Volume 9Issue 1
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Nutritional status and food security in Sub-Saharan Africa: Predictions for 2020.

Author : Steyn NP, Walker AR.
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Food and nutrient intakes and overall survival of elderly Japanese.

Author : Darmadi I, Horie Y, Wahlqvist ML, Kouris-Blazos A, Horie K, Sugase K, Wattanapenpaiboon N.
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Dietary habits, food consumption and nutrient intake among the Sugali, a tribal population of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Author : Reddy PP, Rao AP.
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Selected micronutrient intake and status in men with differing meat intakes, vegetarians and vegans.

Author : Li D, Sinclair AJ, Mann NJ, Turner A, Ball MJ.
Keyword :

Consumers' concerns about food and health in Australia and New Zealand.

Author : Worsley A, Scott V.
Keyword :

Iodine status of pregnant women in Lae.

Author : Amoa B, Rubiang L.
Keyword :

Acute effects of acarbose on post-prandial glucose and triglycerides in type 2 diabetics following intake of different Malaysian foods.

Author : Nawawi HM, Yazid TN, Ismail F, Khalid BA.
Keyword :

Cardiovascular risk factors in elderly Koreans in Australia and Korea.

Author : Richman RM, Bermingham M, Ko JR, Mahajan D, Steinbeck KS, Caterson ID.
Keyword :

Urban and rural differences in dietary intake, weight status and nutrition knowledge of black female students.

Author : Steyn NP, Senekal M, Brtiso S, Nel J.
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