It is safe to make tea or coffee using water from the hot tap

It is probably better not to. Copper is an essential nutrient and small amounts are needed for our bodies to function normally. Because this element is widely distributed in food and water, deficiencies are unlikely to occur. On the other hand, too much copper can be hazardous. The amount of copper in water depends on the hardness of the water and whether it comes through copper pipes. More copper is present in water when it passes hot through copper pipes rather than cold. Although it is unlikely that we will be exposed to hazardous levels of copper, it is prudent, if possible, to limit copper intake by using cold water for making tea and coffee (see also SOME TRACE ELEMENTS ARE ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS BUT CAN ALSO BE TOXIC).

Another problem associated with copper in water or copper leached from copper cookware is that it can increase destruction of vitamin C in food during cooking.