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ACNS National Meeting 1996: focus on nutrition, cardiovascular disease and cancer

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Editorial. Public health nutrition in the Asia Pacific region.

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Nutrition rehabilitation and the importance of the perception of malnutrition in the follow-up of rehabilitated children.

Author : Kolsteren P, Lefèvre P, Lerude MP
Keyword : Malnutrition, causes, children, nutrition rehabilitation, perception, Nepal, follow-up, 'Peso' women, health seeking behaviour

Developmental changes in distri 1000 bution of the mucous gel layer in rat small intestine.

Author : Y Iiboshi, R Nezu, J Khan, H Yoshida, K Sando, M Fukuzawa, S Kamata, Y Takagi and A Okada
Keyword : Small intestine, jejunum, ileum, development, mucous gel layer, unstirred layer, absorption, intestinal barrier, macromolecules, bacteria, intestinal closure

Palm olein oil produces less lipid peroxidation products than soya bean oil.

Author : Z Zaiton, Z Merican, BAK Khalid, JB Mohamed and S Baharom
Keyword : Conjugated diene, malonaldehyde, lipid peroxidation, palm olein, soya bean oil, hyperthyroidism, rats, soleus muscle

The effect of an individual versus group program on weight loss.

Author : KS Steinbeck, AM Droulers, ID Caterson
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Nutrition and cardiovascular disease: an Asia Pacific perspective.

Author : Geok Lin Khor
Keyword : Diet, cardiovascular disease, Asia Pacific, epidemiology, risk factors, coronary heart disease, antioxidants, lipids, hypertension, soy beans, obesity, diabetes

Abstracts: ACNS National Meeting 1996

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Book Review

Author : Mark L. Wahlqvist
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Declaration of Olympia on nutrition and fitness 28-29 May 1996, Ancient Olympia, Greece.

Author : Artemis P Simopoulos
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The effectiveness of group dietary counselling among non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) patients in resettlement scheme areas in Malaysia.

Author : Ruzita Talib, Osman Ali, Fatimah Arshad, Khalid Abdul Kadir
Keyword : Non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, Malaysia, Pahang, diabetes education, group dietary counselling, Malay, Chinese, Indian, glycaemic control, HbA1, weight, BMI

Peptide digestion and absorption in humans: portal vein, hepatic vein, and peripheral venous amino acid concentrations.

Author : M Yamakawa, J Maeda, K Sugisaki, T Fujita, T Oohara, H Hara and S Mitani
Keyword : Oligopeptides, amino acids, digestion absorption, human, portal vein, hepatic vein, peripheral vein, hepatic uptake, peripheral release, peripheral uptake, BCAA, enteral nutrition

Dry mixing technique for the large scale production of iodine fortified salt in India.

Author : S Ranganathan, S Sundaresan, I Raghavendra and S Kalyani
Keyword : Iodine fortified salt, potassium iodate, calcium carbonate, dry mixing, free-flowing, stability, shelf-life, India, Tuticorin, Machilipatnam, Hyderabad

Iodine content of salt in the Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India.

Author : Umesh Kapil, MG Karmarkar, G Goindi, D Nayar
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Nutritional factors in carcinoma oesophagus: a case-control study.

Author : Mamta Srivastava, Umesh Kapil, TK Chattopadhyay, NK Shukla, KR Sundaram, G Sekaran, D Nayar
Keyword : Oesophageal carcinoma, nutrition, green leafy vegetables, fresh fruit, bidi smoking, paan chewing, India

Capsaicin content of various varieties of Indonesian chilies.

Author : Dyah Juliana S, LH Oen, Azizahwati and FG Winarno
Keyword : Chili, capsaicin, Indonesia, Capsicum annum L, Capsicum frustescens L, Rawit Kalimantan, pungency, organoleptic properties, Scoville heat units

Body mass index as predictor for body fat: comparison between Chinese and Dutch adult subjects.

Author : Paul Deurenberg, Keyou Ge, Joseph GAJ Hautvast and Wang Jingzhong
Keyword : Body density, underwater weighing, body mass index, body fat, body composition, adult, comparison, Siri's formula, Chinese, Dutch
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