora perspective

Author : Solomons NW.
Keyword : Africa, Caribbean, Africa-American, diet, long-term health, chronic diseases, discrimination, energy metabolism

Contemporary African food habits and their nutritional and health implications

Author : Oniang'o RK, Mutuku JM, Malaba SJ.
Keyword : food habits, familiar food, dietary energy supply, meal frequency, traditional diets, dietary practices, culture, staples, Africa.

Nutrition-related health patterns in the Middle East

Author : Galal O.
Keyword : Middle East, food security, nutrition transition, health, Middle East, Egypt

Northwest African and Middle Eastern food and dietary change of indigenous peoples

Author : Kuhnlein HV, Johns T; IUNS Task Force On Indigenous Peoples' Food Systems And Nutrition.
Keyword : indigenous peoples, tribal peoples, ethnic minorities, indigenous food, Northwest Africa, Middle East, dietary change, traditional food systems

Palm fruit in traditional African food culture

Author : Atinmo T, Bakre AT.
Keyword : palm fruit, oil palm, palm kernel, vitamin A, traditional food culture

Palm fruit chemistry and nutrition

Author : Sundram K, Sambanthamurthi R, Tan YA.
Keyword : palm oil, fatty acids, cardiovascular disease, cancer, vitamin E, carotenoids, flavonoids

Development of a food frequency questionnaire in Koreans

Author : Kim J, Kim Y, Ahn YO, Paik HY, Ahn Y, Tokudome Y, Hamajima N, Inoue M, Tajima K.
Keyword : food frequency questionnaire, FFQ, dietary intake methodology, dietary assessment, dietary records, Koreans

Phytonutrient deficiency: the place of palm fruit

Author : Wattanapenpaiboon N, Wahlqvist MW.
Keyword : palm fruit, phytonutrient, antioxidant, polyphenol, flavonoid, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, phytochemicals

A place for palm fruit oil to eliminate vitamin A deficiency

Author : Benade AJ.
Keyword : red palm oil, vitamin A deficiency, fortification, developing countries, food-based approaches

Alleviation of vitamin A deficiency with palm fruit and its products

Author : Solomons NW, Orozco M.
Keyword : vitamin A, provitamin A, fatty fruits, palm fruit, red palm oil, hypovitaminosis A, hypervitaminosis A, food-to-food fortification, food safety, evolution, North Africa, Guatemala

Calibration of a food frequency questionnaire in Koreans

Author : Kim J, Ahn YO, Paik HY, Hamajima N, Inoue M, Tajima K.
Keyword : food frequency questionnaire, FFQ, calibration, dietary intake methodology, dietary assessment, dietary records, Koreans

Comparison of a malnutrition screening tool with subjective global assessment in hospitalised patients with cancer--sensitivity and specificity

Author : Bauer J, Capra S.
Keyword : nutrition screening, subjective global assessment, nutrition assessment

Singaporean Chinese adolescents have more subcutaneous adipose tissue than Dutch Caucasians of the same age and body mass index

Author : Deurenberg P, Bhaskaran K, Lian PL.
Keyword : body composition, subcutaneous body fat, skinfolds, Caucasian, Asian, body mass index, obesity, adolescents, Singaporeans, Dutch

Secular trend in size at birth of Vietnamese newborns during the last 2 decades (1980-2000)

Author : Hop le T.
Keyword : secular trends, newborns, birth weight, birth length, head circumference, Hanoi, Vietnam

Prevalence of metabolic syndrome among Filipino adults aged 20 years and over

Author : Tanchoco CC, Cruz AJ, Duante CA, Litonjua AD.
Keyword : obesity, abdominal fat, blood pressure, blood glucose, blood lipids, hyperlipidaemia, physical activity, Philippines, National Nutrition Survey, metabolic syndrome.

Changes in glycosylated proteins in diabetic and non-diabetic patients with and without cardiovascular complications

Author : Gul A, Rahman MA.
Keyword : fasting plasma glucose, glycosylated haemoglobin, glycosylated plasma proteins, serum fructosamine, sialic acid, hexosamine, total serum protein, non-diabetic patients with cardiovascular complications, diabetic patients with cardiovascular complications, Karachi, Pakistan.

Effects of phytosterol ester-enriched vegetable oil on plasma lipoproteins in healthy men

Author : Seki S, Hidaka I, Kojima K, Yoshino H, Aoyama T, Okazaki M, Kondo K.
Keyword : phytosterols, phytosterol ester, plant sterols, sterols, vegetable oil, cholesterol, lipoprotein, apolipoprotein.
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