Oysters can turn you on

They may, but not because of their nutrient content. Oysters, by their very physiology, have the ability to concentrate minerals and heavy metals. This is both an advantage and a potential risk to human health when oysters are eaten. For example, the essential trace element zinc has its highest concentration in food for human consumption in the oyster. On the other hand, cadmium can be very toxic, and it is also found in oysters on occasions. Fortunately, several of these elements compete with each other for absorption (digestion) from the human gut. So the zinc in oysters can prevent too much of the cadmium being absorbed.

Zinc has many functions because it is an important part of a number of key human enzymes. If a person is zinc deficient, then there will certainly be an improvement in wellbeing when zinc intake is increased. If zinc intake is already adequate, then more will not be an advantage.

Infertile men may be deficient in zinc although not all infertile men are responsive to zinc supplements. Zinc cannot be expected to increase libido!

Zinc deficiency is seen with alcohol abuse and so is impotence. Perhaps sometimes the two are linked The answer is to drink only in moderation.