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   The complete no-fads-plain-facts guide to healthy eating


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N E W   O N - L I N E   E D I T I O N

    Although there are now many books on slimming, dieting and food planning, this comprehensive Australian do-it-yourself guide to nutrition has proved its worth. The Updated, On-line Food Facts presents, with lively charts and tables, easy navigation, search engine and indexed links, all you need to know about food to eat well and stay healthy:


    the role in your health of all the nutrients in food


    which foods and drinks contain which nutrients


    assessing your own particular nutritional needs


    the nutritional needs of special health conditions


    food law and labelling, additives and contaminants,
    natural toxins, special dietary foods


    preserving nutritive value in the processing, storage
    and cooking of food


    common myths about nutrition

    Whether you are old or young, thin or fat, active or sedentary, pregnant, vegetarian, fit or unfit, leisurely or busy ... you can custom-build a diet that will maintain healthy nutrition for yourself or those in your care.

    Nourish yourself - get into Food Facts!

    Orginally published in book form by Penguin Books.
    Original cover design by Kim Roberts
    Original cover photograph and design by Helen Semmler
    Original photgraph by Alex Bauer.

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