Garlic is good for you

There is some evidence to support this. There is a lot of folklore associated with the use of garlic. Whole books have been written about its reputed medicinal properties. Garlic contains a number of unusual chemical components, some of which are responsible for the characteristic strong odour. It is conceivable that these or some other components may exert a variety of drug-like effects. Garlic seems to have weak antiseptic properties, and has been used traditionally to wash wounds. When taken in large amounts (about one clove) garlic can alter blood coagulation time, and may therefore reduce the likelihood of thrombosis (blood clotting) and possibly of cardiovascular disease. The active antithrombotic component of garlic is called ajoene. There is also a blood cholesterol-lowering factor in garlic called allicin which has been isolated by workers in China and used in cholesterol-lowering medications.