David R. Briggs
BSc, MSc (Melbourne), PhD (London), DipAppChem (Swinburne), FAIFST

Associate Professor, School of Nutrition and Public Health, Deakin University.

David Briggs is a food scientist and Associate Professor in the Department of Human Nutrition at Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia. He is a fellow of the Australian Institute of Food Science Technology, and a member of several other professional associations, including the Nutrition Society of Australia and the Australian Nutrition Foundation. He has worked in Europe, North America and South-East Asia.

Mark L. Wahlqvist
BMedSc, MD, BS (Adelaide), MD (Uppsala), FRACP, FACN, FAIFST, FAFPHM

Professor and Head of Medicine, Monash University; Director of General Medicine and of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism, Monash Medical Centre; Chairperson of Australian Nutrition Foundation; Councilor, Chairperson of Nutrition and Ageing Committee and Nutrition Informatics Taskforce, International Union of Nutritional Sciences; Editor of Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Mark Wahlqvist, Professor of Medicine at Monash University, is familiar in Australia for his frequent appearances on TV, radio and in newspaper articles. He is a member of several international committees related to health and nutrition, including those of the International Union of Nutritional Sciences and the World Health Organisation. He was a member of the working party that devised national dietary guidelines in Australia and has held various clinical, teaching and research positions in Australia and Sweden.

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