Volume 3Issue 4
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The glycaemic index of fermented and non-fermented legume based snack food.

Author : M Batra, S Sharma, V Seth
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Efficiency of the iron supplementation programme for pregnant women in Jeneponto, South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Author : Barbara Thorand, Werner Schultink, Rainer Gross, Soemilah Sastroamidjojo, Sondra Wentzel
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Thiamin deficiency is associated with ethnicity in a subtropical area of China.

Author : Su Liu, Kai-Ning Zhang, Malcolm Riley
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The prevalence of obesity and other coronary risk factors in a suburban Sri Lankan community.

Author : DJS Fernando, SH Siribaddana, DR De Silva, SD Perera
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Immunomodulation of malnourished mice bearing Dalton's lymphoma.

Author : Debasis Ghoshal, Subha Manna
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Determinants of serum levels of retinol, β-carotene and α-tocopherol in men and women born in Australia, Greece and Italy.

Author : Paul Ireland, Damien Jolley, Graham Giles, John Powles, Kerin O'Dea, John Hopper, Joanne Williams Ingrid Rutishauser
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Anthropometric and clinical nutrition status of workers in some Indian factories.

Author : Annamma R Kumar, Sabiha Vali
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Review article: Possible anti-tumour promoting properties of traditional Thai food items and some of their active constituents.

Author : A Murakami, H Ohigashi, K Koshimizu
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Evaluation of a diabetes knowledge and behaviour (DKB) questionnaire.

Author : D Simmons, C Mandell, C Fleming, B Gatland, L Leakehe
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Review article: Nutritional aspects of palm oil: an introductory review.

Author : Augustine SH Ong
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Responses of blood glucose and C-peptide to five Chinese starchy foods.

Author : Wu Xiaomei, Ho Zhi-Chien, Yu Binjie, Weng Jianping
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