Volume 9Issue 4
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Nutrition of elderly people in China.

Author : Stookey JD, Zhai F, Zohoori N, Popkin BM.
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Green vegetable juice increases polyunsaturated fatty acid of erythrocyte membrane phospholipid in hypercholesterolaemic patients.

Author : Okita M, Sasagawa T, Kotani M, Hayashi M, Yamashita H, Kimoto M, Suzuki K, Tsuji H, Tabei T.
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Protective effects of quercetin during influenza virus-induced oxidative stress.

Author : Raju TA, Lakshmi AN, Anand T, Rao LV, Sharma G.
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Risk science and communication issues and challenges for food: an Australian perspective.

Author : Sinclair MI, Savige GS, Dalais FS, Wahlqvist ML.
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Tempe, a nutritious and healthy food from Indonesia.

Author : Astuti M, Meliala A, Dalais FS, Wahlqvist ML.
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Predicting stature from knee height in Chinese elderly subjects.

Author : Li ET, Tang EK, Wong CY, Lui SS, Chan VY, Dai DL.
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Body fat distribution and lipids profile of elderly in southern Jakarta.

Author : Weta IW, Sayogo S, Lukito W, Lestiani L, Kamso S, Hadisaputro S.
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Nutrition and educational achievement of urban primary schoolchildren in Malaysia.

Author : Shariff ZM, Bond JT, Johnson NE.
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Effect of iodized oil supplementation on thyroid hormone levels and mental performance among Orang Asli schoolchildren and pregnant mothers in an endemic goitre area in Peninsular Malaysia.

Author : Isa ZM, Alias IZ, Kadir KA, Ali O.
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Validation of a semiquantitative food frequency questionnaire for estimation of intakes of energy, fats and cholesterol among Singaporeans.

Author : Deurenberg-Yap M, Li T, Tan WL, van Staveren WA, Deurenberg P.
Keyword :

Key role of dietary fats in coronary heart disease under progressive urbanization and nutritional transitionh.

Author : Bulliyya G.
Keyword :

Association of dietary factors and other coronary risk factors with social class in women in five Indian cities.

Author : Singh RB, Beegom R, Verma SP, Haque M, Singh R, Mehta AS, De AK, Kundu S, Roy S, Krishnan A, Simhadri H, Paranjpe NB, Agarwal N.
Keyword :

Blood glucose responses of diabetes mellitus type II patients to some local fruits.

Author : Guevarra MT, Panlasigui LN.
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