Volume 8Issue 2
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A pilot study on the changes of event-related potentials in school-aged children with iron deficiency anaemia.

Author : Shi TH, Yu LF, Huang LZ, Ma XH, Zhu QH.
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Measuring the dietary intake of Samoans living in New Zealand: Comparison of a food frequency questionnaire and a 7 day diet record.

Author : Bell AC, Swinburn BA, Amosa H, Scragg R, Sharpe SJ.
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Prediction of extracellular water and total body water by multifrequency bio-electrical impedance in a Southeast Asian population.

Author : Guricci S, Hartriyanti Y, Hautvast JG, Deurenberg P.
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Endogenous carotenoid concentrations in cancerous and non-cancerous tissues of gastric cancer patients in Korea.

Author : Paiva S, Yeum KJ, Lee KS, Park IS, Lee-Kim YC, Russell RM.
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Nutrition scenario in Karnataka, a state in southern India.

Author : Sheela K.
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Effect of catfish supplementation on the fatty acid status and growth of undernourished rural preschool children under 6 years of age: An intervention trial in Lebowa, South Africa.

Author : Tichelaar HY, Steyn NP, Nel JH, Smuts CM, VAN Jaarsveld PJ, Prinsloo JF, VAN Rooyen J, Lombard CJ, Dhansay MA, Benadé AJ.
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Effects of consumption of edible oils for a period of 4 months on the ultrastructure of the aorta of spontaneously hypertensive rats.

Author : Faizah O, Merican Z, Hassan MF, Khalid BA, Mohamed J, Radzi M.
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Prevention of H2O2-induced red blood cell lipid peroxidation and hemolysis by aqueous extracted turmeric.

Author : Lalitha S, Selvam R.
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Effects of a high intake of unsaturated and saturated oils on intestinal transference of calcium and calcium mobilization from bone in an ovariectomized rat model of osteoporosis.

Author : Chanda S, Islam N, Ghosh TK, Mitra C.
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The National Survey on the Constitution and Health of Chinese Students in 1995: Nutritional status of school students aged 10-17 years in Shaanxi, China.

Author : Yan H, Dibley MJ, D'Este K, Hou R.
Keyword :

Chronic energy deficiency and relative abdominal overfatness coexist in free-living elderly individuals in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Author : Tam TT, Gross R, Lukito W, Rumawas JS.
Keyword :

Effects of dumb-bell exercise with and without energy restriction on resting metabolic rate, diet-induced thermogenesis and body composition in mildly obese women.

Author : Matsuo T, Suzuki M.
Keyword :

The tonga healthy weight loss program 1995-97.

Author : Englberger L, Halavatau V, Yasuda Y, Yamazaki R.
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