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Nutritional Assessment of your diet


HEC has developed a NOVEL on-line dietary assessment tool called FOOD WEB,
which is based on the HEC pyramid.

Past and Current subscribers:
We have made Food web freely available to our past and current subscribers (including megabyte members). Simply use your ID and Password next page.
Food Web can also be accessed from the home page under "Assess Your Diet"

New subscribers:
New subscribers will get access to Food Web, along with access to the on-line book "Food Facts" by Professors Mark Wahlqvist and David Briggs and the course module "Healthy Eating Tips" for only $29.95 per annum. more..


You simply enter the number of serves you eat from the various food groups in the form provided on the next page. The tool will then compare your intake to the recommended intake (which appears as a circle in the FOOD WEB); if your diet is lacking in certain areas your circle in the FOOD WEB may not be a circle at all, but may have spikes and troughs like the sample below.

The bigger the spike or trough the greater the deviation from the recommended. Spikes indicate excess intake and troughs indicate inadequate intake. For some nutritious and health protective foods, intakes above the recommended may not be an issue, especially if you are very physically active requiring a high energy intake. Such foods include fish, meat, eggs, vegetables, fruit, cereals, milk, water.

However, the recommended intakes in FOOD WEB were created so that you leave space in your diet for a wide variety of foods and also on the grounds of environmental sustainability.







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