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2002 Asia Pacific Clinical Nutrition Society Award

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Socioeconomic profile and nutritional status of children in rubber smallholdings.

Author : Marjan ZM, Kandiah M, Lin KG, Siong TE.
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Dietary calcium intake in postmenopausal Malaysian women: comparison between the food frequency questionnaire and three-day food records.

Author : Chee WS, Suriah AR, Zaitun Y, Chan SP, Yap SL, Chan YM.
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Assessment of a rapid method for assessing adequacy of calcium intake.

Author : Green JH, Booth CL, Bunning RL.
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Gastrointestinal tolerance of a new infant milk formula in healthy infants: multicenter study conducted in Taiwan.

Author : Chen N, Alarcon PA, Comer GM, Tressler RL.
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Effect of Cassia auriculata leaf extract on lipids in rats with alcoholic liver injury.

Author : Kumar RS, Ponmozhi M, Viswanathan P, Nalini N.
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Kiwifruit promotes laxation in the elderly.

Author : Rush EC, Patel M, Plank LD, Ferguson LR.
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Nutrition labelling: purpose, scientific issues and challenges.

Author : Van den Wijngaart AW.
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Nutrition labelling: perspectives of a bi-national agency for Australia and New Zealand.

Author : Curran MA.
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Nutrition labelling: European Union and United Kingdom perspectives.

Author : Hurt E.
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Biomarkers, yesterday, today and tomorrow: the basis for health claims.

Author : Roberts DC.
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Ocular manifestation of vitamin A deficiency among Orang asli (Aborigine) children in Malaysia.

Author : Ngah NF, Moktar N, Isa NH, Selvara S, Yusof MS, Sani HA, Hasan ZA, Kadir RA.
Keyword :

Current status of nutrition labelling and claims in the South-East Asian region: are we in harmony?

Author : Tee ES, Tamin S, Ilyas R, Ramos A, Tan WL, Lai DK, Kongchuntuk H.
Keyword :

International guidelines and experiences on health claims in Europe.

Author : Hurt E.
Keyword :

Newly established regulation in Japan: foods with health claims.

Author : Shimizu T.
Keyword :

nutrition labelling and health claims: scientific substantiation and opportunities for harmonization

Author : E-Siong Tee
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Simultaneous analysis of retinol, beta-carotene and tocopherol levels in serum of Vietnamese populations with different incomes.

Author : Kieu NT, Yurie K, Hung NT, Yamamoto S, Chuyen NV.
Keyword :

Socioeconomic status and the prevalence of coronary heart disease risk factors.

Author : Reddy KK, Rao AP, Reddy TP.
Keyword :

Influence of fish consumption on the distribution of serum cholesterol in lipoprotein fractions: comparative study among fish-consuming and non-fish-consuming populations.

Author : Bulliyya G.
Keyword :

Serum fatty acids, lipoprotein (a) and apolipoprotein profiles of middle-aged men and women in South Vietnam.

Author : Kieu NT, Yasugi E, Hung NT, Kido T, Kondo K, Yamamoto S, Chuyen NV, Oshima M.
Keyword :

Effects of haemoglobin and serum ferritin on cognitive function in school children.

Author : Sungthong R, Mo-suwan L, Chongsuvivatwong V.
Keyword :

Therapeutic effects of NaFeEDTA-fortified soy sauce in anaemic children in China.

Author : Huo J, Sun J, Miao H, Yu B, Yang T, Liu Z, Lu C, Chen J, Zhang D, Ma Y, Wang A, Li Y.
Keyword :

Sources of dietary iron in urban and provincial 4-year-old children in Iran.

Author : Zohouri FV, Rugg-Gunn AJ.
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