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Proceedings of the Nutrition Society of Australia
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Effects of olive oil and tomato lycopene combination on heart disease risk factors.

Author : Ahuja KDK, Kunde D, Ball MJ.
Keyword :

Body composition of ambulatory children with mild cerebral palsy. 

Author : Bell KL, Davies PSW.
Keyword :

Relationship of sialic acid and fatty acid composition of brain gangliosides: Breast-fed vs formula-fed infant.

Author : Wang B, Petocz P, Brand Miller J. 
Keyword :

Effect of experimental oligosaccharide on brain and body weight.

Author : Wang B, Staples A, Hunter A, Yu B, Brand Miller J.
Keyword :

Spasmolysis of combined Bee glue and Shaoyao-Gancao-tang on isolated rabbit jejunum.

Author : Wang NZ, Li D.
Keyword :

Multiple and single frequency bioelectrical impedance (BIA) methods are not interchangeable for the prediction of body fluid volumes in overweight individuals.

Author : Ward LC, McGill A-T, Leahy FE, Poppitt SD. 
Keyword :

Relationships between growth and retention of dietary lipids in juvenile southern rock lobster Jasus edwardsii.

Author : Ward LR, Carter CG, Crear BJ, Nichols PD, Johnston DJ.
Keyword :

Trends in energy and macronutrient intake, body weight, level of physical activity, and energy expenditure in relation to dietary validity in female students -1988 to 2003.

Author : Warwick PM.
Keyword :

Design considerations in the development of a food-frequency questionnaire for school-aged children.

Author : Watson JF, Collins CE, Dibley MJ, Garg MG, Sibbritt D. 
Keyword :

Dietary restraint behaviour in adolescence and weight status in young adulthood. 

Author : Watson MJ, Coffey C, Carlin JB, Sawyer SM, Paton GC.
Keyword :

Antioxidant restricted diet increases oxidative stress during acute exhaustive exercise. 

Author : Watson TA, Callister R, Taylor R, Sibbritt D, MacDonald-Wicks LK, Garg ML.
Keyword :

Sociodemographic factors associated with calcium intake in premenopausal women: a cross-sectional study.

Author : Winzenberg TM, Riley M, Frendin S, Oldenburg B, Jones G.
Keyword :

The effects of dietary protein on rat growth, body composition and insulin sensitivity.

Author : Belobrajdic D, McIntosh G, Owens J. 
Keyword :

 Food security and eating well for all in Victoria. 

Author : Wood B, Swinburn B, Burns C. 
Keyword :

Calcium glutamate enhances acceptability of reduced-salt sausages.

Author : Woodward DR, Lewis PA, Ball PJ, Beard TC.
Keyword :

Lipid composition analysis of pork floss by using Iatroscan TLC/FID. 

Author : Yan X, Li D.
Keyword :

 Effects of fortified milk consumption on regional bone mineral accrual in Chinese girls.

Author : Zhang Q, Ma GS, Greenfield H, Du XQ, Zhu K, Fraser DR. 
Keyword :

Effects of milk supplementation on cortical bone gain in Chinese girls aged 10-12 years.

Author : Zhu K, Greenfield H, Du X, Zhang Q, Fraser DR.
Keyword :

Bananas and plantains as a source of provitamin A.

Author : Blades BL, Dufficy L, Englberger L, Daniells JW, Coyne T, Hamill S, Wills RBH.
Keyword :

Dietary approaches for weight loss with increased fruit, vegetables and dairy

Author : Booth AO, Nowson CA, Worsley T, Margerison C, Jorna MK.
Keyword :

Combat rations and military performance - do soldiers on active service eat enough?

Author : Booth C.
Keyword :

The effect of protein source (dairy vs mixed) in high protein, energy restricted diets on body composition, vascular health and metabolic markers in overweight adults. 

Author : Bowen J, Noakes M, Clifton P.
Keyword :

High dairy-protein versus high mixed-protein energy restricted diets; the effect on bone turnover and calcium excretion in overweight adults. 

Author : Bowen J,Noakes M,Clifton P.
Keyword :

Determining the essential fatty acid requirements of striped trumpeter larvae. 

Author : Bransden MP, Battagelene SC, Cobcroft JM, Morehead DT, Brown MR, Nichols PN, Dunstan GA, Kolkovski S.
Keyword :

Estimating amino acid availability from digestibility coefficients: application to poultry diets.

Author : Bryden WL, Li X. 
Keyword :

Aquaculture: nutrition for growth and product quality. 

Author : Carter C.
Keyword :

Recommended fish intake is potentially dangerous due to high metylmercury content of certain fish.

Author : Anderson C, Heike K, Colquhoun D.
Keyword :

Quantification of soluble betaglycan in porcine milk

Author : Cheung HK, Mei J, Xu RJ.
Keyword :

Effect of an energy reduced high protein red meat diet on weight loss and metabolic parameters in obese women.

Author : Clifton PM, Noakes M, Keogh J, Foster P.
Keyword :

How effective are meal replacements for treating obesity? 

Author : Clifton PM, Noakes M, Keogh JB, Foster P.
Keyword :

Effects of phenolic acids and wheat bran on aberrant crypt foci development in the rat. 

Author : Coleman LJ, Bird AR, McIntosh GH.
Keyword :

Cheese added to a low fat diet does not affect serum lipids.

Author : Colquhoun DM, Somerset S, Irish K, Leontjew LM.
Keyword :

Interactions of dietary fibre and resistant starch with oil on genetic damage in the rat colon.

Author : Conlon MA, Bird AR.
Keyword :

Risk of ciguatera fish poisoning: impact on recommendations to eat more fish.

Author : Connell JE, Colquhoun DM. 
Keyword :

Can nutritional manipulation enhance immune competence in broiler chickens? 

Author : Digby SN, Revell DK, Hughes BJ. 
Keyword :

Strategies for environmentally sustainable agriculture in Australia.

Author : Donnelly J.
Keyword :

The Tasmanian Iodine Monitoring Program in schools.

Author : Doyle Z, Seal J. 
Keyword :

Does conjugated linoleic acid increase conversion of α-linolenic acid to docosahexaenoic acid in humans?

Author : Attar-Bashi NM, Li D, Sinclair AJ.
Keyword :

Colostrum protein isolate enhances gut development, growth performance and plasma IGF-I and II in neonatal pigs.

Author : Dunshea FR, van Barneveld RJ.
Keyword :

Using biological and physical measurements in children to predict disease risk.

Author : Dwyer T, Jones G, Blizzard L.
Keyword :

Glycemic, non-esterified fatty acid (NEFA) and insulinemic responses to Watermelon and Apple in type 2 diabetic subjects.

Author : Fatema K, Habib B, Afza N, Ali L.
Keyword :

Relationship between colour and aroma of olive oil and nutritional content.

Author : Fielding JM, Sinclair AJ, DiGregorio G, Joveski M, Stockmann R.
Keyword :

Muscle glycogen repletion in 3 breeds of young cattle is not affected by energy intake

Author : Gardner GE, Thompson JM. 
Keyword :

Predictors of polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) status in the first months of life.

Author : Gibson RA. 
Keyword :

Enhancing milk quality and yield in the dairy cow and buffalo by feeding protected nutrient supplements A. 

Author : Gulati SK, Garg MR, Serashia PL, Scott TW.
Keyword :

Rumen protected conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) methyl esters decrease milk fat and increase CLA concentration in goat milk. 

Author : Gulati SK, Wijesunder C, Byers E, Scott TW. 
Keyword :

Hypocholestrolemic and hypoglycemic effects of dietetic flour in rats.

Author : Habib K, Butt MS. 
Keyword :

Sustainability of harvested marine resources in Australia. 

Author : Haddon M.
Keyword :

Lipid composition of canine prostate tissue.

Author : Attar-Bashi NM, Orzeszko K, Slocombe RF, Sinclair AJ.
Keyword :

Iodine status in early pregnancy: ethnic variations.

Author : Hamrosi MA, Wallace EM, Riley MD. 
Keyword :

Anxiety following increased hind-gut fermentation. 

Author : Hanstock TL, Claytons EH, Mallet PE.
Keyword :

Nutrition and growth before birth. 

Author : Harding J.
Keyword :

Diet, genes and exercise performance.

Author : Hargreaves M.
Keyword :

The impact of FSANZ labelling changes on knowledge of nutrition and allergens by consumers, health professionals and allergen sufferers.

Author : Henderson J, Mann NJ, Cooper J. 
Keyword :

Tea intake is inversely related to blood pressure in older women. 

Author : Hodgson JM, Devine A, Puddey IB, Chan SY, Beilin LJ, Prince RL.
Keyword :

 A bioflavonoid in sugar cane can reduce the postprandial glycaemic response to a high-GI starchy food. 

Author : Holt S, de Jong V, Faramus E, Lang T, Brand Miller J.
Keyword :

Contribution of red meat to very long chain omega-3 fatty acid (VLC w3) intake.

Author : Howe PRC, Meyer BJ, Record S, Baghurst K. 
Keyword :

Protein turnover in juvenile barramundi, Lates calcarifer at different temperatures.

Author : Katersky RS, Carter CG.
Keyword :

Heart rate of pet dogs: effects of overweight and exercise.

Author : Kuruvilla A, Frankel TL.
Keyword :

Antioxidants from palm (Elaeis guineensis) fruit extracts.

Author : Balasundram N, Bubb W, Sundram K, Samman S.
Keyword :

The effects of tomato extract (TE) and omega-3 fatty acids on platelet cAMP levels and inositol triphosphate (IP3) release.

Author : Lazarus SA, Garg ML.
Keyword :

Plasma coagulation factor VII activity and its correlates in healthy men.

Author : Li D, Sinclair AJ.
Keyword :

Blood pressure status in Hangzhou region.

Author : Li D, Yu XM, Zhou XQ, Zhang YH, Zhang TZ, Sinclair AJ.
Keyword :

Nutritional evaluation of weevil-resistant transgenic peas with chickens.

Author : Li X, Tabe LM, Spencer D, Higgins TJV, Bryden WL.
Keyword :

Diet and development of the insulin resistance syndrome. 

Author : Ludwig D.
Keyword :

Novel treatments for obesity.

Author : Ludwig DS.
Keyword :

What proportion of the population have inadequate intakes?

Author : Mackerras DEM, Rutishauser IHE.
Keyword :

Docosahexaenoic acid and post-partum depression - is there a link? 

Author : Makrides M, Crowther CA, Gibson RA, Gibson RS, Skeaff CM.
Keyword :

Feeding regimes affect fatty acid composition in Australian beef cattle.

Author : Mann NJ, Ponnampalam EN, Yep Y, Sinclair AJ.
Keyword :

Fruit and vegetable intake prior to and following a 4-week intervention (OZDASH study).

Author : Margerison C, Nowson CA, Worsley T, Jorna MK, Frame AG.
Keyword :

Glycemic Index, Glycemic Load and diabetes in a sample of older Australians. 

Author : Barclay AW, Brand-Miller JC, Mitchell P. 
Keyword :

Predictors of malnutrition risk among hospital in-patients.

Author : McKerchar JM, Symes JM, Woodward DR.
Keyword :

The influence of red meat intake upon the response to a resistance exercise-training program in older Australians.

Author : McLennan PL, Tapsell LC, Owen AJ, Gutteridge IF.
Keyword :

Diets with a lower glycaemic load associated with higher HDL-cholesterol in secondary cardiovascular disease

Author : Mehalski K, Brand Miller J, Pollicino C, Record S, Colquhoun D, Nestel P.
Keyword :

Nutritional factors in development of age-related eye disease.

Author : Mitchell P, Smith W, Cumming RG, Flood V, Rochtchina E, Wang JJ.
Keyword :

Ghrelin and measures of satiety are altered in polycystic ovary syndrome but not differentially affected by diet composition

Author : Moran LJ, Noakes M, Clifton PM, Wittert G, Tomlinson L, Galletly C, Luscombe N, Norman RJ.
Keyword :

Development and evaluation of foods enriched with omega-3 fatty acids (w3) from fish oil. 

Author : Murphy KJ, Mansour J, Patch CS, Weldon G, Ross D, Mori TA, Tapsell LC, Meyers BJ, Noakes M, Clifton PA, Puddey IB, Howe PRC.
Keyword :

Bifidogenic effects of feeding infant formula containing galacto-oligosaccharides in healthy formula-fed infants. 

Author : Napoli JEAC, Brand-Miller JC, Conway P.
Keyword :

The relationship between plasma homocysteine, red cell folate and plasma vitamin B12 in a sample of the New South Wales Central Coast population.

Author : Naumovski N, Roach PD, Blades B, Lewis P. 
Keyword :

Effects of vitamin C and grape-seed polyphenols on blood pressure in treated hypertensive individuals: results of randomised double blind, placebo-controlled trial. 

Author : NC Ward, JM Hodgson, KD Croft, MW Clarke, V Burke, LJ Beilin, IB Puddey. 
Keyword :

Is farmed Australian seafoods a better source of the good oil than wild-caught seafood? 

Author : Nichols P, Mooney B, Elliott N.
Keyword :

Relative validity of two brief sets of questions to assess vegetable intake behaviours. 

Author : Barkess JL, Sherriff JL. 
Keyword :

Dietary approaches to reduce blood pressure in a community setting: a randomised crossover study.

Author : Nowson CA, Worsley T, Margerison C, Jorna MK, Frame AG, Torres SJ, Godfrey SJ.
Keyword :

Effect of dietary a-linolenic acid on incorporation of phytosterols into tissues in rats.

Author : Oen J, Li D, Sinclair AJ.
Keyword :

Effect of sulphur amino acid supplementation on epithelial immunity and parasite susceptibility.

Author : Pain SJ, Revell DK, James PJ. 
Keyword :

The effect of egg ingestion on ovalbumin concentration in human milk.

Author : Palmer DJ, Gold MS, Makrides M.
Keyword :

Fish oil feeding increases gut contractility in spontaneous hypertensive rat (SHR) model.

Author : Patten GS, Abeywardena MY. 
Keyword :

High saturated fat diet does not affect gut contractility in the rat. 

Author : Patten GS, Abeywardena MY.
Keyword :

How much canola or cottonseed meals can be used for commercial chicken meat production.

Author : Perez-Maldonado RA, Barram KM, Singh DN. 
Keyword :

Fatty acid composition of habitual diet. 

Author : Pirotta YF, Mann NJ, Kelly F. 
Keyword :

Diet in the prevention of diabetes and obesity in companion animals .

Author : Rand J, Farrow HA, Fleeman LM, Appleton DJ. 
Keyword :

More, more, more: food, fat and African refugee and migrant children.

Author : Renzaho AMN, Burns C.
Keyword :

Adaptations for endurance exercise in migratory birds.

Author : Battley PF.
Keyword :

The capacity of tannins from accessions of mulga (Acacia aneura) to precipitate protein.

Author : Ritchie MM, Stimson C, McNeill DM.
Keyword :

Reliable estimates of dietary adequacy in population sub-groups depend on appropriate analysis of national dietary survey data.

Author : Rutishauser IHE, Mackerras DEM.
Keyword :

Dietary phytase supplementation and the utilisation of phosphorus by Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) fed a canola meal-based diet.

Author : Sajjadi M, Carter C. 
Keyword :

Water settlement alters faeces composition and digestibilities of pink snapper diets.

Author : Saxby SA, Williams IH.
Keyword :

Pearl millet as an alternative feed grain for pigs and poultry.

Author : Singh DN, Perez-Maldonado R.
Keyword :

Buccal cells as biomarkers of fat intake. 

Author : Skeaff CM, McLachlan K, Eyles H, Green T.
Keyword :

 Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD) in the New Zealand population: another example of an outmoded IDD control programme.

Author : Skeaff SA, Thomson CD, Gibson RS.
Keyword :

Characterisation of feeding patterns in infants born <33 weeks gestational age.

Author : Smithers LG, McPhee AJ, Gibson RA, Makrides M.
Keyword :

Improved quantification of retinol, tocopherols and carotenoid in human plasma by HPLC using retinol acetate as internal standard. 

Author : Su Q, Balazs NDH, Daskalakis M, Rowley KG.
Keyword :

 Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid content in different edible portions of commercial scallop.

Author : Su XQ, Dinh TT.
Keyword :

Sustainably managing food production resources to maximise human nutritional benefit.

Author : Beeton RJS.
Keyword :

 The obesity epidemic in Australia: can public health interventions work?

Author : Swinburn B.
Keyword :

Responses of sheep to a water-based urea supplement.

Author : Taylor S, Dryden GMcL. 
Keyword :

The grazing preference of sheep is related to prior experience.

Author : Thomas DT, Milton JTB, Ewing MA, Revell CK, Lindsay DR.
Keyword :

Selenium and iodine interactions with thyroid status.

Author : Thomson CD.
Keyword :

Nutrition and physical activity interventions in the school - Is it a win-win situation?

Author : Thow AM, Cashel KM. 
Keyword :

Resistant starch attenuates colonic DNA damage induced by a high protein diet in rats.

Author : Toden S, Bird AR, Topping DL, Conlon MA.
Keyword :

Health professionals' and primary producers' understanding of sustainable food production systems for healthy eating. 

Author : Tsai KM, Schubert EC, Mullen BF.
Keyword :

The effect of infant diets supplemented with a-linolenic acid on growth and development: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials.

Author : Udell T, Makrides M, Gibson RA.
Keyword :

Modern pork production - balancing efficient growth and feed conversion with product quality requirements and consumer demands.

Author : van Barneveld RJ.
Keyword :

Portion size of campus takeaway foods and serving size estimates of common foods.

Author : Volker DH, Leary C, Gill TP.
Keyword :
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