Foods high in sugar cause diabetes

There is no compelling evidence that this is true. Sugar, itself, whether in the form of sucrose (white, brown or raw sugar), glucose (dextrose), corn syrup, honey or invert sugar has not been shown to cause diabetes (diabetes mellitus). However, sugar may be an indirect cause because people who are very overweight are more likely to develop diabetes. The consumption of more food than we need causes us to become overweight. The problem with eating a lot of sweet foods is that they often also contain relatively high amounts of fat (and are low in other nutrients). If a person eats a lot of sweet foods, there is usually less opportunity or desire to eat foods such as cereals, fruits and vegetables which are low in fat and high in dietary fibre and unrefined carbohydrate. People who regularly consume cereals, fruits and vegetables are less likely to get hungry and eat more food than they need.