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Aluminium cooking utensils
Apricot kernels can cure cancer
Arthritis can be affected by diet
Arthritis affected by copper?
Artificial colourings - behavioural problems
Artificial sweeteners cause cancer
Athletic performance improvements
Bacon can cause cancer
Balanced diets
Bananas are fattening
Beans cause wind
Bread is fattening
Brown eggs - better than white eggs?
Butter -better than margarine?
Caffeine can be harmful
Calcium deficiency ?
Cancer - special diets
Cancer cured by eating enzymes?
Cancer - some foods cause
Cancer - some foods prevent
Carrots - seeing better in the dark?
Chocolate gives you pimples
Chocolate causes migraine
Cholesterol - what we know
Cider vinegar aids weight loss
Cooking vegetables effects nutrients
Copper -beneficial effects on arthritis
Crash diets - nutrient deficient
Diet aids
Dietary fibre -what we know
Dietary fibre keeps you regular
Diets - what we know
Drinking with meals makes you fat
Eating enzymes cures cancer
Eating - when should we?
Eating too much
Eggs will raise your cholesterol level?
Extra salt
Fad nutrition
Family nutrition
Fast food
Fasting cleans out your system
Fat -being very fat is unhealthy
Fat -cutting back on
Fat - eating fat makes you fat
Fats and oils in food
Fish is brain food
Food additives -what we know
Food additives - safe?
Food additives cause cancer
Food allergy -what we know
Food allergy is common
Food and cancer
Food groups
Food irradiation - safety of
Foods high in sugar cause diabetes
Foods high in sugar cause heart disease
Foods protective against heart disease
Food, sickness and disease
Frozen vegetables
Fruit and vegetables have no cholesterol
Garlic is good for you
Ginger prevents travel sickness
Ginseng is healthful
Glucose - provides quick energy
Green potatoes are poisonous
Heavy drinking
Heavy drinking and vitamins
Herbal teas
High-protein diets - weight reduction
Honey is better than sugar
Hot lemon and honey
Hot tap water -making tea or coffee
Hot weather
Irradiated food is radioactive
Irradiated food - safety of
Junk food
Kelp - aid in weight reduction?
Kilojoules -more fattening than kilocalories?
Lecithen is a health food
Liquid diets - weight reduction
Meat - with less visible fat
Mental disorders from vitamin deficiencies
Milk -cows'
Milk -goats'
Milk produces mucous
Milk -unpasteurised
Mineral water
Minerals in hair reflects nutritional status?
Muscles - turning to fat
Natural foods do not contain chemicals
Natural vitamins -better than synthetic?
Nutrients and food processing
Nutrients - affected by cooking
Obesity -high blood pressure/heart disease
Oral contraceptives and vitamins
Organically grown food
Origins of ideas: Exploitation
Origins of ideas: Food availability
Origins of ideas: Food preparation/effects
Origins of ideas: Health
Origins of ideas: Logical errors
Overweight - being
Oysters can turn you on
Peanuts can cause cancer
Periods affect appetite and weight
Pesticide residues in food
Pesticides, antibiotics and hormones
Potatoes are fattening
Pregnant women must eat for two
Processed food, additives etc
Processed foods -all contain food additives?
Processed foods - all contain preservatives?
Protein-supplemented foods
Raw foods are more nutritious
Safety of food additives
Sea salt better than ordinary salt?
Smoked and burnt foods cause cancer?
Smoking cessation- weight gains
Special foods
Spoiled or mouldy foods
Stone-ground bread
Sugar - behavioural problems
Sugar - provides quick energy
Sugar -Raw
Sugar -White
Sugars are fattening
Sugars are necessary
Sugars - tooth decay
Sulphur-free dried fruits
Tired and run-down
Toast -more fattening than bread?
Today's lifestyle
Trace elements -some essential/hazardous
Tryptophan supplements
Vegetarian diets - nutritionally inadequate?
Vegetarians are often anaemic
Vitamin A can cure cancer?
Vitamin B-15? (pangamic acid)
Vitamin C can cause diarrhoea
Vitamin C - prevent colds?
Vitamin deficiencies -effects
Vitamin deficiencies -mental disorders
Vitamin E can prevent ageing?
Vitamin E -improves fertility & virility?
Vitamin E -prevents heart attacks?
Vitamins and minerals
Vitamins - fat-soluble / kilojoules
Vitamins - water-soluble / kilojoules
Vitamins - what we know
Waxed fruit and vegetables
Weight reduction -high-protein diets
Weight reduction - Kelp
Western-style diet
White bread is not nutritious
White eggs - better than brown eggs?
White-flecked fingernails
Wholemeal bread
Women need more calcium than men
Women need more iron than men
Women - oral contraceptives & vitamins