Chocolate causes migraine

Probably not. Controlled scientific studies suggest that chocolate is not a trigger for migraine for most sufferers. Many migraine sufferers believe that their condition is initiated by a certain food or foods and chocolate is often cited as the cause. In fact, there are usually several interacting factors involved in bringing on a migraine, making it difficult to determine what role food plays in the process. Stress (resulting from tiredness, excitement and anger) is considered to be the most common trigger of migraine, although hormonal factors, fasting and some foods may also play a contributing role. Other foods often implicated in migraine include cheese, beans, citrus fruits, tomatoes, onions, pineapple, dairy products and fried, fatty foods. Because all the factors may not be contributing at a particular time, migraine may not occur every time a particular food is eaten. Psychological factors must also be taken into account.