RECIPES from longevity cuisines

At long last we have started creating our recipe section, which will contain recipes from a variety of cultures that are healthy, easy to make, and most importantly, taste delicious!

These are mostly traditional recipes, which are not often found in cookbooks, and have been sourced from our International elderly food habits study (which includes Greece, Sweden, Japan and Anglo-Celtic Australians).

Why did we choose these countries? Read an excerpt from the HEC book, to find out!

We will begin with Greek cuisine, and we are fortunate that our Managing Editor Dr. Antigone Kouris is a Greek-Australian who co-ordinated this study of 2000 elderly people, and who is passionate about cooking. She will share the knowledge and wisdom she gained from her experience with the Greek elderly, and her family.

We will be introducing you to a new recipe in our newsletter each month.If you would like to submit a recipe for us to try, or would like to make one of your current recipes a bit healthier, send it to us and we'll test it out. If we like the recipe, we will publish it in the recipe section along with your name.

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Please note: In order to encourage the intake of a wide variety of vegetables, in line with HECs Healthy Eating Tips, Dr Kouris-Blazos has adapted many traditional recipes on this website to increase the amount and variety of vegetables in the recipes. All recipes have been tested in her kitchen and judged by her family (which includes 2 primary school age children with fussy taste buds!).

1. Meals

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3. Recipes we recommend from other websites

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