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Palm oil in human nutrition: Recent advances

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Palm oil in human nutrition: recent advances.

Author : Kritchevsky D, Sundram K.
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Effect of vitamin E on plasma malondialdehyde, antioxidant enzyme levels and the rates of wound closures during wound healing in normal and diabetic rats.

Author : Musalmah M, Fairuz AH, Gapor MT, Ngah WZ.
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Role of GTP-binding proteins in reversing the antiproliferative effects of tocotrienols in preneoplastic mammary epithelial cells.

Author : Sylvester PW, Nachnani A, Shah S, Briski KP.
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17Beta-estradiol epoxidation as the molecular basis for breast cancer initiation and prevention.

Author : Yu FL.
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Polyphenol-enriched extract of oil palm fronds (Elaeis guineensis) promotes vascular relaxation via endothelium-dependent mechanisms.

Author : Abeywardena M, Runnie I, Nizar M, Suhaila M, Head R; Suhaila Momamed..
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Potential of palm oil utilisation in aquaculture feeds.

Author : Ng WK.
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Dietary fat and heart health: in search of the ideal fat.

Author : Hayes KC.
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Cholesterolaemic effect of palmitic acid in relation to other dietary fatty acids.

Author : French MA, Sundram K, Clandinin MT.
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Effect of dietary cholesterol, trans and saturated fatty acids on serum lipoproteins in non-human primates.

Author : Idris CA, Sundram K.
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Effect of palm olein oil in a moderate-fat diet on low-density lipoprotein composition in non-human primates.

Author : van Jaarsveld PJ, Benadé AJ.
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Effect of palm olein oil in a moderate-fat diet on plasma lipoprotein profile and aortic atherosclerosis in non-human primates.

Author : van Jaarsveld PJ, Smuts CM, Benadé A.
Keyword :

Red palm oil in experimental atherosclerosis.

Author : Kritchevsky D, Tepper SA, Czarnecki SK, Sundram K.
Keyword :

Bioavailability and vitamin A value of carotenes from red palm oil assessed by an extrinsic isotope reference method.

Author : You CS, Parker RS, Swanson JE.
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Vitamin E in cardiovascular disease: has the die been cast?

Author : Yusoff K.
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