Volume 3Issue 2

special issue on Chinese food and Health

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Editorial. Public health nutrition in the Asia Pacific region.

Author : Bridget H-H Hsu-Hage and Zak Sabry
Keyword :

The nutritional status of pre-school children in poor rural areas of China.

Author : Chang Ying, Zhai Fengying, Li Wenjun, Ge Keyou, Jin Daxun, Mercedes De Onis
Keyword :

Secular trend of growth in pre-school children in Singapore.

Author : Mabel A Yap, Kwok Chan Lun, Kenneth R Lyen, Sian Lian Lam
Keyword :

Factors associated with obesity in primary-school children in Singapore.

Author : Mabel A Yap, Wei Ling Tan
Keyword :

Adiposity, dietary and physical activity patterns in ethnic Chinese youths: a cross-country comparison of Singaporean Chinese and Chinese Americans.

Author : MC Wang, TF Ho, G Block, M Lee, J Anderson, Z Sabry
Keyword :

The current dietary practice of Hong Kong adolescents.

Author : Warren TK Lee, Sophie SF Leung, Dora MY Leung
Keyword :

The difference in food and nutrient intake between smokers and non-smokers in an elderly Chinese population in Beijing, China.

Author : Yanfang Wang and the late Daphne A Roe
Keyword :

Ethnic characteristics of coronary heart disease risk factors and mortality in peninsular Malaysia.

Author : Geok Lin Khor
Keyword :
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