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Regular eating


Could you advise me of the benefits of eating regularly, say every 2-3 hours as opposed to leaving big gaps.
Is there any research you could direct me to?



Dear Paul

There is evidence that having about 6 small "episodes of eating" is better than having 2-3 large meals a day with respect to weight loss and blood cholesterol levels. This is true as long as the episodes of eating are low in fat, especially low in saturated fat, and have a low-medium energy density. Energy density refers to the number of calories per gram of food e.g. fried potatoes are more energy dense than boiled potatoes. You can read an article on energy density on our site.

There is also evidence from our work with elderly Greeks that having the main meal of the day for lunch (as opposed to dinner) is associated with a lower body mass index.

To read the scientific evidence please go to an on-line supplement of the journal Appetite.

Dr Antigone Kouris-Blazos
Managing Editor
Healthy Eating Club



Last Updated: November 14, 2001.