Volume 11Supplement 3

Proceedings of the Nutrition Society of Australia

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Effect of roughage quality and fermentable energy/protein on intake, performance and nitrogen excretion in cattle fed export diets.

Author : Accioly JM, Tudor G, Taylor EG, White CL, Costa ND, Pluske JR and Pethick DW.
Keyword :

Feed enzymes and amino acid digestibility of feed ingredients.

Author : Bryden WL, Li X, Selle PH.
Keyword :

Prevalence of overweight in Hunter primary school children - a pilot study.

Author : Burgoyne M, Collins CE.
Keyword :

Detection of betaglycan in porcine and human milk.

Author : Cheung HK, Mei J, Xu RJ.
Keyword :

Nutritional probiosis: An essential or optional dietary strategy?

Author : Chin JJ-C.
Keyword :

Common vetch (Vicia sativa cv Morava) is an alternative protein source in pig diets.

Author : Collins CL, Henman DJ, King RH, Dunshea FR.
Keyword :

The science/food industry/clinical interface.

Author : Colquhoun D.
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Mediterranean and low fat diets are associated with similar lipid levels at 1 year in patients with coronary heart disease on statin therapy.

Author : Colquhoun DM.
Keyword :

Mucosal composition and glutamine metabolism during a 48-hour fast.

Author : Coster J, Hall JC, McCauley RD.
Keyword :

Antioxidant tocopherol and carotenoid content of seed and marine oils.

Author : Daskalakis M, Su Q, Doery JCG, Balazs NDH.
Keyword :

The efficacy of a potential new probiotic, Propionibacterium jensenii 702, to correct vitamin B12 levels in an in vivo deficient animal model.

Author : Adams MC, Huang Y, Kotula L, Blake RJ, Garg ML.
Keyword :

Low-grade chronic inflammation (hs-CRP) correlates with degree of postprandial hyperglycemia in lean, young subjects.

Author : Dickinson S, Williams AJ, Petocz P, Thompson CH, Brand-Miller JC.
Keyword :

Development of updated nutrient composition data for red meat.

Author : Droulez V, Williams P, Martin G, Cunningham J, Milligan G, Trevisan L.
Keyword :

Nutritional manipulation increases intramuscular fat in finisher gilts.

Author : D'Souza DN, Dunshea FR, Pethick DW, Pluske JR, McCullough SM, Mullan BP.
Keyword :

Fat deposition pattern in pork primal cuts from finisher gilts.

Author : D'Souza DN, Dunshea FR, Suster D, Pethick DW, Pluske JR, Mullan BP.
Keyword :

Increases in plasma lycopene concentrations change the antioxidant activity of the plasma as measured by ORAC but has no effect on two other ex vivo total plasma antioxidant assays.

Author : Fielding JM, Stockmann R, Li D, Sinclair AJ.
Keyword :

Iron intake and iron status of rural Malaysian adolescents.

Author : Foo LH, Khor GL, Tee ES, Prabakaran D.
Keyword :

Raw brown onion consumption reduces plasma triglycerides in pigs.

Author : Gabler NK, Ostrowska E, Tatham BG, Sterling SJ, Jones RB, Eagling DR, Dunshea FR.
Keyword :

The new Australian fatty acid database: a users perspective.

Author : Gagnon SE, Meyer BJ.
Keyword :

Effects of fish oil (MaxEPA) supplementation on fatty acid profile and platelet activating factor generation in human buccal mucosal cells.

Author : Garg M, Bencke A, Blake RJ.
Keyword :

Omega 3 LCPUFA do not inhibit the growth of preterm or term infants. A meta analysis

Author : Gibson RA, Ried K, Makrides M.
Keyword :

Functional foods - the regulatory links to the science and the marketplace.

Author : Allen JL, Lewis JL, Laajoki LG.
Keyword :

Statistics show that of those who contract the habit of eating very few ever survive.

Author : Giles GG.
Keyword :

Diet and educational level in Tasmania.

Author : Graske-Borst C, Woodward DR.
Keyword :

Application of gene technology to improve nutritional value of plant-based foods.

Author : Green AG.
Keyword :

Changes in the pattern of fermentation in the caecum of rats.

Author : Hanstock TL, Clayton EH.
Keyword :

Can black tea influence plasma total homocysteine concentrations?

Author : Hodgson JM, Burke V, Beilin LJ, Croft KD, Puddey IB.
Keyword :

Tea and coffee intake in relation to plasma total homocysteine concentrations: a cross-sectional study in older women.

Author : Hodgson JM, Devine A, Puddey IB, Beilby J, Chan SY, Croft KD, Prince RL.
Keyword :

The glycaemic and insulin index values of a range of Australian honeys.

Author : Holt SHA, de Jong V, Brand Miller JC, Arcot J.
Keyword :

The effects of chocolate-containing foods on postprandial blood glucose and insulin.

Author : Holt SHA, de Jong V, Loyer S, Kennedy J, Brand Miller JC.
Keyword :

Omega-3 enrichment of chicken.

Author : Howe PRC and Grigonis-Deane E.
Keyword :

Nutrient-drug synergies to optimise therapeutic benefit.

Author : Howe PRC.
Keyword :

Is there a relationship between a-linolenic acid and prostate cancer?

Author : Attar-Bashi NM, Li D, Sinclair AJ.
Keyword :

Comparative changes in glycogen concentrations after exercise in muscle, liver, kidney, skin and duodenum of sheep.

Author : Jacob RH, Pethick DW.
Keyword :

The effects of stress on feed intake, growth and plasma insulin like growth factor I (IGF-I) in growing pigs

Author : Kerr CA, Wynn PC, Giles LR, Jones MR
Keyword :

Aqueous tomato extract inhibits platelet aggregation.

Author : Lazarus SA, Dutta-Roy AK, Garg ML.
Keyword :

Omega-3 fatty acid status in Australian omnivores and vegetarians.

Author : Li D, Sinclair AJ.
Keyword :

Comparison of digestibility markers in poultry.

Author : Li X, Dove H, Bryden WL.
Keyword :

High fat diets do not increase CCl4-induced oxidative stress in the rat.

Author : MacDonald-Wicks LK, Garg ML.
Keyword :

Oxidative stress induced by omega-3 fatty acids is dependent on background diet fatty acid composition.

Author : MacDonald-Wicks LK, Garg ML.
Keyword :

Do definitions of anaemia based on haemoglobin or haematocrit yield the same prevalence of anaemia in peri-pubertal children?

Author : Mackerras D, Singh G.
Keyword :

Low-dose iron supplements in pregnancy prevent iron deficiency at the end of pregnancy and during the post-partum period: the results of a randomised controlled trial.

Author : Makrides M, Crowther CA, Gibson RA, Gibson RS, Skeaff CM.
Keyword :

Do differences in the food supply explain discrepancies in epidemiology?

Author : Mann NJ, Sinclair AJ, Yep Y.
Keyword :

Alcoholic beverages lower acute glucose and insulin responses in healthy subjects.

Author : Band-Miller J, Liu V, Holt SHA, Liu S.
Keyword :

Evolutionary implications for human brain development and fatty acid intake.

Author : Mann NJ.
Keyword :

Implementation of the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) intervention program in an Australian community setting.

Author : Margerison C, Nowson CA.
Keyword :

Profiles of underreporting in healthy adults and adults with Type II diabetes mellitus participating in a dietary intervention trial.

Author : Martin GS, Tapsell LC, Batterham MJ.
Keyword :

Fetal undernutrition - programming for metabolic syndrome?

Author : McMillen IC.
Keyword :

Distribution and developmental changes of transforming growth factor-b receptors in the gastrointestinal tract of pigs.

Author : Mei J, Zhang YQ, King D, Xu RJ.
Keyword :

Improvement in plasma lipid levels (including lipoprotein (a)) after chronic soy consumption may be linked to equol.

Author : Meyer BJ, Larkin TA, Owen AJ, Astheimer LB, Tapsell LC and Howe PRC.
Keyword :

Dietary composition and weight loss in improving reproductive and metabolic physiology in overweight women with polycystic ovary sundrome.

Author : Moran LJ, Noakes M, Norman RJ, Clifton PM, Tomlinson L.
Keyword :

Dairy bioactives: from paddock to functional food and dietary supplement.

Author : Morgan W, Hobman P, Clifton P.
Keyword :

Supplementation of weaner diets with high levels of zinc.

Author : Mullan BP, Wilson RH, McCullough SM, Nicholls RR, Naylor A.
Keyword :

New Zealand green lipped mussel (NZGLM) oil can reduce pro-inflammatory eicosanoids and cytokines and oxidation markers in vivo.

Author : Murphy KJ, Kiely M, Galvin K, Morrissey PA, Mann NJ and Sinclair AJ.
Keyword :

Nutrients, food and cardiovascular health - distinguishing fact from fantasy.

Author : Beilin LJ.
Keyword :

Fatty acid and sterol composition of frozen and freeze-dried New Zealand green lipped mussel (Perna canaliculus) from three sites in New Zealand.

Author : Murphy KJ, Mann NJ and Sinclair AJ.
Keyword :

Effect of an experimental oligosaccharide on bacterial populations in the large bowel of healthy piglets.

Author : Napoli JEAC, Wang B, Staples A, Hunter A, Brand Miller JC, Conway PL.
Keyword :

Comparison of fat intake in Australian and New Zealand CHD patients: the LIPID (long term intervention with Pravastatin in ischaemic disease) study.

Author : Nestel P, Baghurst K, Kirby A, Colquhoun DM, White H, Steart R, Glasziou P, Pirozzo S.
Keyword :

Effect of a high protein, energy restricted diet on body composition, glycaemic control and lipid levels in hyperinsulinemic subjects.

Author : Noakes M, Farnsworth E, Clifton PM, Luscombe ND.
Keyword :

Wholegrain rye and wheat foods and markers of bowel health in men.

Author : Noakes M, McIntosh G, Royle P, Foster P and Fleming F.
Keyword :

Dietary electrolytes requirements and optimal intakes for health.

Author : Nowson CA.
Keyword :

Expected outcomes of genomics R&D and implications for human and animal nutrition.

Author : Oddy H.
Keyword :

Dietary conjugated linoleic acid is incorporated differentially into tissues of the pig.

Author : Ostrowska E, Muralitharan M, Cross RF, Bauman DE and Dunshea FR.
Keyword :

The science behind the US FDA soy protein coronary heart disease health claim.

Author : Potter SM.
Keyword :

Influence of agricultural practices on the nutritional quality of wheat: Zinc.

Author : Record I, McInerney J, Hammiche A, Ryan M, Angus J.
Keyword :

Western refined dietary pattern is associated with risk of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Author : Bencke AJ, Roberts DCK, Batey RG, D'Este K.
Keyword :

Retinyl acetate stimulates ferritin synthesis in Caco-2 cells in vitro.

Author : Record IR, McInerney JK, Leppard PI.
Keyword :

The link between nutritional science and food regulations/complementary medicine.

Author : Roberts DCK.
Keyword :

A mixed fruit and vegetable concentrate increases plasma antioxidant vitamins and folate and lowers homocysteine concentrations in men.

Author : Samman S, Man JC, Sivarajah G, Ahmad Z, Petocz P and Caterson I.
Keyword :

Influence of grazing or shot-term grain feeding on polyunsaturated fatty acid concentrations of Australian beef.

Author : Sinclair AJ, Mann NJ, Yep YL, Ponnampalam EN.
Keyword :

The acute effect of olive oil on postprandial thermogenesis and substrate oxidation in postmenopausal women.

Author : Soares MJ, Cummings S, Mamo JC, Piers LS and Kenrick MA.
Keyword :

Comparison of sialic acid content in sow's milk and pig milk replacers.

Author : Staples A, Wang B, Brand-Miller J.
Keyword :

Simultaneous measurement of tocopherols and carotenoids in oils using reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography.

Author : Su Q, Daskalakis M, Balazs NDH.
Keyword :

Comparison of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid contents of wild and cultured Australian abalone.

Author : Su XQ, Antonas KN, Li D.
Keyword :

Comparison of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid and total lipid content of spawning and nonspawning Australian blacklip abalone.

Author : Su XQ, Antonas KN, Li D.
Keyword :

Effect of dietary supplementation of concentrated pomegranate juice on blood lipids in type 2 diabetic patients with hyperlipidemia.

Author : Tahbaz F, Esmaill-Zadeh A, Gaeini I.
Keyword :

Meta-analysis of high and low glycaemic index diets in diabetes.

Author : Brand-Miller J, Colagiuri S, Hayne S, Petocz P.
Keyword :

Congruence of red meat descriptors reported by a group of elderly volunteers and those found in an Australian nutrient database.

Author : Tapsell LC, Gillen L, McMahon AT, Gutteridge IF, Owen AJ.
Keyword :

Resistant starch and health: from concept to products.

Author : Topping DL, Morell MK, King RA, Bird AR
Keyword :

Taste preferences and blood pressure response to stress: a pilot study.

Author : Torres SJ, Nowson CA.
Keyword :

Housing temperature affects growth performance and carcass quality of pigs.

Author : Trezona M, Williams IH, Noguiera ET, D'Souza DN, McCullough SM, Nicholls RR and Mullan BP.
Keyword :

Nutrition in inflammatory disease: what is the evidence?

Author : Volker DH, Katz T, Shui LKC, Quaggiotto P, Garg M, Major GAC.
Keyword :

Regular exercise training does not elevate oxidative stress or deplete antioxidant defences.

Author : Watson TA, MacDonald-Wicks LK, Garg ML.
Keyword :

The 1995 national nutrition survey - data for persons 16 years and over, by socio-economic index of disadvantage for areas (SEIFA).

Author : Wood B and Kouris-Blazos A.
Keyword :

Dairy foods and asthma: perception, association and evidence-based links.

Author : Woods RK.
Keyword :

Flavonoids in Australian tea.

Author : Yao L, Caffin N, D'Arcy B.
Keyword :

Tolerance of saline water by rusa deer (Cervus timorensis).

Author : Yape Kii W, Dryden GMcL.
Keyword :

Dietary strategies in the management of diabetes.

Author : Brand-Miller J.
Keyword :

Whole of Food Chain approach - what does this mean for nutrition and why is it important?

Author : Yeatman HR.
Keyword :

Factors associated with bone mineral content and density in Chinese adolescent girls.

Author : Zhu K, Greenfield H, Du X, Fraser D.
Keyword :

The effect of red wine and beer on plasma homocysteine levels: a randomised controlled trial.

Author : Zilkens RR, Hodgson JM, Burke V, Beilin LJ, Watts GF, Puddey IB.
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