Online Nutrition Books and PhD's

On-line HEC books

HEC Nutrition Booklet (free pdf file) By Prof. Mark Wahlqvist


Food Questions & Answers (free)
By Prof. Mark Wahlqvist & Prof. David Briggs.
This on-line book will help sort the facts from the fads. Contains over 100 pages of information.
This book can be purchased on CD-rom for only $10 from the HECstore.



Food Facts (you must be a subscriber to access this book on-line).
By Prof. Mark Wahlqvist & Prof. David Briggs

This on-line book will show you easily and quickly which foods are good sources of various vitamins and minerals using a novel method of bar charts and histograms. Contains over 200 pages of i
nformation. This book can also be purchsed on CD-rom for $20 from the HECstore.



Patient Problems in Clinical Nutrition: case studies
Edited by Prof. ML Wahlqvist & Prof JS Vobecky

This on-line book contains over 200 clinical nutrition case studies from different parts of the world. The case studies are 'interactive' by being in the format of multiple choice questions. The case studies and questions can be viewed on-line, but answers can only be viewed by subscribers to the book.


PhD Dissertations (free)
View major findings and summaries of PhDs in Nutrition and Healthy Eating from around the world. The entire thesis can also be purchased as pdf files for $45 from the HECstore.
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Other on-line books/reports

US Academy of Sciences 2002 Report on Energy, Carbohydrate,
Fat and Protein. A review of the evidence on which recommendations are based.
National Health & Medical Research Council (NH&MRC)
) reports on the evidence base for the Dietary Guidelines for Australians
elderly 1999 & adults 2001
FAO/WHO 1998 report on Carbohydrates in human nutrtion. Report of a joint FAO/WHO Expert Consultation, Rome 14-18 April 1997, Rome: 1998
FREE On-line Cochrane Collaboration/Library for consumers: Provides Systematic Reviews of the Scientific Evidence on many health topics, including healthy eating and is now available to the general public on-line.