Beans cause wind

True. Beans belong to the legume family. There are many different varieties of beans which are used as food. They include lima beans (smooth, white and oval shaped), haricot or kidney beans, mung beans, broad beans and soybeans. The seeds of legumes, including peas and lentils, are higher in protein than cereals and are good sources of protein, thiamin, niacin and iron. The mature forms of these seeds contain a number of starch-like molecules, which are not broken down until they reach our lower intestine. The smaller molecules produced there include a number of gases and small amounts of unpleasant smelling substances. This colonic gas production, called flatus, can be embarrassing, as well as causing physical discomfort.

Garden beans and peas are harvested in an immature state and contain smaller quantities of the starch-like molecules responsible for gas production.