Volume 3Issue 3
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Diet and cancer among Chinese in Singapore.

Author : HP Lee
Keyword :

Dietary habits, physical activity and body size among Chinese in North America and China.

Author : Marion M Lee
Keyword :

Assessing food and health relationships: a case study of blood pressure determination in adult Melbourne Chinese.

Author : Bridget H-H Hsu-Hage, Mark L Wahlqvist
Keyword :

Dietary transition in China and its health consequences.

Author : Junshi Chen
Keyword :

The relationship between dietary factors and serum lipids in southern Chinese population samples.

Author : Xisoqing Liu, Zhendong Husng, Yihe Li, Xuxu Rao, Runchao Cen, Qiling Zhuo, Gemin Ni, Peifant Chen, Barbara H Dennis
Keyword :

Cross-cultural comparisons between Taipei Chinese and Framingham Americans: dietary intakes, blood lipids and apolipoproteins.

Author : Li-Ching Lyu, Barbara M Posner, Ming-Jer Shieh, Alice H Lichtenstein, L Adrienne Cupples, Johanna T Dwyer, Peter WF Wilson, Ernest J Schaefer
Keyword :

Serum cholesterol and dietary fat of two populations of southern Chinese.

Author : Sophie SF Leung, My NG, BY Tan, Christopher WK Lam, SF Wang, YC Xu, WP Tsang
Keyword :

Dietary protein, amino acids and their relation to health.

Author : Zhao Xi-He
Keyword :

Body mass index of Chinese adults in the 1980s.

Author : Keyou Ge, Robert Weisell, Xuguang Guo, Lie Cheng, Hajiang Ma, Fengying Zhai, Barry M Popkin
Keyword :

Body composition of Chinese compared with data from North America.

Author : Zhu-Ming Jiang, Nai-Fa Yang, Marc Sheltinga, Douglas Wilmore
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