Wellness On- Line Program (WOLP)

Research study

The call for participants for the WOLP study has finished.

HEC would like to thank the hundreds of people who took part in this study.

WOLP, developed by HEC, is the first wellness on-line program aimed at changing people's behaviours via the internet (see below).

A Monash University study tested WOLP in 2003-2004 to see how effective it is (see below).

The data are currently being analysed. Preliminary findings suggest that WOLP was successful in
changing our participant's behaviours via the internet towards a more 'wellness' promoting lifestyle. We will report the full results in a future newsletter.

If you enrol for WOLP, we will notify you via email when WOLP becomes available in 2005.




By clicking on the Agree button, you indicate that you have read, understood and agreed to the following:

i) I understand that my participation in WOLP is voluntary and I hereby release, waive, and discharge both WOLP and the Healthyeatingclub of any responsibility for my participation in the program or any claim resulting from or related to my participation in the program.

ii) I am aged 18 or above and not pregnant (for woman).

iii) I may withdraw at any time without seeking approval or without giving any reasons.

iv) I understand that the FREE video "ageACTIVE" is supplied for completing WOLP in its entirety and that if I am unable to complete the 6 weeks program the video must be returned to Emerald Hill Clinic OR paid for (~$25).

v) I understand that all information collected about me during my participation in the program will be stored and kept private and secure.

vi) I understand that it is my responsibility to consult my health care provider if any problem occurs during my participation in WOLP.

vii) I further understand this program is for the purpose of enhancing my well-being and knowledge. It does not provide diagnoses or treatments.

Last Updated: February 2003